SIZZLER: Lindsay Lohan’s Million Dollar Motel Tab


lindsay_large_implants.jpgNo one ever said being a young starlet in Hollywood is cheap, which is something Lindsay Lohan most definitely learned this week when the bill arrived for her year-long “Keeping Up With the Hiltons” residency at the swanky Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. She reportedly owes upwards of a million smackers to this Motel 6 of the stars. Why so costly? My guess is the hotel charged her extra for each overnight visitor. Or maybe she convinced her dealer to “put in on her tab”.

No wonder she was practically begging for a modeling contract a few weeks ago. She’d better hope those “Just My Luck” royalties are hefty.

Is David Blaine Having the Best Week Ever?


5-5-2006 - David Blaine - header.jpgBy now you’ve most certainly heard about the guy in the huge snowglobe here in Lincoln Center. The only person better than Steve-O at getting massive amounts attention for doing dumb stuff is “magician” David Blaine. The hippest thing to happen to magic since Houdini (and GOB Bluth, of course), Blaine has singlehandedly salvaged the legitimacy of his art after years of David Copperfield’s lame and tiresome “flying-around-in-Ferarri-then-disappearing” acts. His latest stunt is receiving massive amounts of media coverage, at the expense of his shriveled, prune-like hands. And if he succeeds in his big “holding his breath for 9 minutes” finale, he will have set a new world record.

Bubble Boy really might be having the Best Week Ever – and for living in a water tank for a week with nothing but a feeding tube and the harassment of passing pedestrians to keep him company, it’s probably the least we can do.

While You Were Donating Blood to Art


mischa barton.jpg

  • Will Smith arrives at good buddy Tom’s Mission: Impossible III premiere…looking more like a old king than a fresh prince.
  • Gwen Stefani has Paula Abdul style manicure accident. Hopefully this one won’t lead to a drinking problem .
  • Mischa Barton may get killed off The OC. Don’t be discouraged, Mischa. Based on this milk ad, you’d be great in the next Exorcist.
  • Vince Vaughn won’t call Jennifer Aniston his girlfriend on the Late Show. Now that they bought a house together in Chicago, I guess she’s more like a roommate.
  • Michelle Rodriguez told TRL she was ready to leave Lost. I guess when they stopped paying her it wasn’t such a good job anymore.

SIZZLER: Suge Knight Is a $11-aire


sugeknight.jpgYou know, it’s hard out here for a pimp. Especially for one pimp in particular. The Smoking Gun, possibly tipped off by all the iced out chains suddenly available on eBay, is reporting that Suge Knight – one-time rap mogul, co-founder of the Death Row Records, and the only man with the cajones to beat up on Vanilla Ice – is flat broke, down to his last $11. So don’t be surprised if you’re walking around Los Angeles and a very large, intimidating man with a “will bully rappers into signing with my label for food” sign asks you to “hold a dollar”.

At least buy him a burger or something.

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • If you can’t wait for the Strangers with Candy movie, has three original songs written for the flick by Late Show’s Paul Shaffer and Strangers With Candy star Paul Dinello.
  • Everyone from Vegemite Reggae to the Nashville Super Pickers are climbing the Stairway to Heaven. It’s steep over at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.
  • Happiness is Beatles’ Friday at Jefitoblog.
  • Yuppie Punk honors an overlooked Ramones song.
  • Music is Not Dead calls on The People Under the Stairs and Michael Bolton (of Office Space not Nicollette Sheridan’s lover/friend) to get through the day.

Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


scheeripod_shuffle.JPGThe weekly segement in which we all brag about how cool our taste in music is by shuffling the songs on our iPods and posting – honestly – the first five resulting random tracks. Our guest this week is a favorite on Best Week Ever, a hilarious comedian, and one fourth of The Human Giant – the lovely and talented Mr. Paul Sheer! So what does Paul listen to when he’s not cracking wise on our show? Let’s take a look:

1. “Sexy Motherf*cker”Prince
2. “Let’s Face It”The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
3. “Lay Low”My Morning Jacket
4. “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”Urge Overkill
5. “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”Fred Rogers

I think I’d be a little surprised about the Mr. Rogers song if this was anyone other than Paul. As always, post the results of your own shuffle in the comments!

Blaine’s Best Magic Trick Yet


He’s jumped off of flagpoles and buried himself alive. But in his greatest challenge yet, David Blaine, master illusionist will attempt to turn himself into a sun dried tomato.

Check out these pictures from Towleroad (via Gawker) of David Blaine’s wrinkly, prune hands after almost one week in a fishbowl.

On the Coverage of the Rolling Stone


rs1000_marilyn_manson.jpgLast night your intrepid team here at braved the elements and made a rare sojourn out of our blogging dungeon to attend the uber-exclusive party at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom celebrating the 1000th issue of the only counter-culture “underground ‘zine” that puts Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and N’Sync on its cover – Rolling Stone Magazine! Read all the sordid details after the jump.
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It’s May 5th; What’s up?


tv set.jpgI’m not a big gambling guy. With the exception of fantasy sports (which I decided isn’t gambling– it’s a skill), I really don’t put money on too many things. However, I’m willing to bet that Tom Hanks on SNL will be great. It’s Tom Hanks! The guy’s hosted the show like 30 times. With the exception of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, nobody’s a safer bet than Hanks. So that’s my pick of the weekend. What are YOU watching? Family Guy? Despereate Housewives? Numb3rs? Vote Now!