The Ads Dr. Pepper Doesn’t Want You to See



Cadbury Schweppes spent $5 million producing cool mashup commercials for Dr. Pepper. Then they decided not to use them. The ads were directed by Kinka Usher and uses music by Kiss, Will Smith, EMP, and Cyndi Lauper. The idea was to celebrate the fact that Dr. Pepper is a blend of 23 flavors. The commercials were supposed to appear during the Memorial Day "kickoff to soft-drink season." (I didn’t know there was a soft-drink season! Shows you what I know.) Anyway, the company decided that the commercials didn’t fit in with their new strategy. Apparently the new strategy is to throw away money. You can read about and see the ads here. (You have to register, but it’s free.)

FOUND: Naomi’s Jeans



Oopsy. I just find out why Naomi Campbell lashed out at her maid. She was pissed about a missing pair of $200 Chip and Pepper jeans. According to the housekeeper, Campbell attacked her after shouting: "You’re going to have to pay for those".

Oh my god. I feel really bad. They were in the back of my closet and I totally forgot about them . I hope it didn’t cause too much trouble. (Can I borrow your top?)

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands gets us pumped up for the weekend with another heartbreaking video of struggling genius Elliott Smith.
  • Take a gander at the Sixeyes Friday mix, including a nice remix from The National.
  • Gorilla vs Bear tells us a bit about My Latest Novel, obligatory Arcade Fire comparisions and all.
  • My Old Kentucky Blog drops a little Spank Rock on us.
  • 3hive gorges us on the sweetness of Candy Bars.
  • Head over to EAR FARM and get lost in some live tracks from Islands.

SIZZLER: Kimora Lee & Russell Simmons Filing For Divorce


People magazine confirms that producer Russell Simmons and mega-diva bitch Baby Phat designer Kimora Lee Simmons are splitting up.

According to People, the couple met in 1992 when she was 17-years-old and finishing up high school and he was a 35-year-old self-admitted ladies man. I can’t believe this didn’t last…

It’s believed that Kimora Lee will ask for upwards of 100-Bajilliondy Dollars in the split. [link via Gawker)

OC Recap– From A Friend of A Friend


Don’t hate me when I say this… but I’ve never seen an episode of The OC. Crazy, right? I just missed the boat entirely. Well, you can imagine my surprise  when I got a phone call from a friend today who just had to tell me everything that happened during last night’s AMAZING episode. Since I knew this information would be lost on me, I decided to transcribe what she said, word for word, as she said it. So here it is, last night’s OC for ya, recapped by a friend of a friend:Marissa

It was such a great episode. Marissa is hooking up with this guy and—you’re typing what I’m
saying, aren’t you? Stop it. —okay, Marissa is upset because she’s not with Ryan anymore and her mother
is now engaged to her best friend’s dad. So she’s fighting with her best friend
and she started doing coke. On the beach. At the end of the episode. And everyone
is worried about her. Ryan found a flask in her school book. Oh and ryan and Sadie, they got back together. She decided to not leave town and stay with him. And they
had sex also. And what else happened? Seth Cohen went to an AA meeting with his
mom. Oh, and this guy who worked with Sandy got the s**t kicked out of him by
um this bad guy. This bad guy that Sandy’s doing business with. And he kicked
the s**t out of him. Matt is the guy! And I think that was it. There was a lot
of sex and a lot of beating up and a lot of drugs. It was really good.

Sex, drugs, and s**t kicking. Damn, maybe I should be watching the OC. Did you see it last night? What’d you think of the episode? Did she miss anything?




  • Eva Longoria wants Michael Douglas to play her lover on Desperate Housewives. That beard really does work.
  • Angelina Jolie is reportedly thinking about writing her autobiography. So if you want to steal somebody’s husband, it will be a must read.
  • And here’s more Angelina! She supposedly wants to let Maddox have a tattoo, but Brad Pitt doesn’t agree. What a prude! Four is plenty old enough to make decisions that will affect you for your entire lifetime. 
  • Matt LeBlanc is getting a divorce. The couple will remain "friends." (No really, it’s in the press release.)
  • Thursday was Kevin Covais Day in Levittown, Long Island. In my mind, every day is Kevin Covais Day.
  • Taye Diggs is the favorite to play B.A. Baracus in the movie version of The A-Team. I don’t exactly pity the fool, but I do worry about whether he’ll be able to pull it off.

BWE’S Preemptive Stalker



If Gawker’s Stalker maps just aren’t doing it for you now that George Clooney has diluted the celebrity spottings, we’ve got just the solution. We’ve decided not to tell you where we’ve spotted stars, but where the stars are scheduled to be in the next week. If you didn’t get a chance to run down to the Midtown precinct yesterday to see Naomi Campbell behind bars, there’s still a chance to spot some other celebs. Find out where one Baldwin, a few drunken reality stars, the mafia, one poppa(zao)and more will be in the next week after the jump.

Read more…

GAMES: Victory Is Ours


Family_guyThe concept is simple– click on a character to shoot them with a ray gun. Try to do it as many times as you can before the time runs out. We’ve played this game a million times before.

But THIS time you’re playing as Stewie. AND you’re shooting members of the Griffin clan. So THAT’S what makes it worth your while. To a degree.

Waste a couple of minutes of time at work by playing the Family Guy "Victory is Ours" game. There are less productive things you could be doing with your time. You know… like reading blogs.

PLAY the game here.

Darkon– First Look


DarkonIt’s rare that I get excited for a movie based solely on a trailer– well, except for Basic Instinct 2– but after seeing the trailer for Darkon, I can NOT WAIT to see this movie.

It’s like Braveheart meets… Revenge of The Nerds. And it’s real. What more could you possibly ask for?

Watch the trailer here. Then add Darkon as one of your MySpace friends. They currently only have 137 friends… which will seem incredibly appropriate after you watch the trailer. I can’t wait for this movie.