• HEADLINE: "Viagra for stallion who wouldn’t horse around." (AP)
  • MIND-BLOWING THING YOU DIDN’T KNOW BEFORE BUT WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DO NOW: Alan Thicke wrote AND performed the original theme songs for The Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes, and Wheel of Fortune.  But, curiously, not Growing Pains.  I know, you need to sit down now. (IMDB)
  • REASON THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE: The pictures from last night’s hipster-fortified Concert 4 Peace (LNP)
  • EDUCATIONAL VIDEO: Teen depression is not funny.  No, seriously, stop laughing.  This isn’t a joke.  (Google Video)
  • SLOGAN: "Scientology Kills" (A Socialite’s Life)
  • PARALLEL: Between living through two years of Middle School and two terms of the Bush Presidency.  (McSweeney’s)
  • OBVS: Daytime TV makes you stupid. (Yahoo! News)
  • STONE THROWN FROM GLASS HOUSE: Josh Hartnett says Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are poor role models.  (Starpulse)

Road Rules Lives!



According to Reality Blurred, Road Rules will return to MTV. The show, which has been on hiatus for over a year, "is being developed to return to the network in a newly designed format which will allow the viewer to play a role in both competitions and the fate of players via broadband and mobile."

While we are thrilled that one of the early bastions of reality TV is returning to the network, we’re even more excited that Gauntlet/Inferno producers, with their new crop of potential castmembers, can finally retire original Road Rules cast member Mark from their lineup before he becomes a grandfather.

Vote Or Die!


Not that we’d want to encourage you sabotage a vital and beloved national treasure such as American Idol, but those crazy kids over at Vote For the Worst are doing their darndest to convince the American public to utilize their hard-won right to vote on reality shows to pick the candidate least likely to win – and arguably least deserving of – the show’s coveted title.

Follow your heart.

While You Were Taking a Nip From Your Secret Stash of Work Whiskey



  • I just had the weiredest dream that I was at a party, but the party was in a sauna and Moby was there and he didn’t have his shirt on. That wasn’t a dream? (blood curdling scream!!!!!!!!)
  • Donald Trump doesn’t think Kevin Federline makes a suitable marriage partner. He talks too much.
  • Star Jones had a brush with death when she got a breast lift. But it was nothing compared to the guy they found underneath it when they lifted it.
  • Tom Cruise loves public displays of affection.  Unfortunately his teenage daughter really doesn’t.
  • Salma Hayek said Colin Farell was a complete gentleman when they shot scenes naked for Ask the Dust. Of course when they were clothed he was a complete d*ck.
  • Jason Alexander had to hawk burgers to make a living before Seinfeld. After Seinfeld, he had to hawk fried chicken.
  • Terrell Owens is following in Shaq’s footsteps and starting a career in rap. If he keeps following those footsteps he’ll hit a dead end.

The Daily Danza Is Back!


ABC News pulled Tony for the President Bush’s press conference. But you can tell from the half-second that aired that the show was going to be amazing. Who knows what genius we might have missed…

Paul Scheer’s Rockstar Guide to SXSW


Ever wonder what kind of gift bag a rock star like Ted Leo, Rhett Miller, or Paul Scheer gets at South By Southwest? Well, wonder no more. Watch this video and learn what you need to live like a rock star during the festival.

Lifetime: Television for Certain Women


Fantasia_barrinoLiftetime has just released its 2006-07 schedule and they are promising that women will "find their own story." And that’s true if you are a former American Idol contestant with the same name as a Disney movie, married to a high-powered political consultant who happens to represent the party you don’t represent, work at a matchmaking agency that pretends it’s in Beverly Hills but is actually in Tarzana, or are an agent for Hollywood pets. 

Full descriptions of the shows after the jump!

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Is Jonathan Antin having the Best Week Ever?



Sure, season three of his totally sexy, totally hot, totally laid-back reality show Blow Out is premiering tonight. But that’s not the only reason why Jonathan Antin is having the best week ever. The real reason is that Jonathan has created the ultimate Jonathan Product (drink). Remember last season when the genius hair stylist had the genius idea to create a shower spout that shoots purified water? Yup we all thought that idea was so crazy it just might work. But his detractors said it couldn’t be done. But like Edison, Franklin and the great inventors that came before him, Jonathan forged ahead.

Introducing Beauty Water– a shower purification system(water filter) that replaces disgustingly dirty water designed for commoners with crystalline lush water guaranteed to make lustrous celebrity hair even more lustrous. Not since sister Robin Antin created the Pussycat Dolls, has the world seen such a life-altering innovation.

TIVO THIS: Anna Benson on The O’Reilly Factor


You probably have a couple of questions right now. Like, why should I Tivo Anna Benson’s appearance on The O’Reilly Factor tonight? And more specificially, who’s Anna Benson? Well, here’s all you need to know:Anna_benson

  • Her husband is Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson.
  • She was named baseball’s hottest housewife by FHM.
  • During that FHM interview, she told her husband that if he won the Cy Young he could do anything he wanted to her. And then added "that’s 50 times up the a** for free."
  • Last year when Kris playing for the Mets and Anna went on the Howard Stern show and announced "I told him cheat on me all you want. If you get caught I’m going to screw everybody on your entire team– coaches, trainers, players– I would do everybody on his whole team."
  • Oh, and she used to a stripper. Shocking, right?

Yes. This woman will be on The O’Reilly Factor TONIGHT, alongside Newt Gingrich. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. I think there’s going to be a love connection. What do you think?

Thanks to Deadspin for the heads up.