While You Were Seeing Kanye In Harlem, Brother!



  • Tom Cruise, yelling to Kanye West on TRL today: “Hey Kanye! See you in Harlem, brother!”. Nothing glib about racially stereotyping your “boy”, folks.
  • In other Cruise News, TomKat have finally signed the prenuptial agreement their lawyers have been battling over for so long. She agrees to pretend she loves him, he agrees to pretend he’s got a grip on reality, and they both agree to pretend he’s not gay.
  • Donald and Ivana are quibbling over who has the rights to the “Trump” brand, and all the vapid, idiotic materialism it represents.
  • Flea is crying about “all the downloading” of the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album. Luckily he has all those $100 bills to dry his tear-stained eyes with. Meanwhile, Neil Young totally sells out and offers his music online for free.
  • K-Fed is seeking a threesome with Jessica Alba. In a related story, I am also seeking a threesome with Jessica Alba.
  • MySpace-enhanced cell phones: now high school kids can further remove themselves from actual human interaction – on the go!

SIZZLER: Jessica Simpson Has Bad Taste


Forget about her reported trysts with Nick Lachey– according to Star magazine, Jessica Simpson has her eyes set on another musician that makes you reach for the radio dial: James “You’re Beautiful” Blunt.

A friend of Jessica says she was “determined to meet him” at the MTV Video Music Awards in Australia, and when she finally did she gave him her phone number and email address. Now, I’m not one to root against love, but I reeeallllyyyy hope this doesn’t work out. I mean, if they started dating it would increase the chances of a Jessica Simpson/ James Blunt duet… and I couldn’t possibly think of anything I’d want to hear less. Unless they had a three-way with Daniel Powter. Now THAT would be a bad day.

PROPPED: Improv Everywhere’s Best Buy Stunt


latest.jpgOur favorite improv group, (yes we like it even more than Drew Careys’ ) has done it again. In the past, the merry pranksters of Improv Everywhere have punk’d Manhattan by posing as McDonalds bathroom attendants and fans at an unknown band’s first gig. But on April 23rd, they portrayed something far more elusive: Best Buy employees. “Over fifty blue-shirted, khaki-panted “operatives” stormed the chain’s Chelsea location. The faux Best Buy employees hung-out – confusing customers and sales staff with their presence. ”

Big props to our own operative tellittosweeney for posting a link about the mission in our Drop Itsection. To see what else has been submitted, check out the user submissions. Check out Improv Everywhere’s recap of the prank here.

UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE: Sweeps Week Cameos!


steve-guttenberg-003.jpgTV Sweeps Week desperate ratings-grabs come in many forms: hokey plot twists, overblown weddings, huge cliffhangers and, most importantly, lots and lots of surprise guest “stars”. What we’d like to know is, which of the following cameo appearances are must-see TV (UPGRADE) and which ones are boring gimmicks not even a TiVo could love (DOWNGRADE)?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Sheen Responds to Richards’ Allegations


sheenCharlie Sheen has one-upped estranged wife Denise Richards’ TMZ interview, with a sit-down chat with an even bigger media titan: Jerry Penacoli. Who’s the bigger star now, b*tch?

While Charlie maintains that he’s no saint and that he’s the first to apologize for his actions and beg for forgiveness for all the dirty, dirty things he’s done, it’s Richards who’s gone too far this time. In fact, Sheen contends he’s a victim of her “psychological terrorism.” I think that’s a taupe on the terror alert color chart.

Watch the Extra interview here.

Is Anna Nicole Smith Having the Best Week Ever?


anna_nicole_smith_150.JPGOn Monday, Anna Nicole Smith won a victory at the Supreme Court allowing her to pursue the billion dollar estate of her late ex-husband, who was almost 90 years old when the ex-stripper married him. She effectively proved to young girls across the land that you’ve got to fight!…for your right!…to profit from being sluuuuuuutty! And today the New York Daily News is reporting that Anna Nicole might be blessing humanity with the greatest addition to it’s gene-pool since Kevin Federline – her offspring!

Sounds like Anna Nicole Smith is having the Best Week Ever and decent, thinking Americans are having the worst!

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Have you heard of John Hughes? Not the seminal 80’s director John Hughes, but the seminal Hefty Records founder and son of the seminal 80’s director. 3Hive has the lowdown on John Hughes the sequal.
  • Devil in the Details has a remix of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy.
  • WFMU’s Beware of the Blog introduces us The Shuttleworths, a family of four part harmony that never, ever existed.
  • Audiography has an Add cover of A-Ha’s original Take on Me. While there’s no cartoon romance in this version, there is a violin.
  • Persephone’s Bee’s song Nice Day is the antidote to Daniel Powter’s Had a Bad Day. Thanks MOKB, we need that.

While You Were Waiting for Tom to Get Out of the Subway


eminem and kim

24: The Deleted Scene


You think you know 24? Well, I bet you didn’t know there was a scene that they deleted in the first season. A very intense one, where Jack receives an important phone call at the worst possible time. Good thing he has Verizon. In the words of Jack Bauer, Check it out… NOW!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Denise Dishes Online?


denise.jpgWe already mentioned it, but I can’t stop thinking about this bizarre interview with Denise Richards over at TMZ. You know you’re one pissed off celeb when you’d go so far as giving “exclusive” interviews to online gossip sites in which you stand in a poorly-lit hallway and talk sh*t about your ex-friend who used to be on Melrose Place. Denise, why not just grab a megaphone, wrap yourself in tin foil, and set up shop down on Hollywood Boulevard, telling the “truth about Charlie” to any tourist who happens by?