SIZZLER(ISH): Bill Nye the Science Guy Gets Married



From the AP:

Bill Nye is no longer the Single Guy. Nye, who hosted the
educational PBS series "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" during its nine-year
run, married his fiance Blair Tindall last Friday, it was announced

50-year-old, bow-tied Nye and Tindall, author of "Mozart in the Jungle"
and a former concert oboist, exchanged vows at a conference where Nye

They were married by the Rev. Rick Warren, pastor and author of "The
Purpose-Driven Life." Cellist Yo Yo Ma, accompanied by MIT Media Lab
Professor Michael Hawley on the piano, performed a wedding march.

Is anyone else thinking of the pool scene in Real Genius?

NBC: Our Shame Is Showing



I just saw a promo for Fear Factor: Freaks and Geeks. So let me get this straight: The network that canceled one of the best shows ever (Freaks and Geeks) is using the name of that show to get people to watch one of the lamest and most exploitative shows ever? Now that’s classy!




The Unknown Species of Bird of the Day is the Berlepsch’s six-wired bird of paradise, named after the "six fine feathers about 4 inches (10 centimeters) long on the head of the male which can be raised and shaken in courtship displays." According to CNN, this bird was found among other new species of birds, butterflies, frogs and plants in a "lost world" in the jungles of Indonesia.The expedition

also took the first photographs of a Golden-fronted bowerbird in front of a bower made of sticks, while he was hanging up
blue forest berries to attract females.

It found a rare tree kangaroo, previously unsighted in Indonesia. Beehler said the
naturalists reckoned that there was likely to be a new species of
kangaroo living higher altitudes.

Congratulations, six-wired bird of paradise and all your recently discovered friends!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Vanity Fair Shoot


Everybody’s talking about the new Vanity Fair cover. Well, now there’s a Behind The Scenes video to provide you with even more Scarlett and Keira.

Watch it, but just be warned: it’s kind of like watching a cheesy B-movie that was edited for USA’s Up All Night in 1994. There are hot women who are almost naked, there’s bad music, a sleazy looking guy revealing too much chest hair, and there’s no plot whatsoever. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it now, just like I enjoyed The Bikini Carwash Company then.

Discaderm and Dream Better



Are you bored when you sleep? Depressed by uneventful dreams? Ask your doctor about Discaderm, the semi-natural way to enhance your dreaming capabilities. A combination of the Nicotene patch and three straight hours of the Discovery Health Channel’s Medical Mysteries, Discaderm works with your neurological patterns to guarantee you a fascinating but disturbing dream cycle that will keep you talking about it the whole day.

Heres how it works: put the patch on at night and then enjoy the Discover Health Channel’s gratuitous footage of calcified babies, lobster people and burn victims. Then fall peacefully asleep.


  • "Discaderm dreams blew my fever dreams out of the water." -Jennifer Wong, Scranton PA
  • "After a night of Discaderm I couldn’t stop telling people about my wacky dreams." -Thomas Hanson, Beacon, New York

And now try Extra-Strength Discaderm with added hot peppers.

Discaderm not reccomended for those with heart failure, curly hair or lisps. Consult your doctor if you are too afraid to sleep.

(IL)Legally Blonde?


Straight off the presses:

Police in Los Angeles have discovered a body believed
to be of a photographer charged with assault after taking actress Reese
Witherspoon’s picture.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles coroners’ office said the body had yet to be formally identified. (continue reading)

According to IMDB, the guy’s identity hasn’t been confirmed yet because ot the state of the body. So what’s the moral of the story?


The Daily Danza


In this episode of The Daily Danza we learn that it only takes Tony 15 minutes to blow his top.

I LIKE: Paris Hilton



There are a lot of misconceptions about Paris Hilton that I’d like to clear up:

  • She’s Never Done Anything Worthy of Being Famous  Wrong. She was one of the stars of a successful reality-TV show. Think that’s easy? Ask Martha Stewart.
  • She Has No Talent  Wrong. Among other things, she was great on Saturday Night Live, which is very tough to do. Paris had no real background in performing sketch comedy but she did great, especially on the nerd sex-line sketch. She wasn’t the best host ever, but she was better than Robert DeNiro, and I’m pretty sure people think he has talent.
  • She Is a Tramp  Wrong. First of all, a young woman should be as free to sleep around as a young man without being called names. And second, I’m not really convinced that she has been with that many people. Sure, there was that sex tape, but plenty of people have sex tapes of themselves. It’s just that no one else wants to see them.
  • She’s Dumb  Wrong. Certainly her persona is somewhat of an airhead, but let’s not confuse the public Paris with the private. I’m sure she’s every bit as smart as most actresses or pop stars. And after all, if she’s so dumb, how has she managed to stay in the spotlight all these years, especially if you think she has no talent?

In short, I like Paris Hilton. And I’m tired of people saying mean things about her that aren’t even true!