“Running Scared” Game: How Cunning



You are not going to believe the "mature" version of the game on the website for the new Paul Walker movie, Running Scared. Here are the instructions from Ain’t It Cool News:

Click on the game thing, choose mature content… enter that info so they know you’re at least claiming to be an adult… then your cheat code to get to Paul Walker’s wife is "yugorsky"…

The rest is up to you and your virtual tongue. This is not office nor kid nor decent-people friendly.

Maxwell House: One Step Beyond


This is the most awesome celebration of coffee, power tools, British pop-ska, and family fun I’ve ever seen. Oh, and the new lyrics are brilliant too. From start to end, this commercial rules.

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Thanks For the Add!



In an effort to stay hip with what all you "crazy kids" are up to these days, your friends here at Best Week Ever Online have decided to take the plunge in the exotic and exciting world of MySpace!

So add us as your friend!

Don’t be shy, just think of all the fun we’re gonna have: bulletins, witty comments recounting inside jokes, endless surverys and chain
messages, unclear pictures taken from weird angles, "online drama", anonymously stalking you and your friends…you see where we’re going with this.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even meet up for a "blind date" and you’ll be horrified by how we’ve misrepresented ourselves online. 

Seriously, this is gonna be great!  Besides, don’t you want to know which character from The OC we are?

Sweet and Manilow



Guess who has the number-one record? It’s not Mariah Carey. It’s not Mary J. Blige. And it’s not Jamie Foxx, the Strokes, or James Blunt. It’s Barry Manilow with The Greatest Songs of the Fifties. Suck it, Franz Ferdinand.




Okay. It’s official. THIS is the best site on the internet: The Kevin Federline Fan Club.

Here you can type in a predicament, problem, or situation you are in,
and Kevin will tell you how he would handle that situation, the K-Fed
way.   Just hit “What would Kevin Do?” after you have typed in your

WWKD? Now we finally know.

Thanks to the other best site on the internet, Gorillamask, for the link.

Experimenting With Drug Ads



Someone recently pointed me in the direction of an AWESOME new series of anti-drug ads created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, aimed at convincing teenagers to overcome the temptations of peer pressure and avoid the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

As I’m no longer a teenager, and have long since succumbed to the temptations of peer pressure, I thought I would do a little more "experimenting" of my own by watching the ads from the "Above the Influence" campaign, under the influence.  My findings are after the jump.

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