Friday Morning Quick Hits



Vaughn and Aniston caught speeding in Arizona. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are dating or anything like that.

Eva Longoria, despite overwhelming mastery of her art, claims she’s lost work for being too pretty; world’s tiniest violin removed from case.

Scott Stapp starts drunken brawl with members of 311 at a hotel in the 410, almost has to call 911. Here’s the 411: Scott Stapp is a complete 455.

Tori Spelling cheats on husband, gets pregnant by married Canadian actor.  Sometimes made-for-tv movies just write themselves

50 Cent planning to make a vibrator of his manhood
so his female fans can pretend to have sex with him. Pfft. Pretend? A
real gangster would just sleep with all his female fans. He wouldn’t
need no stinkin’ vibrator.

a stunning battle to see who can sell out faster. Rolling Stones calls
50 Cent’s dildo and raises him an appearance on Days of our Lives.

Nicole Richie looking into a sitcom. Tentative title:  Everybody Loves Nicole’s Ribcage.

NBC, realizing people like funny shows, brings back Scrubs and moves My Name is Earl and The Office to Thursday. Still not cancelled: Joey.

Jennifer Garner Brings Another Affleck Into The World



Us Weekly has learned exclusively that Jennifer Garner , 33, has given birth to a baby daughter. Sources confirm to Us that Garner, whose due date was December 8, had her labor induced at an L.A. hospital. The actress is married to Ben Affleck, 33. ”They induced last night,” a friend of the couple tells Us. ”Ben was with her the entire time.” [continue reading]

BWE congratulates the happy couple. Now let’s go celebrate! This calls for some Starbucks!




This is definitely the coolest short I’ve seen in quite sometime. And the animation puts Chicken Little to shame.  If you enjoy massive amounts of computer generated bloodshed, then you should click here. However, if you don’t enjoy massive amounts of computer genderated bloodshed… well then I just don’t know what to tell you.

Link from Screenhead.

Quick Hits



It’s time to remember Pope John II in miniseries formJon Voight and some German dude star.  Two popes?  What is this Avignon? (yes, that’s the most intelligent joke you’re ever going to see here. don’t get used to it.)

Evidently hip hop has an “image” problem. That’s crazy. In other news, DMX is sentenced to 7 days in jail.   

Enrique Iglesias lashes back at rumors that he has a small penis.  Maybe he’s not the Hero that he claims to be.

Tara Reid might be dating Paris Latsis.  I’m guessing this is a bogus story because the source describes Reid as a “stunning actress.”