Check Out Her Breasts


check them out.JPGYou have to give credit to Rethink Breast Cancer for thinking outside the box. Or above the box, if you want to get technical.

In order to raise awareness and promote the launch of their Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign in Canada, they launched the website Check Out My Breasts, an interactive site where women can learn more about checking themselves for breast cancer. The smoking-hot spokesmodel offers tips and advice when you click on certain areas of her breasts– a titillating feature that resulted in me learning more about the subject than I ever thought I would. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

So nice work Rethink. And in all seriousness, everybody should check out this SFW (but only with an explanation that the topless lady on your screen is there for educational purposes) site and make a donation. It’s for a good cause.

PROPPED UP: Can Larry David Curb Your Polio?


pligg_postitnote_v1.jpgThanks to reader Coopster 1 for alerting us to the interesting facial similarity of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s hilariously neurotic Larry David and celebrated inventor of the vaccine that cures Polio, Dr. Jonas Salk:


Sure, Salk cured a life-threatening disease, giving hope to millions – but Larry gave us Seinfeld.

PROPPED UP: Anti-Drug Message From a Crackhead


pligg_postitnote_v1.jpgThis video, submitted by garbnzgh, is exactly why we created the Drop It section. A government-sponsored anti-drug video that truly has it all: ironic Whitney Houston appearance from back in her halcyon pre-crack days, heavy-handed “danger of drugs” imagery, lots of trumpets, headbands, and the 80’s answer to all the world’s problems: pop stars singing a benefit anthem. Pull up a chair, light up a doob, and bask in all the nostalgic glory.

Shuffling Towards the Weekend


shuffle.jpgThe weekly feature previously known as “The Friday Five”, in which we invite guests and readers to shuffle their iPods and truthfully share with us the first five resulting songs. This week, our guest shuffler is Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn, who happens to be something of an iPod expert, seeing as how she has her own record label, contributes to SPIN Magazine, was voted (along with co-Tart of Pleasure Karen) one of NYC’s best party DJs, and published a book called “The Pocket DJ”. That’s quite a musical resume, with lots of pressure to live up to – so let’s see what she’s got:

1. “Down Again” – Foreign Islands
2. “Track 01″ – Goot (demo)
3. “You Are the Generation Who Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve” – Johnny Boy
4. “Interlude” – My Chemical Romance
5. “Flesh and Bone” – Alien Ant Farm

Damn, I was kinda hoping for a random Dave Matthews song to pop up. Anyway, we showed you ours – now show us yours in the comments!

GAMES: Teletubbies Mercy Killing


teletubby.jpgLet me start out by saying that I haven’t thought about the Teletubbies in years (since college, to be exact, when drinking in excess and watching Teletubby videos was oddly entertaining.) But even though they’re not as omnipresent as they were in the late 90’s, I still found shooting them in the head to be quite enjoyable in this Teletubbies Mercy Killing Game. Give it a go. I’m sure you will too.

While You Were Feeling Ashamed For Caring About a Stupid Talk Show



  • Now that the initial shock has passed and I’ve had some time to wrap my brain about the ramifications of an angry lesbian-enhanced version of The View, I remembered this recent gossip nugget. Nothing will start a morning quite like watching the Behar-Rosie tag team verbally rape Star Jones and her fake body parts.
  • Accused wife-beating, hooker-killing kiddie porn enthusiast Charlie Sheen launched his new line of children’s clothing yesterday. Timing really is everything.
  • The debut novel by disgraced young would-be author Kaavya Viswanathan, who recently admitted to plagairizing significant amounts of said book, has been pulled by the publisher. The poor prose burglar can’t even drink legally yet and she’s already the Milli Vanilli of publishing.
  • Christina Aguilera says her new album is both “mature AND dirrty”. Kind of like Sharon Stone.
  • Jennifer Lopez is getting her own reality show on MTV, follwing the pop diva as she ‘keeps it real’ in her day-to-day life. She show will be called So JLOrrible.

LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


    white stripes3.jpg
  • Our good pal Stereogum ripped an mp3 of the White Stripes Coke commercial. Only Jack White could make selling out sound this cool.
  • More White Stripes over at Another Form of Relief, where you can hear them cover “Jolene.” You can also hear The Shins cover The Postal Service, Adam Green cover The Libertines, and Beck’s cover of “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes” from the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack. Great stuff all around.
  • “Turn Into” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs reminds Act Up of that moment after really great sex. Give it a listen, then go smoke a cigarette.
  • You have to give People of Paper props for going diverse today, posting tracks from Kanye West and Wilco.
  • And finally, before you call it a day, head over to Take The Music and Run and do just that. Leave no Echo and The Bunnymen track behind.