It’s Lima Time


Adriana_limaAdriana Lima was all over the place last week when she revealed to GQ magazine that she was still a virgin. Because, you know, I guess only ugly people are supposed to be virgins.

Well, in case you were wondering how a beautiful 24-year-old virgin (who also happens to be a Victoria’s Secret model) spends her day, you need wonder no more. Here’s a little video taken at her GQ photo shoot.

So how does she spend her day? Half naked and writhing in the desert surrounded by a bunch of muscular dudes who take turns fondling and dry humping her, naturally. How else would she spend it?

Watch the video here.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Aniston Has Dutch Friends with Money


In honor of Jennifer Aniston’s new movie Friends With Money, premiering in theaters April 7th, about a woman who works as a maid to make ends meet, we decided to show you how Jennifer Aniston makes ends meet in real life: German Dutch Beer Commercials.

P.S. that’s awesome if you’ve seen this before, no need to comment.

(thanks for the tip ONTD)

“Basic Instinct 2″ Trailer Is a Lie!



Ain’t It Cool News has the scoop on Basic Instinct 2. Basically, if you thought that the over the-top-trailer suggested that the movie was "going to be another Showgirls, another trip into a hypnotically unbelievable sex romp with a budget" you will be very disappointed. In fact

…if you’ve seen the internet ‘trailer’, then you’ve actually seen 75% more sex than is actually in the film. Virtually every frame of sex and nudity that appears in Basic Instinct 2, you’ve already seen. Let that sink in for a moment. I’ll wait.

Yes, there are exactly three sex scenes in this movie. One with a single nipple and some bobbing man ass. Another with a single nipple and some bobbing man ass. And a third, with two exposed nipples, and yes, dare I say it, more bobbing man ass. That semi hot looking threesome in the ‘trailer’? Never actually appears in the film – the third person in that three-way…never actually appears in the film. And outside of the sex, there is one, single, gratuitous nude scene. Of Sharon Stone. All told, there is perhaps 20-30 seconds of actual sexual content in this film.

So now you can wait until it comes to HBO OnDemand. Get your fast-forward/pause finger ready, gentlemen.

SIZZLER: Nick Lachey Daily Hook-Update



Today it’s been reported that Nick Lachey is hooking up with TV host Vanessa Minnillo. The two were spotted getting "hot and heavy" in a curtained off section of a hotel bar in New York the other night. But yesterday he was linked to Kristin Chenoweth, and last week it was Kristen Cavallari, and before that Alyssa Milano and Miss Kentucky and Cheryl from Dancing with the Stars. So consider this an official call for all Nick hook-ups. If you have been or plan to be linked to Lachey, now is the time to step forward. We can’t keep doing this everyday.

College Humor TV


ChThe guys over at College Humor aren’t just providing you with really cool links and pictures of drunk girls taking off their shirts anymore (although, honestly, that would have been enough.) Now they’re also putting together an awesome online television show.

BWE stars Judah Friedlander (of and Nick Kroll dropped by to help them out with their first episode. Watch the video right now to see the sage advice they offered. I don’t know where we’d be without these guys.

Watch CHTV.

SIZZLER: If Katie’s Quiet She’ll Get a Prize



Yesterday we told that Katie was under strict orders from Tom to be quiet during her painful labor. We assumed she agreed to the rigid request out of respect for the practice of Scientology which believes in silent births for the mental stability of the baby. But today, it turns out she’s just doing it for an i-pod. Reportedly,  Tom says if she shuts up he’ll buy her a brand new high-tech i-pod with all her favorite songs. If she has twins, will he splurge on the U2 signature edition?

While You Were Walkin’ On Sunshine


  • Whitney_4
    Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt makes a paparazzi pic of his own.  I can’t believe some "big celebrity" type would actually pick on such humble, helpless, and hard-working craftsmen.
  • Meet Ricky Bobby.
  • Mark "y Mark" Wahlberg added a new baby to his entourage.  Guess this means Turtle will have to find his own place to live.
  • Whitney Houston, still hooked on crack, is like the Pete Doherty of R&B.
  • Noooooooooooo!  We’ll get you for this, Rachel Ray.  You haven’t heard the last from us!
  • "That’s SIR Tom Jones to you, missy.  Now hurry up, I gotta be onstage in 10 minutes."
  • Be careful what you wish for

Michael Jackson Image Makeover



Michael Jackson is reportedly planning another metamorphosis, this time into a "muscle-bound, shaven-headed rapper." He has been in discussion with DJ Whoo Kid (Whoo?) since they met in Bahrain. Whoo Kid told Jackson to "cut his hair, get some million-dollar earrings, get a million-dollar watch and take all them spaceship clothes off." Jackson has taken the advice to heart and is working out and trying to work out a collaboration with Whoo Kid and 50 Cent. I’ve been waiting for years for him to just go ahead and turn into a blond white woman, but bald rapper would be fine too.




  • EXPENSIVE TRIP TO BURGER KING: George Beane‘s. He bought four burgers at Burger King and his credit card was accidentally charged $4,334.33. Worth every penny.
  • DISCO IRONY: The Village People Cop. He was arrested after he disappeared while drug and gun charges against him were pending. What next?  They didn’t really enjoy the YMCA? The Construction Worker doesn’t know his way around a tool box? The Leather Man is actually straight?
  • ALTERNATIVE TO ADOPTING MORE BABIES: Brad Pitt. He is set to narrate Design: e2, a series on PBS about environmentally friendly architecture.
  • BLACK FLAG SINGER IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT: Henry Rollins. He says that wants to finish his career as a low-budget Mark Twain. Hal Holbrook better get a "Search and Destroy" tattoo and fast!
  • NOT GLIB BAND: Living Things. The band’s singer, Lillian Berlin, grew up with ADHD and is telling audiences all over the US that medicating children for behavioral problems does not work. Tom Cruise would be so pleased.
  • NOT-BITTER MOVIE STAR: Russell Crowe. He says about being snubbed by Sesame Street: "If they want to turn down an Oscar-nominated star to appear in front of millions of kids then they can, but I’m not bitter – we’ll still watch the show." Goldenfiddle isn’t convinced.