Celebrity Blog Watch: Guess Who!



We here at BWE love scouring celebrity blogs to see what famous people have to say. Today we’re going to play a game. I’m going to pull a quote from a recently updated Celebrity Blog, and you’re going to have to guess who said it. Here we go:

I believe in everyone’s inalienable right to
say the words "donkey punch" or "dirty sanchez" to their heart’s
content without fear of reprisal or deletion.

Now. Was this written by:

  • a) Rosie O’Donnell
  • b) Fred Durst (from Limp Bizkig)
  • c) Adam Duritz (from the Counting Crows)
  • d) Melanie Griffith

Well, what do you think?? The answer is after the jump.

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Edible Icons



A department store in South Korea is featuring a 176 pound chocolate Brad Pitt. In an attempt to one up it’s neighboring republic, communist North Korea’s eccentric dictator Kim Jong Il commissioned 200 pound Leslie Neilson made entirely of olives.

SIZZLER: Paris and Val?



While we have no idea when these photos were taken (or in what context), it sure looks like Paris Hilton is doing what she does best with none other than Val Kilmer!  It sort of makes me wonder – if Paris Hilton has sex with somebody, and no one is there to photograph it…did it ever really happen?

Hilton’s random herpes swaps usually aren’t even that interesting anymore, but I think Iceman’s comments back in October make this one kind of newsworthy. 

(via ONTD)

SIZZLER: Star Jones Might Lose The Reynolds



Well guys, today’s your lucky day! If the rumors are true– and let’s be honest, the rumors are ALWAYS true– it looks like Star Jones and Al Reynolds are on the rocks. So what does that mean to you dudes out there? Well, it means that pretty soon you’ll be able to have non-adulterous sex with Star Jones. OR Al Reynolds.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to Conversations About Famous People for alerting us to this matter. And for making our day that much brighter.

You can find Media Take Out’s Exclusive story here.

You’re Welcome, Europe



CNN reports weight gain among Europeans has been linked to an increase in fast food style American Foods. We’d also like to reccommend SUVs, gun clubs, Walmart, and WWE Wrestling.

Tabloids + Tats = Trouble



Some dude tattooed Maddox Jolie Pitt onto his right arm.  People, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – do not read "US Weekly" while under the influence of alcohol.  One minute you’re flipping pages and making catty remarks about people’s dresses, the next thing you know you’re pants are off, your house is on fire, someone has taken out a restraining order against you and you’ve got an adopted third-world child tattooed on your forearm.  I’ve seen it a million times. 




These were the big stories on this day last year, dug up from a time capsule we buried underneath a fig tree in Brooklyn:

  • Angelina Jolie:
    The globe-trotting actress juggles tabloid tales, single parenting and relief work  Some things never change!
  • Hilary Swank:
    The actress gives props to Hector Roca, the boxing trainer who made her buff, which makes Mr. Miyagi jealous.
  • Update:
    Baby Spice no more, Emma Bunton grows up with a new album. Everybody remembers where we were when we heard this news.
  • Hot Spot:
    When Lindsay Lohan wants to party in New York City, she heads to Marquee. Now she prefers the ER.