While You Were Debating Whether Pimp is the New Gay



  • Check out creepy paparazzi footage of stars going to last night’s "hottest" after party. How hot was it? let’s just say both Cuba Gooding Jr. and Topher Grace were both there at the same time!
  • Britney Spears confesses that she’s pregnant again…. to a ‘source’ at her local spa. If that’s good enough for Star Magazine, it’s good enough for me.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightly were flirting all night long. See that–losers really can be winners (but only if you’re really a winner)
  • On second thought, now that she’s not with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston looks rather dowdy.
  • It’s not easy to explain a lesbian kiss with a teenage pop star to your preteen daughter. Best just to tell her it was a dream. 
  • Brad Pitt was considering playing gay in next movie. After last night, we recommend he consider playing ‘pimp’.
  • Alyssa Milano and Carmen Electra are the real winners of last night’s Oscars. They’ve overcome opressive stereotypes and have made it… to the US Weekly Oscar Party.

Lindsay Lohan: Come Back to Your Journal



On October 15, 2003, Lindsay Lohan wrote in her online journal:

hey guys, i’m soooo sooo sorry i haven’t written in a while!! I have been working non-stop, i’m in Toronto, Canada right now filming a movie called Mean Girls(comes out next summer), and i just wrapped on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (due to come out around February.)  I am going home to NY for 2 days for some photo shoots, then i’m back here for a week, then off to LA for 3 days, and then back again…lol- I miss my family so much, so i’m so excited to see them on Thursday.  But anyway, i just wanted to check in, i’ll try and write more.. xx LL

And then, despite her promise to write again Lindsay turned her back on journal writing, seemingly forever. I learned a lot from her journal, and I’ve really missed getting a view of what it is like to be not just A teen queen, but THE teen queen. Plus, it seems that since she stopped writing, people have felt free to spread all kinds of rumors that she could easily quash with a journal entry.

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Velvet Rope: Stars Crash the Vanity Fair Oscar Party



The Vanity Fair Party is a celebration of the nominees and winners of the Academy Awards. It’s also a chance for random celebrities with no affiliation to the Oscars to show up all dressed up and have their picture taken. As a result, lots of surprising stars crash the party every year, using any excuse possible to get inside. Here, we guess what they might have said to get the bouncers to let them in to the party.

Larry King: I’m Lauren Bacall.

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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Check out the Kinks performing "Days" at the Top of the Pops. Very gear. (YouTube)   
  • "I Should Be Proud" by Martha and the Vandellas. Sadly still relevant today, but a real beauty. (The Number One Songs in Heaven)
  • "Blues Cha-Cha" by Edgar Blanchard and the Gondoliers. A little instrumental in honor of New Orleans. Put on your dancing shoes. (Home of the Groove)
  • "It’s Da Summa Tyme" by Frayser Boy. In honor of Three 6 Mafia‘s Oscar win, Can I Bring My Gat brings you a song that sounds like "Memphis in the Summer." (Can I Bring My Gat?)
  • Patrik Sjöberg by Hemstad. A fun but somewhat melancholy instrumental from Sweden that reminds a little of Felt. The drummer is super energetic.(Catbird Seat)
  • "Love Me Do" and "I Saw Her Standing There" by Beatle Barkers. Everybody loves dogs. Everybody loves the Beatles. So why wouldn’t everybody love dogs barking Beatles songs? (Frank’s Vinyl Museum)

SIZZLER: Brooke Hogan Drops Digits


Hulk_hoganAccording to this message board, Hulk Hogan’s not-quite-legal-yet daughter Brooke gave her number to an over-anxious Chili’s waiter over the weekend. The classy guy couldn’t help but post about it.

i waited on hulk hogan’s daughter last night…i think her name is
brooke right?..anywho…she left me a very nice tip and on the credit
card receipt she scribbled "you’re hot…gimmie a call sometime…her

Reading the thread, it sounds like he’s probably not going to call her– a decision that angered some wrestling fans. Some of the responses are hilarious. Like:

Dude. This is the Hulkster we’re talking about. Not Leaping Lenny
Poffo. Retrieve her number, call her up, and get in that squared

Guys! Come on! Have you ever seen Hogan Knows Best? The Hulkster tracks his daughter with a GPS device! And just try to think about what you’re gonna do, when those 24" pythons run wild on you. This guy made the right call.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Behind The D-Bag: Scott Stapp


It’s about time VH1 created a Behind The Music spin-off. This Behind The Douchebag has potential… and I couldn’t think of a better subject than Scott Stapp. Watch the video and you’ll see why.

Note: I’m well aware this isn’t an actual VH1 show… just play along.




  • Crash was the surprise winner for Best Picture. Racism 1, Homosexuality (and the anguish of forbidden love regardless of your sexuality set to a haunting guitar riff) 0.
  • Brokeback Mountain did win the top prizes at the Independent Spirit Awards. Well, that’s something, I guess.
  • Jon Stewart got mixed reviews ranging from two thumbs up from Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper to the Washington Post‘s Tom Shales urging him to "keep your ‘Daily’ job." Anyone who writes "keep your ‘Daily’ job" is automatically disqualified from judging Jon Stewart.
  • Everyone’s favorite moment of the night was the performance by Three 6 Mafia. Boy, that witch can sing! 
  • TomKat were given the Razzie for "most tiresome tabloid targets." They may be true, but at the Razzies ceremony they gave the most beautiful acceptance speech I’ve ever heard.
  • A non-award item: One of the women in the Kid Rock/Scott Stapp sex tape has got a little lawsuit going on against sites planning to sell the tape. I have to side with her on this one. I mean, the woman had sex with Scott Stapp. Hasn’t she suffered enough?