• Lacoste
    HEADLINE: "Wily coyote caught in New York’s Central Park." (Yahoo!)
  • SAD NEWS FOR PREPPIES: The creator of LaCoste clothing has passed away.  (People)
  • HIPPIE IDEA THAT ISN’T COMPLETELY TERRIBLE: Hot girls getting high.  (Girls Gone Weed)
  • CRUNK E-CARD: Lil’ Jon’s announcement for his latest track, "Snap Yo Fingers".  (Lil Jon)
  • FUTURE DIVORCEE: Man whose toddler wandered into strip club after leaving him in the car.  (AP)
  • THING THAT MAKES YOU GO "HMM": According to a study, "whiny, insecure" kids tend to grow up conservative while the "confident, self-reliant" ones turn out liberal. (Toronto Star)

While You Were Planning Your South Park Viewing Party



  • Britney Spears was spotted drinking red wine so it’s safe to assume she’s not pregnant. Or is it?
  • Kelly Osbourne thinks Kate Moss is a great mom. Well, better than Sharon Osbourne.
  • Disney’s High School Musical soundtrack is #1 on the charts.When I was a teenager we listened to pleasant music like punk rock and grunge, not these noisy, sex-crazed, devil-inspired show tunes.
  • Flavor of Love’s Pumpkin gets fired from her job as a substitute teacher. Wait she was allowed around kids?
  • Demi Moore might be a mom again. Meanwhile Bruce Willis is looking a little grandpa-ish(see pic)
  • Record company says Aaron Carter had no right to end contract.Maybe not, but he did it for our sake.
  • Hank Williams Jr. is accused of harassment after putting a waitress into a choke-hold. Pish posh, he’s just a big flirt.

Those Were the Days: “Double Trouble”



Goldenfiddle asks a very good question: "Sweet Maui Onion, is there anything better on reality TV right now than the “relationship” between twin sister models Kelly [the confident one]…and Sabrina [the sad one whose skin broke out] on MTV’s mannequintastic 8th & Ocean?" The answer is, of course, no. But as awesome as watching these two play out their (one-sided) rivalry, it’s nothing compared with the best twin show ever, Double Trouble.

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Since U Been Gone


I normally wouldn’t post a video of somebody lip synching a song on the internet– I mean come on, it’s been done a billion times– but today I’m making an exception for three reasons:
1. The amount of effort put into this one is impressive. There are costume changes, slow motion, a shower scene. I’m impressed.

2. The guy in the wig kind of looks like a young Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell. And

3. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to Kelly Clarkson’s "Since U Been Gone"? Click here to watch the video now.

Is Rolling Stone Having the Best Week Ever?



This week Rolling Stone magazine finally lived like a rock star, albeit an aging one. The seminal rock music magazine has long been tame by comparision to the celebrities it portrays, but this week the publication went on a non stop bender that rivaled any heavy metal comeback rocker on the block.

First the magazine spent a whole day in a heroin den with Pete Doherty who generousy offered smack and ecstasy (although the magazine noted he was stingy on the crack). Then the rag got into a very public fight with blast-from-the-past celebrity Kirstie Alley. The gloves-off battle of word rivaled the brawls of longtime rock star bandmates like Slash and Axl. And now it’s been reported, the magazine will partner with MTV to host an Apprentice-style reality show where interns vie for a one year position at the magazine. Just like Vince Neil and Tommy Lee, the publication has found its audience on reality TV. With a week like this, Rolling Stone will be racing in a plastic bubble on Celebrity Fit Club in no time.

TRAILER TALK with Ronnie Dwayne Munro


How y’all doin’? I’m Ronnie Dwayne Munro, and I’m here to talk about the
one thing I know anything about: trailers. This week, we’re gonna be
lookin’ at the newest trailers available here on the World Wide

Click – Oh man, ain’t this movie got it all?  Adam Sandler, 80’s songs, the guy from Baywatch, a story about a dude who can use a TV clicker to control HIS LIFE!  Holy hell could I ever use somethin’ like that there invention!  My old lady’s always tellin’ me to get the Camaro washed and pick up the food stamps and drop Little Dale Jr. off over at the trailer park park, so boy would it ever be nice to be able to press pause and rewind and all that.  Actually, I’d be happy just to have a VCR. 

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector – Dear Jesus, thank you so much for blessing us with this movie.  I been hopin’ for this movie to happen for a long time now, and damned if you didn’t hear my prayers and git ‘er done.  I can already tell how much I’m gonna love this movie cause in the 2 minute trailer, Larry makes fun of women, Asians, Jews, homosexuals, black people and Biff from Back To the Future.  I know you did this, Jesus, ’cause this is a movie that could only be made in heaven.

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Steve Martin Is Smarter Than the Haters (Me Too)



A few weeks ago, I wrote a defense of Steve Martin‘s remake of The Pink Panther because there were so many haters out there doing what they do best. Hating, that is. Anyway, guess which movie beat the pants off V for Vendetta in the UK this weekend? You guessed it, the wild and crazy inspector himself. So let this be a lesson to all of you who doubt Steve Martin’s judgment. He’s smarter than you, richer than you, and he’s always right. And if you have a problem with that, well excuse me.

While You Were Wondering Whether You Need More “Bling”



  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are starting a new advice column on their website, where their teenage girl fans can get answers to important questions like, "What’s the best way to induce vomiting?" and "Which dealers don’t mind delivering?"
  • Real Estate 101: If you sell Prince a house, the purple’s part of the deal.  Duh.
  • Michael Jackson is planning to revive his dying career by collaborating with hip-hop star 50 Cent.  His first single will be titled "In Da Cub Scout".
  • Blow Out’s super-amazing totally laid-back completely humble gift to humanity man-god Jonathan Antin was once arrested for beating up his girlfriend.  But now he’s, like, just totally focused on his, like, rockin’ career and his amazing family and creating the best hair products in the world you can buy for the low, low price of blah blah blah….
  • Fred Savage and his wife have proudly announced that they’re expecting their first child.  I smell a Wonder Years sequel!

Natalie Portman Needs a Bodyguard



Do you ever find yourself marveling at how pretty, poised and petite Natalie Portman is? Want to get it out of your system? Check out this incredibly creepy 3 minute video that strings together slo-mo clips of Natalie Portman over the years while the UK chart-topper "Gravity" plays in the background. Somewhere, the anonymous producer of this deranged homage to the V for Vendetta actress, is giving instructions to put the lotion in the basket.

(watch the video here)