MTV Gets Fresh Meat for New Challenge


road worldersMTV has announced a new version of the Gauntlet Inferno juggernaut, and it doesn’t bode well for many of the series’ former cast mates. The latest incarnation, called Fresh Meat, employs only 12 road worlders as opposed to the usual 20-30. Why? Because in this version, 12 former Real World/Road Rulers will now compete against 12 ‘regular’ people (who look hot sand wrestling for coconuts.)

While the old-school 12 (which includes Melinda, Danny, Wes, Tonya, Derrick, Corral, Johanna and Katie) can keep their agents, their LA apartments and their Tanning Salon memberships for a few more months, other former cast mates will have to finally enter the real world–which has far fewer hot tubs then they were led to believe.

Check out the new cast here.

PROPPED: Pete’s Bloody Art


pete doherty.jpgCubachick Dropped this story about Pete Doherty painting with his own blood 7 hours ago. It’s taken me that long to actually accept it.

I mean, we know the guy loves needles. LOVES them. Pete Doherty loves needles like a fat kid loves cake, or like 50 Cent loves cliche similes. But to get to the point where he’s combining his love for sticking things into his arms and painting pictures… that can’t be healthy. What’s next? If he starts using a needle instead of pick to play guitar, I’m calling for help.

Because besides the whole painting thing, Pete’s a totally normal and well put-together individual. We have nothing to worry about whatsoever. (Got a story for us? Drop It now!)



It turns out Britney’s big “announcement” today was a hoax. Fine by us. It’s not going to stop us from making an announcement of our own– it’s time for a Photoshop Contest! Can you dig it?

By now everybody knows the title of Kevin Federline’s sure-to-be-revolutionary hip-hop album is “Playing With Fire.” But nobody has a clue what the album cover is going to look like. That’s where you come in. We want you to photoshop your K-Fed album covers and send them to We’ll post our favorites here on the site, and every week somebody will get a prize from our Shop We’re gonna keep this up until the album cover is revealed… or until we get bored with it. Whichever comes first.
So that’s that. It’s photoshop time. Kevin Federline, Playing With Fire. It’s all you. Go for it.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Jared Leto’s Dark (Diet) Secrets


30seconds.JPGJust he because his dark, mysterious emo band, wears all black, sports angular haircuts and headlines a tour called “Forever Night, Never Day,” it doesn’t mean Jared Leto cant share his diet tips with American housewives!

Check out this press conference Leto did with his band 30 Seconds to Mars, where he talks about what it was like to lose the 45 pounds he put on to play Mark David Chapman in his upcoming film Chapter 27. According to Leto’s revolutionary weight loss program, it’s not a diet, it’s a “bizarre physical metamorphosis.” And a neck scarf is great way to cover up a waddle.

SIZZLER: Lindsay Lohan’s Million Dollar Motel Tab


lindsay_large_implants.jpgNo one ever said being a young starlet in Hollywood is cheap, which is something Lindsay Lohan most definitely learned this week when the bill arrived for her year-long “Keeping Up With the Hiltons” residency at the swanky Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. She reportedly owes upwards of a million smackers to this Motel 6 of the stars. Why so costly? My guess is the hotel charged her extra for each overnight visitor. Or maybe she convinced her dealer to “put in on her tab”.

No wonder she was practically begging for a modeling contract a few weeks ago. She’d better hope those “Just My Luck” royalties are hefty.

Is David Blaine Having the Best Week Ever?


5-5-2006 - David Blaine - header.jpgBy now you’ve most certainly heard about the guy in the huge snowglobe here in Lincoln Center. The only person better than Steve-O at getting massive amounts attention for doing dumb stuff is “magician” David Blaine. The hippest thing to happen to magic since Houdini (and GOB Bluth, of course), Blaine has singlehandedly salvaged the legitimacy of his art after years of David Copperfield’s lame and tiresome “flying-around-in-Ferarri-then-disappearing” acts. His latest stunt is receiving massive amounts of media coverage, at the expense of his shriveled, prune-like hands. And if he succeeds in his big “holding his breath for 9 minutes” finale, he will have set a new world record.

Bubble Boy really might be having the Best Week Ever – and for living in a water tank for a week with nothing but a feeding tube and the harassment of passing pedestrians to keep him company, it’s probably the least we can do.

While You Were Donating Blood to Art


mischa barton.jpg

  • Will Smith arrives at good buddy Tom’s Mission: Impossible III premiere…looking more like a old king than a fresh prince.
  • Gwen Stefani has Paula Abdul style manicure accident. Hopefully this one won’t lead to a drinking problem .
  • Mischa Barton may get killed off The OC. Don’t be discouraged, Mischa. Based on this milk ad, you’d be great in the next Exorcist.
  • Vince Vaughn won’t call Jennifer Aniston his girlfriend on the Late Show. Now that they bought a house together in Chicago, I guess she’s more like a roommate.
  • Michelle Rodriguez told TRL she was ready to leave Lost. I guess when they stopped paying her it wasn’t such a good job anymore.

SIZZLER: Suge Knight Is a $11-aire


sugeknight.jpgYou know, it’s hard out here for a pimp. Especially for one pimp in particular. The Smoking Gun, possibly tipped off by all the iced out chains suddenly available on eBay, is reporting that Suge Knight – one-time rap mogul, co-founder of the Death Row Records, and the only man with the cajones to beat up on Vanilla Ice – is flat broke, down to his last $11. So don’t be surprised if you’re walking around Los Angeles and a very large, intimidating man with a “will bully rappers into signing with my label for food” sign asks you to “hold a dollar”.

At least buy him a burger or something.