Is MySpace Having the Best Week Ever?


A cursory glance at Google News reveals some shocking discoveries – MySpace is having a crimewaveTeachers are harrassing teensTeens are harrassing teachersCollege students are becoming pedophiles.   The violence and chaos is getting so out of hand that the popular networking site is scrambling to contain the problem.  The MySpace Madness is causing panic in the streets (or at least the Information Superhighway)!  The government appears to be a few public service announcements short of declaring a state of MySpace Martial Law! 

What has become of this "place for friends"?  I still remember the good old days when the worst thing you had to worry about on MySpace was that one friend who leaves all those annoying videos and songs in your comments section.  Now I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds horrible, so how can MySpace be having the Best Week Ever?  Well in case you didn’t notice, people getting in trouble and getting on the news is getting MySpace tons of free publicity, causing the site to get even bigger (and the crime problem to get even worse).  So yeah, I think MySpace is having the Best Week Ever, even if many of their users potential victims are not.

Now hurry up and add us before it’s too late!  We promise we won’t harrass you (too much).

BWE Film Festival 4/14/06


It’s a holiday weekend and what better way to kick it off then with a new collection of comedy shorts. That’s right it’s the weekly Best Week Ever Short Film Fest. Today we have three great clips starring your favorites from Best Week Ever and more! First up, is a sneak peek at a potential new HBO series. Next we have an exclusive trailer of the new Rob Corddry film Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story. The film stars BWE’s own Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel and other great comedians. The final film for today is a poignant tribute to Man and Beast, so enjoy!

And remember, if you want to submit a short to us, send it to films (at) bwe (dot) tv

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Kevin Smith on Clerks 2


Kevin Smith babbles to the YouTube audience about putting clips on YouTube, lip synchs in front of a camera, dances in front of a camera, wonders what happens to his dignity, shows a clip from Clerks 2. In that order. Unfortunately absent from the video: Doesn’t call Reese Witherspoon a c**t again; doesn’t apologize for Jersey Girl.  [watch the Jersey Girl 2 Clerks 2trailer here]

While You Were Photoshopping Tom Cruise on the Sybian



  • Kenny Rogers says he’s not happy about the plastic surgery he had on his eyes. No complaints about his head transplant, though.
  • Brad Pitt’s is sporting Maddox’s mo-hawk. The got your nose trick is funny, but Maddox really wants is hair back.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith says husband Will saved her from a life of drugs and promiscuous sex. Basically, having any fun.
  • There are lots of opportunities for former Dancing With the Stars participants. All of them, however, are based in Las Vegas.
  • Wilmer Valder(yo)mamma gets Erik Estrada’s blessing to make the movie version of Chips. A sigh of relief resounds across the western hemisphere.

SIZZLER: Lohan Panhandling Her Way Down Runway?


If you see a tiny red-haired girl stumbling down 5th Avenue, knocking on the door of every high-end fashion retailer she passes, there is no cause for concern: that’s just Lindsay Lohan

After getting passed over by Louis Vuitton for a cellphone-beater earlier this week, a determined Lohan is now hitting up Versace, shamelessly begging for a spokesmodeling deal, or at least a free dress – whatever they can spare. 

On the Couch with Dr. Weiss: David Blaine


Blaine_2 Dear Dr. Weiss,

I’ve frozen myself in blocks of ice and buried myself alive. This May, I plan to float underwater for a week(see picture). So why do I still feel so unfulfilled? Please help.


David Blaine

Dear David,

I’m glad you made the choice to ask for help.  But I’m afraid your latest stunt– a week in an underwater aquarium in New York’s Lincoln Center– is just another cry for help.  (letter continues after the jump)

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Best Easter Ever!


For all you religious types who like to celebrate the resurrection of the Messiah by hunting for creme-filled chocolate eggs left by an oversize rabbit, those crazy kids over at CRACKED have put together a really funny animation series about a little boy, his chocolate bunny, and the true meaning of Easter. 

(NSFEasily Offended)

BWE Photoshop Contest: Tom Cruise: You Complete Me


Tom Cruise– not only does the man love women (and believe me, he f’ing loves women)– but he loves pregnant women as well. Especially when they’re carrying a little Scientology fetus that he can mold and shape and someday send out into the world to do his evil bidding for him. There’s nothing he loves more.

Well, there’s one thing: Photoshop Contests. That’s why we’re holding a Tom Cruise: You Complete Me Photoshop Contest in honor of the soon to be baby Tomkat.

We’ve provided a cut out Tom below, now it’s up to you to put him wherever you want. You Complete Him, just like Renee Zellweger did in Jerry Maguire. It’s totally your call.

Email your submissions to We’ll post our favorites every day next week, right up until the baby is hatched. I mean born.

So click the link below and get your You Complete Me Tom right now. Anything goes! Good luck!

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Marky-Mark and Me?


If you watched last week’s Best Week Ever – and you better have! – you probably remember the segment we did about this awesome website where you can upload your picture and it will scan your face and tell you which celebrities you most resemble.  Usually, I hate it when people tell me I look like a famous person, because a) it’s a completely pointless observation and b) I’m typically offended by who they’ve compared me with.  But this site is complimentary to the point of flattery – at least it was for me.  My top 3 were Mark Wahlberg, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Beckham.  Yeah, I don’t really see that either…but I’ll take it!  Anyway, play around with it and have some fun!

While You Were Having a Good Friday


  • Keira
    Tom & Katie’s
    alien baby will be raised a Scientologist. But only because Jews, Christians and Muslims said "no thanks."
  • Keira Knightley thinks Hollywood puts too much pressure on women to stay skinny, and insists that she’s curvy compared to other actresses. By her estimates, the second curviest actress in Hollywood? Dakota Fanning.
  • Robbie Williams will join his old band Take That for a one-off performance during their comeback tour. I know you don’t care, but if you have any friends in England this would be a great conversation starter.
  • David Blaine will live underwater for a week. And if this magic trick doesn’t prove to be as exciting as it sounds, he’ll live on the streets for even longer.
  • Brittany Murphy is making her "grand entrance" into the music biz, collaborating with DJ Paul Oakenfold on a new song (that you can listen to here.) The girl is still Clueless.
  • A federal Grand jury is looking into whether Barry Bonds lied about his steroid use. When reached for comment Bonds said, "Grand… jury… investigation… makes… Bonds… ANGRY!"