• HEADLINE: "Road-Construction Callers Get Sex Line." (AP)
  • DENIAL RIVER: Lindsay Lohan is "no Tara Reid".  (EntertainmentWise)
  • SELF-EVIDENT REASON WHY AMERICAN IDOL IS LAME: Fans are reportedly "furious" that contestant Chris Daughtry "ripped off" the vocal style of Ed Kowalczyk from the band Live in his rendition of Johnny Cash’s "I Walk the Line".  (AP)
  • GAY TRUCK BUYING OPPORTUNITY: Jack Twist’s other "ride" from Brokeback Mountain is for sale on eBay.  (Towelroad)
  • 52 CARD PICK-UP: David Hasslehoff slammed with a lawsuit after throwing a deck of playing cards into the audience at the Rosie O’Donnell show.  (Smoking Gun)
  • GIRLS GONE WILD GONE WRONG: Six busted in Wet T-Shirt Contest (WJHG)

It’s Good To Be Brad, Better to Look Like Him



A year ago, you might have wished you could spend the day in Brad Pitt’s shoes. Handsome, wildly rich and shacking up with stunning Angelina Jolie, the superstar seemed to have it all. He even scratched his paternal itch by playing pop to Angelina’s adorable, mo-hawked son Maddox. But now with the Jennifer drama, the two more babies, and the exhaustive nomadic lifestyle, being Brad Pitt doesn’t seem like such a good gig. But you know what does? Being Brad Pitt’s Lookalike.

Greek-born Aris Kontos has the same twinkly baby blues and pink smackers as Brad Pitt with half the baggage. You may remember him as the guy who was mistaken for a cheating Brad in Greece(pre-Angelina). Now Kontos turns down movie roles, makes women shriek on the street and brings along a bouncer where ever he goes. And while he’s living the high life as an A-list celebrity, homeboy doesn’t even have to keep a job. So you see, Brad Pitt’s lookalike may live better than the superstar himself. Wish I could say the same for the guy who looks like Jason Alexander. (thanks for the tip ONTD)

While You Were Getting The Hell Out of Dodge



  • HBO may produce a reality show version of Sex and the City. Apparently, execs assume no one ever saw WE’s Single in the City–a Sex in the City reality show.Safe assumption.
  • Kristen Cavellari leaves a trail of broken hearts and raided nightclubs in her wake. What a minx!
  • Randy Quaid files a lawsuit against Brokeback producers calling the film a money-laundering scheme. I can’t believe he fell for the old "we’re making a gay cowboy movie" con.
  • Keifer Sutherland to release an album. Do I have to rent the first 4 seasons of 24 to understand it?
  • Slowly but surely, Jared Leto is losing the weight he gained. Very slowly.
  • Gwyneth and Chris are having a boy, despite having to endure endless fruit jokes.
  • Joe Rogan is back for more battling. This time it’s physical (and home-erotic).

Kirk Cameron “Cures” Homosexuality in San Francisco!


If you’ve ever wanted to be sitting in the back of a convertible, flying down a California freeway, listening to Kirk Cameron ramble on about homosexuality and Jesus before confronting a bunch of "the gays" about their sinful nature, today is your lucky day!

Are Post-Pubescent Child Stars Having the Best Week Ever?


Haley2Contrary to popular belief, some child stars come out okay. In fact this week, there were three former-celebukids who emerged from puberty victorious.

First there’s beloved Wonder Years child star Fred Savage who announced this week he’s going to be a daddy. We know somewhere Daniel Stern is making an misty-eyed observation on the human condition. Speaking of Savage, Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong is making his TV comeback this Tuesday as a smitten cameraman in Pepper Dennis, the winsome WB drama starring Rebbecca Romaijn as a sexy TV reporter. After watching the trailer, we are proud to say that aside from a pair of brainy glasses, Strong hasn’t changed a bit.

But you know who has? Haley Joel Osment. The former child star, who’s been waiting out puberty in a cave somewhere for the three past years, emerged at an LA Launch party this week and proved to the world that he’s come out on the other side. While he’s no longer eligible to play his signature creepy child prodigy, he’s first in line for the biopic on James Van Der Beek.

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When "Bowiechick" made a "video confessional" and added some cool effects, she couldn’t have known that the world would be set afire by her web skills. But that is what happened. As this site says, it’s pretty standard post-breakup stuff, but she added Clark Kent glasses, a gas mask, a cat nose and Beatles glasses, which has generated over 900 comments. and growing, most of them asking "How’d you do that?" And hey, maybe she’s still single, so move fast!