Pete Doherty and Mike Tyson: BFF



It appears that Pete Doherty has finally met someone who understands him: Mike Tyson. According to Female First, he did a solo performance for Tyson at a bar, and the fighter gave him a standing ovation. Someone on the scene said, "They were getting on really well, so Tyson asked Pete to play some songs for him. Pete always has an acoustic guitar with him so he played two or three Babyshambles numbers.

"He got a great response. Tyson loved every minute of it." They are said to have stayed up all night talking in what must have been the most fascinating conversation in the history of the world.



  • Moose_car_5
    HEADLINE: "Moose lands in front seat of car." (AP)
  • ST. PADDY’S DAY HANGOVER: Guy who got arrested for pissing into the gas tank of a marked police car during a parade (Smoking Gun)
  • UNLIKELY BLOGGER: Geoffrey Chaucer (via Boing Boing)
  • E-BAY RETURN: The first man ever to buy an entire town on eBay is putting it back on eBay (AP)
  • HARD THING ABOUT BEING A PIMP: Triple 6 Mafia sued for inciting beatdown.  (MTV)
  • EYE ROLL: Liberal activress Susan Sarandon is going to play liberal activist Cindy Sheehan.  (SFGate)

While You Were Waiting For Mom to Make Stovetop


  • Siennamillerblue5 Desperate Housewives shoots a scene for an upcoming episode at Hooters. They didn’t go for the waitresses, they really like the wings.
  • Tina Yothers arrives at the TV Land Awards. Next year it’ll be the Grammy Awards once her band Jaded finishes recording in the studio on garageband.
  • Josh Hartnett doesn’t think Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton make good role models.  Role models don’t think Hartnett makes good movies.
  • Gossip hounds say Sienna Miller’s is on the verge of a mental breakdown . Still looks pretty to me.
  • Sharon Stone says peace "is just a breath away." It’s just a kiss away it’s just a shot away hay…
  • After being bombarded by media, the reincarnation of Buddha has reemerged from hiding.  He may be contemplative but sources who decorate their homes with little Buddha statues say he’s still not fat enough.

Is Dylan Innes Having the Best Week Ever?



Who is Dylan Innes you ask? Only the first production assistant ever to be interviewed celebrity-style for his week of work on a movie. But he didn’t work on just any movie, he worked on the Snakes on a Plane movie. So his buddies on scored the coveted interview with the P.A. and forced him to reveal more about the movie than the trailer suggests.

Innes, responsible for "hauling equipment and guarding the parking lot" answered questions like: Was it always called Snakes on a Plane? (no it was originally called Pacific Air Flight 121) how do the snakes get on the plane?  (Korean terrorists, of course) Did they use real snakes? (mostly CGI and rubber models but some real ones) and does he get "more ass now than ever before"? (yes, he met his landed a girlfriend on set). He may not have earned as much as Samuel L., but he managed to score a lady and the temporary respect of peers. Enjoy it now, Innes, next week it’s back to the parking lot.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Liza’s Laughing Fits


Liza Minnelli was on Larry King Live last Wednesday, and judging by this video… well… she’s finally lost it. Granted, this video is a compilation of various parts of the interview pieced together to make her look insane, but still, I don’t think the people at fourfour had to try too hard to do that.

Watch the video now, and be prepared to be amused. Or terrified. Or both.

SIZZLER: The South Park Conspiracy Plot Thickens


The Evil Geniuses who sign my check are doing an amazing job at keeping this whole South Park Scientology Episode Re-run "Controversy" in the press for as long as possible. 

The latest development: Isaac Hayes did not quit his role as "Chef" as previously reported, but in fact someone else "quit it for him."  Ooh, the intrigue!  Who could this shadowy puppet-master possibly be?

My guesses are after the jump.

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Pete Wentz is on the Paris Plan



Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has been an unlikely subject of media attention lately, gracing everything from gossip blogs to the New York Times. While it may seem like the quiet guitarist fell accidentally into the public eye, I have a hunch he’s enlisted in the Paris Hilton Twelve Step Program to super-stardom. Proof after the jump…

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