MUST SEE TV: Cruisin’ With a Bruiser


If you’re anything like me, you’ve always wanted to watch a show about Rosie O’Donnell on a cruise liner filled with gay families.  Well you’re in luck because, thanks to our friends at HBO, this Thursday you have that chance.

"Ms. O’Donnell said what she wanted to do was simple: to
provide a relaxing place where nobody would stare or ask stupid
questions about two lesbians bringing up a family, or two gay men with
a bunch of kids and not a woman in sight…An uglier side of life intrudes when the ship docks in Nassau and is met by protestors with signs like "We don’t welcome sissies in the
Bahamas," and shouting, even at the cowering children."

Will this Brokeback Boat of Love be able to navigate through the murky waters of ignorance and intolerance?  Be sure to tune in Thursday to find out for yourself.

SIZZLER: Lohan Falls into a K-hole



According to cult expert Rick Ross, Lindsay Lohan has committed herself to Kabbalah. While she had previously been spotted sporting the red string, the actress has confirmed that the religion means more to her than just a fashion statement. When asked about her involvement, the actress replied:  “Yes, I am looking into Kabbalah. All of us need something. You just have to grab on to whatever can get you through."

We thought that’s what Wilmer was for. He may rely on as many celebrities for his own success but at least he’s got something to grab on to.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Christian Does Carson


Christian Finnegan
celebrated his birthday the way many a 14-year-old girl would have loved to have spent theirs in 1998– with Carson Daly. Lucky bastard. Watch Christian’s hilarious stand-up performance here, then go wish him a Happy Birthday. Just make sure you’re not wearing a Red Sox hat when you do. That’ll make sense after you watch the clip.

Happy Birthday Christian!

CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: March of Sharon Stone’s Old Cooch


Because there are so many good movies it’s hard to only choose 5, here are the top TEN films you spent your hard-earned money on this past weekend:

1.  Once again, there is nothing America loves more than movies about cute animals in arctic temperatures (especially when they’re animated) – $70.5 million

2.  Spike Lee does the right thing and makes a movie that doesn’t make you want to choke him – $15.7 million

3.  ATL?  BTW, FYI: BFD – $12.5 million

4.  Failure to just go away already – $6.6 million

5.  V for Vaguely ignored by arctic animal-loving moviegoers – $6.4 million

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New York Needs Your Help



New York* needs your help. There have been some tough times lately with economic hardship, violence and job loss, but we if all come together we can make a difference for New York. Some people say New York is dirty, scary and dangerous, but really, New York is all heart. So please sign this petition to save** New York.

*New York is not affiliated with the city, but strictly refers to the jilted contestant on VH1’s Flava of Love

**by "save" we mean sign a petition to get New York, the girl, her own reality show.

++VH1 or BWE is in no way affiliated with the petition. New York created it herself and she wants you to be a part of it (New York, New York)

Lindsay Lohan: Revolutionary


Ass_slip_2Nip Slips are so last year. Lindsay Lohan showed us the future last night… at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, of all places. So pay attention kids– nipples are out, ass slips are in.

The ass slip movement has already swung into full gear, with elementary school teachers from coast to coast calling in to announce that several attention seeking pre-teens with a history of poor decision making and a killer coca-cola addiction have already begun to "accidentally" slip out of their Underoos. It’s true. Lindsay has made Ass Slips the new Pokemon.

Click below to see the money shot that started the revolution, or just head over to Egotastic to see a whole bunch of Lindsay Lohan money shots. Umm, that sounded dirty. Sorry about that.

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It’s Been The Best Week Ever


Stone_2It’s been a big week.

Naomi Campbell attacked her assistant, a leprechaun took over the internet, Wilmer Valderamma spilled the beans, Kevin Smith called Reese Witherspoon a C-you-next-tuesday, we saw how cracked-out Whitney really is, and Fergie’s boyfriend went into hiding. And that’s just the beginning!

Tune in to VH1 tonight at 11 and all weekend long for a brand new episode of Best Week Ever. And for your viewing pleasure, straight from the editing room, we have this week’s Best Drinking Game Ever for you. Ready?

When  you’re watching the show, drink* everytime you hear a reference made to a woman’s… um… hoo ha. You know. That Sharon Stone part. Got it? Okay, so there you have it. Enjoy the show.

*by drink we mean a non-alcoholic beverage, of course. i mean, we would never endorse binge drinking. no. of course not. unless you’re buying.

Real World: Podunk?



Look, I will always watch the Real World, whether it takes place on a tropical island or in a bunker in Libya. But I can’t help noticing, the cities they’re basing the shows in are getting less and less, well, cool.

Paris, San Francisco, New York, Hawaii. There was a time when people wanted to get on the show just to live in a really cool place. But somewhere around Boston or even Chicago, the locations lost their "wow" factor. And then came Philadelphia. I’m sure it’s a great place if you’re born and raised there, but in spite of its Liberty Bell, it’s not a mecca for youthful discovery. And as pretty as Key West must be, when Jimmy Buffett is a town’s biggest star, it doesn’t bode well for young urban hipsters.

But now for the breaking news: next season of the Real World will reportedly take place on the campus of Lake Superior State University in Michigan! Is this some kind of joke? I’m sure northern Michigan is beautiful, but I’m positive the moose population out-numbers humans 5 to 1. Nevertheless as long there’s booze, jocks and a hot tub, I will always be a humble servant of the Real World.

(in the meantime check out gratuitous pics of the Key West crew at a recent Miami fashion show after the jump)

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