Name That “Scrubs” Baby



NBC totally loves this online business. First there was the whole YouTube/"Lazy Sunday" business, then they announced that they were going to produce new episodes of The Office that will be online only, and now they’re allowing fans of Scrubs to name Turk and Carla’s baby on (By the way, they are my absolute favorite couple on TV. They’re the anti-McDreamy/Addison.)

I love all this interactivity! In fact, even though your answers won’t count in the official contest, why not give us your suggestions in the comments section? I’m going with DJ.

While You Were Trying Not to Shoot the Puppy



  • Natalie Portman says she’s not a whore like many of Hollywood’s starlets, and would "never take a role just for a big fee."  Where the Heart Is?  In the right place.
  • The trailer for Flight 93 – a movie about one of the planes hijacked in 9/11 – has hit the internet.  In case you forgot. 
  • Is Kanye the new Diddy?  And does this mean he’ll start changing his name every twenty minutes?  And does the world really need another Diddy?
  • Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton starring in a hot new short film called Advertising Gimmick Gone Wrong!
  • Ever wanted to give someone a Happy Birthday fatality?

I’ll Take Liza to Block


Liza_mon_oneLooking at the pictures of "ATAS Presents ‘An Evening With Liza Minnelli’" I was struck by how easily an episode of Hollywood Squares could have broken out, with Rip Taylor as the center square of course. Pictures after the jump…

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While You Were Ready For The Damn Weekend To Begin Already


  • Kate_colin
    Colin Farrell
    and Kate Moss bond over rehab. It’s a match made in Hollywood.
  • The animated band Gorillaz will probably break up by Christmas. Fans believe it’s because the lead singer has gotten a big head. Literally. His head is bigger than everybody elses.
  • Tom Cruise has been voted the person people would least like to go camping overnight with, ahead of Saddam Hussein. I don’t get it– I bet Tom’s scary Scientology campfire stories are better than anything Saddam could come up with.
  • Buena Vista games is developing a computer game based on Desperate Housewives. No word yet on whether they’re including a secret code where you can make the women prove just how desperate they really are.
  • Drew Lachey is set to co-host the next Miss America Pageant. Nick Lachey is set to pick out his next girlfriend from it.

SIZZLER: Jake and Kristen Together Again?


Jake_and_tara_2 Warning: If you’re a gossip blog, you’re going to be crushed by this breaking news. The subject of adoration and pink hearts aka Jakey Poo, may be getting back to together with his ex, Kirsten Dunst. Why? For the sake of the two dogs they share. "Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst jointly own two dogs, Boo Radley and Atticus, and, therefore, can’t help seeing each other on a regular basis," according to a source. 

So officialy, it was their custody visits with the dogs that brought them closer again. But we think it had something to do with our Jakey G Photoshop contest. Maybe Kirsten got jealous after seeing Jake in so many compromising positions.

The Reality Show Employment Office



Before you submit your application to be a rock journalist at Rolling Stone through MTV’s new Apprentice-style reality competition, consider all your options. Now the music network is casting for America’s Next Music Video Director. The show’s winner will get to shoot a music video for a major recording artist and a one-year contract with a music video production company.

Bless those network execs’ hearts for offering the young, tele-inspired workforce more employment opportunities in this sluggish economy. It just goes to show there’s a world of opportunity out there for the smart, tenacious and beautiful. Sorry, nothing right now for the smart, tenacious and ugly.

Gwynnie Sex Sizzler



According to the New York Post, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are having a boy. They are planning to name him Mortimer, after Steven Spielberg, who will be the child’s godfather (she calls him Uncle Morty). The Post joked that the baby might have been called Orange, but since it’s a boy, shouldn’t he be called Banana?




  • (MOST BRITISH) HEADLINE: "Punter pays million-pound penalty for fluffed spot kick." (AFP)
  • RACIST LOCAL NEWS TEAM: Something tells me the motivation behind this "hilarious" news segment had nothing to do with Leprechauns.  (YouTube)
  • LESSON: Being on Flavor of Love, calling oneself "Pumpkin" and
    spitting in the face of another contestant apparently deems one
    unsuitable for substitue teaching in California public schools.  Who
    knew?  (SJ Mercury News)
  • GAY PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: "Stomp Out Litter!" (Gothamist)
  • AGING ADVICE: Only eat asparagus.  (Ying-Yang Mossimo Hacky-Sack)
  • TIMEWASTER FOR TWENTY-SOMETHING GIRLS: This chick is re-reading the entire "Babysitter’s Club" series of books and blogging about it. (Claudia’s Room)