Celebrity Blog Watch: Guess Who!



It’s time once again to play everybody’s favorite online game revolving around celebrities and their blogs… Guess Who! I’m going to put a couple of lines from a celebrity blog, and you’re going to have to try to guess who said it. The answer is after the jump. So, you think you’re ready? Here we go:

Anyone can funk and go to war, we all got soldiers but it takes real
men to make peace. Peace may not sell these squares’ magazines but it
can save a community and bring prosperity to our people.

Was it: 

a) Rosie O’Donnell
b) Serj Tankian (from System of A Down)
c) Anderson Cooper
d) MC Hammer

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Movie Poster Mash-Ups!


The always-amusing Worth 1000 site has launched a new contest called "Mate-A-Movie", inviting their best choppers to combine the posters of two iconic films.  Hilarity ensues:


Is Bono Having The Best Week Ever?



The lead singer of U2 has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize– which means he can finally wrap up all of his humanitarian work now that he’s got his point across. Bono, who’s worked tirelessly to prove to the world that he’s a great guy, deserves this medal more than competitors Rudolph Giuliani and Indonesian President Yudhoyono who have been preoccupied organizing peace deals in disaster-ravaged regions of the world. 






The sound technicians who work at The View are some of the best in the business. But the other day, we caught a little mistake. Apparently, all the effects on the microhpones failed, and we heard what the women of The View actually sound like to the naked ear. We had to slow down the footage to catch the mistake. Enjoy.

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Well, if you’re looking for Buffalo Wings, I would highly suggest calling Buffalo Road.  I would also highly suggest watching this commercial. (via)

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Not So Sick of “So Sick”



You know that song "So Sick" by Ne-Yo? (It’s that song that goes, "Gotta change my answering machine/Now that im alone/Cuz right now it says that we/Cant come to the phone" or something like that.) Well, the first nine thousand times I heard it, I thought it was the worst song I’d heard in a very long time. But through the magic of brainwashing, I officially like it now. I held out for a long time, but I finally went over to the other side when I heard it on some guy’s cellphone in the subway. I surrender, Ne-Yo. You win.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: True Life: I’m a Competitive Eater



Did anyone catch True Life: I’m a Competitive Eater last night? The documentary followed three players on the circuit: a novice from Kentucky, a stock trader by day with and a nationally ranked eater by afternoon, and the worlds greatest eater ever. The show served as a cursory introduction to the sport but it only grazed the surface.

Want to know more about a game you can truly excel at? Check out our collection of baseball competitive eating cards and get to know the major players in the league.

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While You Were Taking Another Gander at Your Pre-Nup


  • Britney_priceless_nanny2First-Class Airfare to Hawaii: $1000, Luxury Resort Accomodations (per night): $800, Not Being Photographed While You’re Overweight and Standing Next to Your Idiot Wannabe Rapper Husband: "Priceless".
  • RELATED: If you were married to a gem like K-Fed, why would you not wear your wedding ring???
  • Good news!  It is still absolutely legal to pull up to an 11 year-old girl, ask if she has a boyfriend, and tell her you’re "fixing to do an R. Kelly".
  • Morrissey was questioned by the FBI after he spoke out against George W. Bush and Tony Blair, calling them "terrorists".  Authorities were apparently concerned that the Mozzer’s new album might be a Weapon of Mass Emotional Destruction. 
  • Howard Stern is planning to start his own film festival with TV’s In Demand Networks.  Sources say that the festival will reflect Stern’s own sensibilities, meaning that it will be pretty much like watching porn on the Internet. 
  • BREAKING NEWS!  HOT OFF THE PRESS!  According to Reuters, "Gay Cowboy" movie Brokeback Mountain appears to making some sort of significant impact on pop culture in America.  NO WAY!!!
  • Brad Pitt has finally ended his 2006 European Tour of Romance, Love and Family Togetherness.  He was spotted today alone – yes, ALONE! – here in New York City.  Could the Brangelina Fairy Tale really be over?