Before having sex, always make sure you have
protection. Legal protection. Sign here for the lawyer-laden world of
modern intimacy and give your Consent.

Hilarious short film on legally protected sexual relations. This is your must watch video of the day.[watch now]

Cooking with Bigfoot



The linked episode features Michael Jackson inviting Bigfoot to his slumber party ice cream social. This is one ice cream social I want nothing to do with. EVER. Cooking with Bigfoot features adult themes, cartoon violence and profanity and may not be work safe. In that case, I suggest you bookmark it and watch the episodes at home.

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Friday Morning Quick Hits




winner Richard Hatch indicted on 10 counts of tax evasion and fraud.
The thought of pound-me-in-the-ass prison made him do it.

Tara Reid robbed of nearly $180,000 worth of jewelry while filming "Taradise" for the E! Network. Captain Morgan is being held up for questioning.

What’s up with Ms. Lopez these days? "Don’t be fooled by the fetus that I got, I’m still Jenny from the block."

Ozzy Osbourne says he’s lost count of the number of rehab clinics he has attended. So it must be more than three.

ABC to offer all its primetime shows in Spanish to prove that they suck in two languages.

Brits pissed off that an American has won the coveted Mercury Prize.
And not just any American, but a 6’4" transvestite from New York.

"South Park" gets 3 year extension with Comedy Central. Trey and Matt
expected to flip out and go chill out in Africa any day now.

Message found in a bottle floating down a New Orleans street,
…"Please send beer. I’m out at this time. … Some shrimp &
oysters would be appreciated".
I’ve always said it’s good to have priorities.

ice cream
a big hit in Japan – Thirsty Americans waiting to see if
Beyers picks up on the trend & starts to produce Tequila sherbet,
Vanilla Gin, or Vodka Neapolitan Vodka in the US.

Kanye West knocks Mariah Carey out of top Billboard spot. Obviously Kanye West doesn’t care about white people.

Michael Moore considering Hurricane Katrina documentary. Food shortages
expected to continue on the Gulf Coast for a very, very long time.

Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits



Famous photographer LaChappelle unloads on Jessica and Ashlee Simpson: "they’re
everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art
, and what
we think of as art and musical culture – in one family!"
Hey David, remember that time you did that Burger King commercial? That was super duper cultured of you. Or  that time you filmed the music video for Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne or Moby or insert lame pop star of the moment here.

Nick Cave walks off stage, refuses to play after being told he could not bring his beer and cigarettes up with him. Since when do rockstars ask permission?

hire expert to examine why their new single isn’t getting
airplay. Expert’s initial findings: You’re 60 years old and your song

Couple living under water so scientists can study the effects on the
When asked what they will miss most, the answer was ‘air’.

Britney Spears schedules Cesarean. Cletus wonders if he can get extra of them little hard bread things.

Thursday Morning Quick Hits



Part man. Part machine. All professor. Syracuse U. PhD candidate Peter
"Robocop" Weller
has role as expert commentator on History Channels’s
Rome: Engineering an Empire. In other news ED209 to host Jeopardy.

Katie Holmes
considers changing her name to "Kate Cruise", both
personally and professionally; reportedly okay with that whole
"sounding like a male prostitute" thing.

Murder Inc
thought to be behind 50 Cent, Jam Master Jay shootings; at least they won’t be sued for false advertising.


  Enough about the "S" being too small.  Movie-makers spend a month getting Superman’s package just right.

School district shocked to find kids are wagering lunch money on spider
. Don King reportedly trying to lure black widow spiders to sign
with him.

dancing champion

   goes on a drunken rampage, tries to kill partner with
the kind of smooth grace not seen since the allemande graced the dance
halls of Vienna.

Arnold Schwarzenegger rejects gay marriage legislation, claiming that
professional weight lifting offers enough homoeroticism on its own.

Bad: Chinese restaurant offers possibly illegal stir-fried tiger meat
. Worse: It’s actually donkey meat dressed with tiger urine.

Her Many Scarey Faces Miss Love



A collection of the many terrifying faces of Courtney Love. Some how the picture above didn’t make the cut. Probably because no one was brave enough to look at it long enough, save it on their desktop, upload it on to this site, only to stare at it for another 60 seconds. I would close my eyes but it wont help me. The image is burned into my brain now.[link]

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