home_south_beach170.jpgA television writer has filed a lawsuit against J.Lo saying the star stole his idea for a series called “South Beach Miami” based on his move from Brooklyn to Miami and his involvement in modeling. Meanwhile UPN’s Web site says “South Beach” is about 2 best friends, who “abandon their world as they know it and head to the alluring paradise of sandy beaches, beautiful people and hot spots in glamorous South Beach.”

Beautiful people in Miami? Sounds like the real victim here is the very similar series 8th and Ocean. And the ugly people of Miami who never get to be on TV.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Jim Belushi Eats It


belushi1.jpgSaturday night’s grand opening of Randy Gerber’s new nightclub Cherry in Vegas was one crazy party. With A-listers like Lisa Rinna, Peter Horton and Kenny G it didn’t take much time before everyone was getting jiggy with it. But nobody got jiggier than Jim Belushi!

Watch what happens when he climbs on a baquette and sandwich dances with Lisa Rinna. While it may look like he takes a fall, it’s just another one of his crazy dance moves.

Drop It Like It’s Hot


snoop pharrell 2.jpg
Hey, so while you’re getting used to the new site, be sure to check out our brand new Drop It feature. Anytime you’re messing around on the web (when you should actually be working) and you stumble upon something funny, strange, or just plain interesting– Drop It our way. Then, readers can give it “props.” Everyday we’ll post the stories/videos/pictures that get the most props on the front page. I know it sounds a little confusing, but I promise it makes sense. Just play around a little bit, you’ll see.

So far garbnzgh has the most popular link on the page– a clip from The Montell Williams Show that features a dog that walks solely on his hind legs. You have to see it to believe it. Watch it here, then drop something of your own!

LISTEN UP: The Decider (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo)


TheDecider.jpgOkay, I figured it out: The folks over at The Huffington Post don’t hate President Bush like I initially thought– they LOVE him. They’re just not good at showing it. Instead of walking up to him and handing him a flower or planting a kiss on his cheek they’re running around the playground internet saying bad things and writing songs about him. I did the same exact thing with Corrie H. in the first grade. Of course, my songs didn’t include lines like “I am the egg-head, I’m the Commander, I’m the Decider, Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo.” But I bet they totally would have if I had an appreciation for classic rock back then. Oh well.

Check out “The Decider.” It’s a pretty clever song… and definitely better than throwing rocks at him after school. Koo Koo Ka Choo.

While You Were Relocating to Namibia



It’s Wednesday; What’s up?


tv set.jpgAlias is celebrating their 100th episode, Lost is airing what seems like their 100th “recap” episode, and some show on Fox where kids sing and people cheer is set to blow everything else out of the water. Throw in Kid Rock guest starring on CSI: NY</strong and you have one helluva Wednesday night. So what are you watching? Vote now!




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  • HEROIC CLUBGOER: Jeremy “Ari Gold” Piven carries some passed out model-actress-whatever chick out of a nightclub. (TMZ)
  • BRIGHT SIDE OF FAILED ‘CELEBRITY COOKING SHOWDOWN': Uber-Cougar contestant Cindy Margolis is going to show off her “secret ingredients” in Playboy. (Yahoo!)
  • ENEMY OF HOMOSEXUALS: Barbara Streisand’s biographer. (CNN)
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