I stumbled upon these pictures of Katie Couric’s recent Colo-rectal Cancer Benefit at the Waldorf Astoria, and found that Sesame Street’s Elmo was in almost every shot (in some cases getting mighty cozy with the future CBS news anchor.) While I have no idea why a furry red Muppet was the star of a colorectal cancer benefit honoring mo-town, I’m just going to go with it.

Unfortunately, Greg Kinnear, a guest at the event, isn’t as cool about the whole thing. Check out this footage of the party and watch how he seems to be the only actor who recognizes the absurdity of posing with a sock puppet.

Is Hugh Hefner Having the Best Week Ever?


That might be a dumb question seeing as how Hugh Hefner lives every day of his Viagra-fueled life in a big mansion full of naked nymphomaniacs who would do ANYTHING to get into his magazine.  But this week seems particularly good for Hef, who celebrated his 80th birthday with a 1000-person star-studded bash at the mansion featuring hand-painted bunnies, a sea of expensive champagne, and a semi-nude serenade from Paris Hilton herself.  And now, apparently unwilling to let this swingin’ party stop, Hef is taking his birthday festivities on the road for a trip across Europe, stopping in London, Cannes, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Rome and Venice – with his triplet of Playboy bunny girlfriends in tow.  And finally, when guests have gone and the lights go out, Hef has arranged to be entombed next to Marilyn Monroe.  Once again, DUDE EVEN GETS TO BE BURIED NEXT TO MARILYN MONROE.

I really don’t see how his week – or his life – could possibly get any better.




Okay, this is the next generation of movie mash-ups. There are so many things going on in this trailer for Titanic 2, I can’t even place them all. You have to watch it– this is really, really great. And really, really scary, because you know if this falls into the hands of the wrong people they might actually think it’s a good idea to go ahead and make it. Oh God. I don’t even want to think about that. Watch Titanic Two The Surface here.

SIZZLER: Springer Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Spears


Star Magazine has informed us that Child Services finally got off their lazy asses and made a heroic trip over to the Spears/Federline home in an attempt to spare Sean Preston from the cruelty of being cared for by his freakshow parents.  Britney’s baby-on-the-lap frenzied driving, combined with Kevin’s incessant "hip-hopping" proved to be too much for the toddler, who  apparently tried to end it all by jumping off his high-chair and fracturing his skull.

TIVO ALERT: Live From New York, It’s Something Actually Funny!


Over the past few years, as SNL has gone from an edgy, smartly-written sketch show to a series of ill-conceived Lindsay Lohan impressions with a few "Lazy Sundays" peppered throughout to keep the show from completely sinking, the one true highlight each week are Robert Smigel’s genius Saturday TV Funhouse segments.  From the classic "Ambigously Gay Duo" series to his razor sharp political satire, Smigel rarely hits a false – or unfunny – note, which is why I’m proud to bear the best piece of SNL news since we found out Fallon was leaving:

NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" presents a
special "Best Of" compilation on April 29
featuring the first-ever collection of "Saturday TV Funhouse" shorts by
acclaimed comedian Robert Smigel.

The special will be hosted by "The Ambiguously Gay Duo," Ace and Gary
(voiced, as ever, by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell) and will feature
new material starring the subtly homoerotic superheroes performing an
"SNL" monologue as well as interacting "live" with the current cast
throughout the show.

And how did I not know The Duo was voiced by Colbert and Carrell???

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • There’s an old saying that goes "nobody should be allowed to cover Hall & Oates unless their name is P.J. Pooterhoots." Check out their chemically-altered version of "I Can’t Go For That," courtesy of Scissorkick.
  • Nothing good came out of suicidal cult Heaven’s Gate, except Porcupine Tree’s lovely song "Last Chance to Evacuate the Planet Before it Is Recycled," hosted by Aurgasm. The song features eerie audio of the Cult leader’s explanation of his alien status and his plan to hitch a ride on Halle Bop.
  • Said the Gramophone has The Pendulum’s brand new song called Brand New Song. I only wish their band was called The Band.
  • If you liked Bob’s baseball game, you’ll love Buddy Johnson’s song Did you see Jackie Robinson Hit that Ball. Why? They’re both about baseball.  Jeez, what a stoopid question. Thanks to Tuwa’s Shanty.
  • If you couldn’t get tickets to Martha Wainwright and Neko Case’s recent concert, NPR is coming to your rescue with a few tracks recorded from the performance. If you did get to see them and you still want to hear them, then you’re just being greedy. (Via My Old Kentucky Blog)

Mini Kiss vs. Tiny Kiss: The Biggest Little Battle Ever


Mini_kiss_2When two rival bands of dwarves fight, nobody wins. Well, I guess unless you happen to witness it in person. In that case I bet it’d be hilarious.

Anyway. The 4’4" lead singer of the KISS tribute band Mini Kiss, Joey Fatale, is denying reports that he tried to sneak past security at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to confront 4′ "Little" Tim Loomis of Tiny Kiss for ripping off his idea for a group. It’s not revealed how Fatale attempted to get past security, but it’s assumed he either crawled under a snack cart, hid beneath a blanket in a baby carriage, or stuffed himself in somebody’s guitar case like they do in the movies.

While Little Loomis claims he had Fatale thrown out of the hotel, Fatale insists that he left on his own. The two men used to be friends (Little was the original drummer for Mini before starting Tiny), so it’s a shame like a little tiny thing like this would come between them. I’m a teensy bit upset. Granted it’s a small world, but a little competition never hurt anyone.  Hopefully they grow from this. Because life is short.

[read the full story here]

Vanity Fair Is Turning Into Hustler


To continue with today’s unofficial porn-y theme, it has recently come to my attention that Vanity Fair, a one-time respected outpost of grocery line journalism, is devolving into a total smut mag.  Last month’s "Hollywood" issue had nudie pics of Sienna Miller’s boobs, Angelina Jolie’s bottom, and of course the infamous Scarlett Johanssen/Kiera Knightley/Random Dude nekkid cover. 

Now this month VF is back to their pornographic ways with inexplicable naked pictures of Felicity’s Keri Russell.  Stay on the lookout next month for their 8-page pictorial of Sharon Stone’s vagina!

While You Were Wishing You Didn’t Miss Last Night’s CMT Awards