While You Were Waiting To Launch



  • Kevin Costner has been named in a recent case involving soliciting sex during a massage at an upscale hotel. Rumour has it he wanted someone to undo his Dragonfly and have a Field of Dreams on his Untouchables.
  • Mick Jagger recently refused President Bush’s request to “Gimme Shelter” in the hotel room the rock legend had already booked. Goes to show, you really can’t always get what you want (but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get Embassy Suites).
  • Britney Spears is concerned that her infant son might suffer long-term brain damage resulting from a series of falls. I’m no doctor, but considering his genetics, I think heavy blows to the head could only help at this point.
  • Jackass Steve-O is reportedly having financial troubles. You mean getting drunk and eating your own feces on television isn’t a guaranteed way to pave the road to long-lasting economic security?
  • Friendly word of advice: Don’t f*ck with Chuck Sheen. Or he will have you Sheened.

Is Richie Sambora Having the Best Week Ever?


richie1.jpgThat’s a no brainer. Hell yeah! Here are the top five reasons why he’s having a nice day:

1) Richie hasn’t made the cover of a magazine since his hair hung down to his lower back and today he’s on the cover of People and the talk of Tinseltown. Why? because he recently divorced his ex-wife Heather Locklear.
2) oh and Denise Richards likes to straddle him on patios.
3) Look at her midsection and then look at his.
4) While he’s rebounding with a Playboy model, 10 years his junior, his ex-wife is nursing her wounds with David Spade. Sure we love him, but he’s not exactly a slap in the face.
5) He’s finally out of John Bon Jovi’s looming (feathery-haired) shadow, because you know what? Richie’s a cowboy too.

GAMES: It’s Cuervo Season!


cuervo.jpgAs the ticking clock at CuervoSeason.com indicates, we’re just 10 days away from the time of year that historians alcoholics have declared to be Cuervo Season. Check out the site now; not only does it star Best Night Ever’s Jason Zumwalt, it also has a couple of pretty funny segments and a cool little game. A game which I’d imagine would be much harder to master after a few shots of Cuervo. Play it here!



may anderson Some woman, who are gorgeous by trade, look beautiful even when they’re holding a prisoner number. (UPGRADE) While others should be arrested for assaulting the camera with their face (DOWNGRADE). Which of these hot gals look like supermodels in their mugshots and which ones should consider a career change.

SIZZLER: Is Britney Spears Smoking A Joint?


britney smoking.jpgThe Superficial posted a picture today that raises so many questions: Is that Britney Spears? Is she smoking a joint? Is she smoking a joint with kids half her age? Is she smoking a joint with kids half her age in a seedy hotel room? And finally, if it really is Britney Spears, isn’t nice to see her boobs popping out again like old times?

These are all questions that I have no place in answering… except for the last one. And the answer is Yes.

Transformers Rejects


trailertrasher.jpgIn honor of hack director Michael Bay and his quest to make a live-action Transformers movie piss all over my childhood, Worth 1000 is having another amazing Photoshop contest: Rejected Transformers! My favorite, “Trailer Trasher”, can be seen to the right.

LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • Brian from Bows + Arrows posted the first five songs that came up when he shuffled his iPod today. So head over there for some Dylan, Elton John, M83, Mountain Goats, and DJ Shadow. Mine would be way more embarrassing.
  • You Aint No Picasso has a great Saturday Looks Good To Me song you should check out. Quite a wordy introduction, no?
  • The Pillows are big in Japan. Awesome Until Proven Guilty thinks they should be big here too. Download 3 tracks now and do your best to sing along.
  • Neiles Life posted some tracks from the new Death Cab for Cutie “Crooked Teeth” single. Go make Seth Cohen proud.
  • Be the hippest kid on the block- head over to Red Blondehead for a bunch of tracks by Gnarls Barkley, The Walkmen and Dirty on Purpose. Oh, and Snow Patrol.
  • If you want some prime Radiohead B-Sides head over to Stage Hymns. If you want A-sides, buy the damn albums already, will ya?

While You Were Sleeping In, You Lazy Bastard



  • Chris Rock hired embroiled detective Anthony Pellicano to investigate a woman who claimed to be his babymamma…after Rock’s initial investigation of the woman, led to the accusation.
  • Maury Povich is being sued by a producer on his show who claims he forced her to watch porn and expose herself. Sounds like this could all be worked out on Maury’s show.
  • Angelina and Brad issue a plea for privacy while she has her baby in Africa. Also asking for a masseuse and prenatal yoga instructor.
  • Tom Cruise says he changes diapers and burps Suri while Kate breastfeeds her. We didn’t ask.
  • Mischa, Nicole and DJ AM spend the day painting pottery…Blackberry’s count as pottery right?