CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: From Spike Lee to Larry the Cable Guy


Here are the top 7 (I just couldn’t leave out Larry the Cable Guy) movies you elected to spend your hard-earned money on this past weekend.

1.  Spike Lee stops whining for a moment in order to cobble together a movie profitable enough to allow him to continue his incessant whining for a few more years – $29 million

2.  "Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be a superhero movie, not some kind of Michael Moore hippie-liberal-commie-propaganda!?!?" – $12.3 million

3.  Malcom in the middle of the bargain bin, right next to the other bajillion stupid horror movies just like this one – $11.2 million

4.  Who keeps watching this crap?  Shouldn’t this be on video yet? – $10.8 million

5.  Seriously, just stop.  This is too depressing to go on – $9.1 million

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Netflix Challenge



If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Alex’s Friday Five, it’s that you guys have great taste in music and are as honest as The English Patient is long. Which got me to thinking: If your music is so awesome, I’ll bet your movies are too. So why don’t you prove me right and tell us what the next five movies are in your Netflix queue? (Answer in the comments section.)

I’ll start:
Good Night, and Good Luck, Grey Gardens, Raising Helen, Love Story, On Golden Pond.

While You Were Learning Starbucks’ Fake Language



  • Brit Brit and K-Fed hit up Hotlanta this weekend to promote Mr. Federline’s forthcoming album.  They really put the ‘dirty’ in the Dirty South.
  • Demi’s pregnant.  The whole world gets Punk’d.
  • Ever wanted to be MySpace buddies with a Hilton?  Yeah, me neither.
  • Could the Church of Scientology really be thinking of buying Neverland Ranch, thereby creating the most perfect union of tabloid absurdity ever known to mankind?
  • Don Johnson gets paid a visit from the Repo Man.  Where’s your buddy Tubbs now, b*tch?
  • David Hasslehoff’s wife is claiming he was violent and abusive with her during their marriage.  I guess years of talking to a car can do that to a man.

Kelly Osbourne Moves to a Brothel



MTV is planning another reality show starring an Osbourne. This time it will be Kelly‘s show, and it will  follow her as she learns about method acting. Like so many great actors in the past, Kelly will research various roles by immersing herself in the lives of the different characters she will be playing. One of the roles will require her to live in a brothel. It’s nice to see an actress who is willing to be a prostitute, unlike that snooty ol’ Natalie Portman.




  • HEADLINE: "Road-Construction Callers Get Sex Line." (AP)
  • DENIAL RIVER: Lindsay Lohan is "no Tara Reid".  (EntertainmentWise)
  • SELF-EVIDENT REASON WHY AMERICAN IDOL IS LAME: Fans are reportedly "furious" that contestant Chris Daughtry "ripped off" the vocal style of Ed Kowalczyk from the band Live in his rendition of Johnny Cash’s "I Walk the Line".  (AP)
  • GAY TRUCK BUYING OPPORTUNITY: Jack Twist’s other "ride" from Brokeback Mountain is for sale on eBay.  (Towelroad)
  • 52 CARD PICK-UP: David Hasslehoff slammed with a lawsuit after throwing a deck of playing cards into the audience at the Rosie O’Donnell show.  (Smoking Gun)
  • GIRLS GONE WILD GONE WRONG: Six busted in Wet T-Shirt Contest (WJHG)

It’s Good To Be Brad, Better to Look Like Him



A year ago, you might have wished you could spend the day in Brad Pitt’s shoes. Handsome, wildly rich and shacking up with stunning Angelina Jolie, the superstar seemed to have it all. He even scratched his paternal itch by playing pop to Angelina’s adorable, mo-hawked son Maddox. But now with the Jennifer drama, the two more babies, and the exhaustive nomadic lifestyle, being Brad Pitt doesn’t seem like such a good gig. But you know what does? Being Brad Pitt’s Lookalike.

Greek-born Aris Kontos has the same twinkly baby blues and pink smackers as Brad Pitt with half the baggage. You may remember him as the guy who was mistaken for a cheating Brad in Greece(pre-Angelina). Now Kontos turns down movie roles, makes women shriek on the street and brings along a bouncer where ever he goes. And while he’s living the high life as an A-list celebrity, homeboy doesn’t even have to keep a job. So you see, Brad Pitt’s lookalike may live better than the superstar himself. Wish I could say the same for the guy who looks like Jason Alexander. (thanks for the tip ONTD)