SIZZLER: Naomi Campbell Arrested!



As of 12:20PM today,  Naomi Campbell was locked in a cage. The dangerously hot-tempered supermodel is currently behind bars at the Midtown North Precinct in Manhattan after being arrested for allegedly assualting her assistant.

This morning at around 8AM, Campbell reportedly threw a large object at the head of her 41 year old assistant. Her assistant was then taken to Lenox Hill Hospital and Naomi was taken to jail. This is the third time the model’s been accused of assaulting one of her assistants.

Reps for Campbell claim: "We believe this is a case of retaliation, because Naomi had fired her housekeeper earlier this morning. We are confident the courts will see it the same way." Huh?
It’s not bad enough she hits her assistants in the head with blunt objects, now she makes them clean her house too?  That’s worth 20 years in the slammer right there.

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Our boy Stereogum goes totally ape with the indie rock, posting 50 – yes, 50 – songs from all about the Internets.
  • MOKB has three of the new Liars tracks (though you’ll have to wipe off Pitchfork’s love juices yourselves).
  • Your Standard Life does it’s best to fight facism – with music!  Check out the Billy Bragg jangles.
  • Music Glob (get it, that’s ‘blog’ backwards!) plays some ball with the Sound Team.
  • The Rawking Refuses to Stop refuses to stop rawking the Guillemots.

Are Monkeys Having the Best Week Ever?


If you were a monkey this week, you were sitting pretty. Just look at all the good stuff that happened with our primate relatives: Yesterday, the British phenomenon The Arctic Monkeys announced they’re almost done with their second album. Then the canceled CBS show, Love Monkey, is picked up by VH1. But wait there’s more: a Brooklyn anthropologist discovered a new species of monkeys. And debuts a book about the best fake bands of all time (featuring the Monkees)

And if that weren’t enough to make any monkey happy as a clam, today on youtube you can watch Karate Kid reenacted by three guys in monkeys suits.

For more movies artfully reenacted by monkeys go to

Questionable PR Move of The Week


Why would anybody possibly go see Basic Instinct 2 this weekend?

1) They were dared to.
2) They’re into older women. Like much older women.
3) The wife won’t let them watch porn at home.
4) They remember seeing bits of pieces of the first one on HBO when they were a kid and want to see if it’s still enough to get them off.

I can’t think of anymore. Okay, so that leads to the questionable PR move of the weak. The deleted sex scenes from Basic Instinct 2 have been "leaked" onto the internet, begging the question: if these were the scenes that were cut out of the film, why would anybody possibly pay $10 to see a tamer, lamer version in theaters? The plot?? No way! It’d be like buying the Paris Hilton sex tape but only watching that annoying scene where she’s putting on makeup in the bathroom. Come on MGM, get it together. Why go buy the old, wrinkly cow when you can get the milk for free? [save yourself some money and watch the NSFW scenes here]

Lost Diagram Makes Us More Lost



For all you Lost fans, last night’s episode was filled with hidden clues. The biggest came when John Locke was trapped under the door, and a diagram was revealed on the wall. While the producers of the show only wanted you to see the diagram for a second, thanks to modern technology we took a screen grab in order to decode its clues. Unfortunately, we still have no idea what it means. So we’re putting our faith in you diehard fans, click on the diagram and tell us what the F it means!




  • The New York Daily News has a list of the 20 most unnecessary sequels, inspired by the upcoming Basic Instinct 2. The question is, what exactly is a necessary sequel?
  • Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted having a Guinness, even though she’s pregnant (which is actually fine as long as she doesn’t do it too often). Well, that explains the names.
  • Justin Timberlake thinks Kevin Federline is gross. No comment necessary.
  • Is Katie Holmes so stressed that she will give birth without Tom Cruise there? Most people really just want to know if he was there at the conception.
  • Worried about lawsuits from deafened customers, Apple has added a feature that allows you to set the top volume wherever you like. For those of you who are already deaf from iPods, APPLE HAS ADDED A FEATURE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SET THE TOP VOLUME WHEREVER YOU LIKE!
  • George Lopez has been given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Are you going to take this, Weird Al fans?

Prison Break Spoiler Alert: They Break Out of Prison


Fox has renewed the new hit show Prison Break for a second season, and in the process spilled the beans on the not-so-surprise ending of season 1.

“Season 2 will be the manhunt,” series creator and executive producer
Paul Scheuring told the trade paper The Hollywood Reporter. “It will be
‘The Fugitive’ times eight.”

Lame! Come on Prison Break guys, that’s a rookie mistake. It’d be like if Lost renamed the show Lost: They’re Not Getting Off That Damn Island, or if 24 went with 24 Episodes Where Jack Bauer Almost Dies, But Doesn’t.  Where’s the fun in that? Oh well. I guess I’m going to have to watch the rest of the season to find out which 3 characters die in the last episode. Yeah. They spoiled that too. *Sigh* [read the story here]

Rosie Waxes (Poetic) Star



When Joy Behar wants to knock Star Jones off her pedestal she cuts her off on national television. But when the introspective Rosie O’Donnell wants to put Star in her place she sits down and writes a poem. Yesterday, the former talk-show-host-gone-bonkers, posted an e.e. cummings inspired poem called Star View on her blog. Within her prosaic stanzas that reference both Regis and George W., O’Donnell compares Star to a scared little girl who lost half herself. And culmintaes with the zen-like allusion to the cyclical nature of life with the couplet:

peace to star jones
every wave hits the shore

But don’t let me interpret the poem for you. Read it in full (a few times to really absorb it) after the jump… (tip via fadedyouth)

Read more…

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Lord of The Rings Musical on Conan


Knowing that this video would end up on YouTube is the reason I woke up this morning (well that, and the whole ‘having to go to work’ thing.) Conan’s been poking fun at the upcoming Lord of The Rings musical, and this take on it is by far the best. Watch The Lord of The Rings The Musical!… as if it were done by the people who put together Moving Out (the Billy Joel musical.) It’s amazing.