SJP Tries To Get Cynthia Nixon Off



Ruth Buzzy Sarah Jessica Parker reunited with her old Sex and the City co-star Cynthia Nixon (who happens to be, as you know, into the same sex… and the city.) Continuing on with her role as Carrie, the ultimate c-tease, it looks like SJP is doing her best to work Cynthia up to a frenzy in these pictures. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Comforting her with a gentle hand hold. Reminding her what a big, phallic nose is capable of. And then leaving her all hot and bothered as she goes home to cuddle with Ferris Bueller. But that’s just Carrie being Carrie. Bitch.

SIZZLER: Kidman Congratulates Katie, Ignores Tom


The actress sent her best wishes to both Katie and baby Suri yeasterday.Kidman2_1 "I hope both mother and baby are doing well," said Nicole Kidman through her publicist. Is she forgetting anyone? Oh yeah, Brooke Shields and her lovely husband Chris Henchy, whoops and Gina Lee Nolin, can’t forget Gina.

Okay, Okay and Gwenyth too.




FERGIE INTERPRETATION: Lisa Rinna’s reported "newly inflated lips"  make her look like the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie or someone having a severe allergic reaction.(Celebrity Terrorist)

PANIC ATTACK: If there’s ever a time to keep your sh*t together, it’s when you’re on The Price is Right. Unfortunately, this woman didn’t get the memo. (Daily Sixer)

LOW BUDGET PR : Trishelle Canatella’s reality pal Katie Doyle denies on her myspace blog that Canatella and Adam Duritz are a couple and confirms they are in fact friends. (Katie’s Myspace Blog)

CROSSED LINE: According to TMZ’s recent paparazzi footage, Jessica Simpson thinks photographing her at Whole Foods is just going too far. The singer told cameramen, ""It’s Whole Foods guys… That’s not cool." (TMZ)

SAVORY AFTERBIRTH: You’ve pictured it mentally, but now you can actually see Tom Cruise eat copious amounts of afterbirth.  (Wow Report)

Goodbye Gilmore Girls, Hello Heartbreak



So the big news is that The Gilmore Girls is nearing it’s last season, as the show’s creators have jumped ship. I personally never really liked the show, but I find myself distraught over the news. Mainly, because I have a feeling Gilmore fans are very co-dependant and will not take this information lightly.

No question, among the Gilmore community, there will be a lot tears, a lot of blame foisted on ex-boyfriends, plenty of Wiccan pray circles, an unhealthy amount of chocolate cake, mandatory book club meetings, plenty of aromatherapy, and nonstop Build-a-Bear workshops.

You are such a strong group of people and you’ve been through so much together, from Rory’s rebellion to Lorelai’s rollercoaster relationship. But you’ve managed to pull through with all the wit and candor of a personalized pillow. The hard truth is that there will never be another show set in a quaint B&B town, filled with pleasantly plump people and a mother daughter duo who’s banter can only be stopped with a fying pan to the skull. No they were one of a kind. But they’re not Gilmore Girls anymore, they’re Gilmore Women and you need to let them go. Believe me, their spirit will live on in the souls of shows like The Ghost Whisperer, Beautiful People and Starting Over. And those shows will never get canceled.

While You Were Verbally Assualting Your Co-Workers or Being Creative



  • Lindsay Lohan gets an intervention from SNL cast. Not a show give advice on sobering up.
  • Jessica Simpson is wearing her ring again. Marriage may be a sham, but the diamond’s not.
  • Bill Maher is a great lover according to video vixen. Fine but please don’t make me picture it.
  • K-fed is performing tracks off his new album in Vegas. Lets hope it stays in Vegas.
  • Snoop Dogg is publishing his first fictional novel about a young man from Southern California  struggling to make it in  hip-hop. But first he’ll have to learn what the word fiction means.
  • Mick Jagger may star in a new sitcom on ABC. This could finally be his big break!

“Ugly Naked Guy” Had To Come From Somewhere…


Over at the Jane blog, Lindsay Robertson has some good comments on today’s California Supreme Court ruling against the woman who sued the writing staff of Friends for sexual harassment. 

If you’re not familiar with the case, a female writers’ assistant, years after being terminated from the show, decided that many of the comments and ideas she was exposed to in the "writers room" constituted sexual harrassment, then filed a lawsuit that raised many greater questions about the appropriate nature of a creative environment. 

Luckily, by ruling against this opportunistic person, the court upheld the sanctity of the writers’ room, and I can continue making inappropriate and salacious sexual remarks to Piper all day, per usual. 

Pete Doherty Arrested Again, Again


This has got to be some kind of world record.  Troubled rocker Pete Doherty, only 3 hours after appearing in court and being spared jail time on drug charges from an arrest last month, has been arrested yet again, totally demolishing his previous personal best time of 8 hours back in January.  To give you some perspective, Bob posted about Pete’s victorious court appearance today slightly more than an hour ago, and Pete has now gotten himself arrested again.  How can we even keep up?

It’s Time For Some Kick-Ass Music


I can’t come up with words to describe what Paul posted on his blog today… so instead, I’m leaving you with this picture:


Exactly. Paul has ALL 14 TRACKS over at his blog, so go over there and download them NOW. Then sit back, pop open an Asian Experience Lightning Bolt Energy Drink and just enjoy. You know Paul is.

Paul’s Blog is the place to be. Or you can pre-order the album on Amazon. Be careful Chuck Norris… your reign as the Number 1 karate-chopping white guy go-to punchline may be over.

While You Were Counting Down The Minutes Til 4:20


  • Halle_berry_2
    The long running feud between Fall Out Boy and The Killers is finally over. Wannabe punk kids and wannabe hipster kids can now once again walk the streets hand in hand… to get made fun of by wannabe hip hop kids.
  • Language experts have concluded that there is no record of the name Suri meaning "princess" in Hebrew. Suri about that, Tom.
  • Halle Berry used to dream of finding a pill that could turn her white when she was a child. AS expected, the dream always involved going through Michael Jackson’s stuff.
  • At his most recent court hearing, a judge ruled that Pete Doherty will be banned from driving a car for six months. Smoking crack and shooting heroin into his veins, though, is still totally cool.
  • MySpace is streaming the new Streets album for free, while VH1 is streaming the new Goo Goo Dolls album. Congratulations to VH1 for getting behind a "hip" band to finally lose that whole "VH1 is for old people" image!
  • Jesus Christ Superstar to be staged at the second largest Nazi concentration camp in Europe. I’m not touching that one with a ten foot pole (though if I did, the joke would probably begin with "I wonder what’s playing at the largest…?)