Are Kelly Clarkson Fans Having the Best Week Ever?


The week started off pretty well for Kelly Clarkson fans around the world, when her hometown of Burleson, Texas announced plans to throw the first ever Kelly Clarkson convention in celebration of her epic body of work. With a solid KC single climbing the charts, and rumors about Clay Aiken’s sexual identity tearing apart the once almighty Aiken community, Clarkson fans seemed poised to take the lead in the world of American Idol fandom .

But things took a turn for the worse when Kelly got a sore throat and had to cancel her sold-out show in Tel Aviv. Then, just when there seemed to be no hope for Israeli Clarkson fans, some one released this video of Kelly speaking Hebrew  Tex-brew to all her fans. We knew if anyone could bring peace to Middle East, it was going to be Clarkson.

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SNAP: K-Fed’s New Single


kfedListen to K-fed’s new single, Snap, a song that once again covers such pressing issues like how girls want to have sex with him and how much money he has. If your not convinced by this third single, that he’s hotter, richer and more famous than anyone else on the planet, then you’re just not listening hard enough.



  • louiscar.jpgHEADLINE: "Chinese man tries to sell his soul online." (AFP)
  • PIMPED RIDE: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Louis Vuitton Buick LeSabre.  (VICE)
  • TOPLESS AUTEUR: Sharon Stone to direct Basic Instinct 3 directly to basic cable.  (Contact Music)
  • ASSAULT ON PATRIOTISM: A San Diego school has banned red, white and blue patriotic clothing and American flags from campus.  (NBC San Diego)
  • LESS IMPRESSIVE MIRACLE: Jesus may have walked on ice instead of water – but at least he didn’t slip!  (Reuters)
  • FUTURE RESIDENTS OF HELL: Security guards stealing toys from a hopsital for critically ill children.
  • POT AND KETTLE: Paris and Nicole are still calling each other names, to the utter boredom of everyone in the world.  (Sky Showbiz)
  • LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


    Pearl Jam

  • Find of the day: Analog Giant has a new Pearl Jam track, “Parachutes.” It’s completely different than “World Wide Suicide,” but still freakin’ great.
  • I should probably go on record and say I’m anti-mashup, but I kind of enjoyed this Art Brut / The Knack one: “My Sharona Formed A Band.” It’s over at Indie Blog Heaven, naturally.
  • There’s a British invasion going on at Golfo. This Modern Blog today, with more Oasis than you can shake a stick at. And some Gomez too. Come on, admit it, you’ve always enjoyed those Gallagher brothers haven’t you?
  • Mocking Music has a cool Death Cab for Cutie B-side, an unreleased Neutral Milk Hotel demo, and a ton of other fun stuff.
  • David Bowie and Trent Reznor, together at last. Well, it happened back in 1995 but still. Your Standard Life has 3 concert tracks from the duo that are worth checking out.
  • The New Music Messiah has a track by the next Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their name? Be Your Own PET. The song: “We Will Vacation You Can Be My Parasol.” They sound like the first Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • SIZZLER: Eminem Divorces Again


    eminemRapper Eminem has filed for divorce from longtime love Kim Mathers after reconciling with her for the bajillionth time in a formal wedding just 82 days ago. What’s more, the rapper does not even have a pre-nup.
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    CruiseWatch ’06: It All Starts With the Germans


    cruise-motorcycle.jpgThere’s a reason we’ve been talking about Tom Cruise so much lately – sheer anticipation. Last year this interview in Spiegel Magazine marked the beginning of his War of the Worlds Magical Mystery Publicity Tour, stopping along the way to jump on couches, pop wheelies on motorcycles, take a woman, suck her face in public as often as possible, fake impregnate her, pop the question and teach Today’s Matt Lauer some very important lessons about science, medicine and the meaning of the word “glib”. Whew! That’s why Tom Cruise is hardest-working Heterosexual-Scientology-Evangelist-Pharmaceutical-Expert in show biz!

    Anyway, if Mr. Cruise hopes to outdo himself on this year’s M:I3 publicity tour, he’s really gonna have to step it up and bring his A game. Luckily, he’s off to a good start this week, once again launching the crazy campaign in Germany with an appearance on the talk show Wetten Dass (mit Motorcycle!), his confession to Parade about his abusive father, solidified marriage plans, quirky labor demands including a pacifier for Katie, and the imminent arrival of the anti-christ his new baby.

    What else do you think he could have in store for us this time arround? Leave your guesses in the comments section.

    SIZZLER: Brad Walks Out on Angelina?


    brad1.jpgAccording to “NW” Magazine, a source we trust inherently though we’ve never heard of them until now, Brad Pitt has walked out on a very pregnant Angelina. The problems revolve around the fact that Angelina won’t stop flying, won’t start eating and won’t get married. The two have been “fighting like cats and dogs” over her desire to fly while very pregnant and her incredibly skinny unhealthy frame. And while Brad wants to wed, “Ange has been putting up obstacle after obstacle and it’s clear to Brad she’s not just stalling anymore. She doesn’t seem to have any intention of marrying him any time soon.” So Brad reportedly walked out on Angelina and her bevvy of babies.

    You know what would make Brad feel better? A weekend in Vegas with his good buddy George Clooney. Oh crap, he walked out on him too.

    IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Katie Quits!


    We hope you’re sitting down, because we’re about to break some really big news: Katie Couric quit the Today Show this morning. Okay, you know about it but have you seen it? If you think it’s awkward to quit in your boss’s office, wait till you see someone do it on live TV. 

    Also after the jump, find out about THE COURIC EFFECT and how Katie’s choice to quit the show has created a catastrophic ripple effect throughout the world.

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    While You Were Getting Nervous About the Apocalyptic Snow Outside


    • Lindsayjpgw300h344
    • The Origin of the Species of Lindsay Lohan.
    • 50 Cent is set to give his acting chops a real workout, playing a prison inmate alongside Nicholas Cage
    • Don’t blame Naomi Campbell.  Blame her incredibly dangerous cellphone.
    • Starbucks is now brewing its way into the movie business.  They’re starting off with a Tall movie about a spelling bee, but they work their way up to a Venti action blockbuster by the summer. 
    • A New York judge was censured after comparing an assault victim to Jon Lovitz’s pathological liar character from SNL.  Using the words "Jon Lovitz" in any decent public place, much less a court of law, can have some serious repercussions. 
    • A secretary for the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security was arrested for trying to solicit sex from a 14 year-old girl on the Internet.  I don’t think that’s what Bush meant by "hunt down and punish".