The Apprentice’s Biggest Loser



Last night, Brent Buckman was kicked off The Apprentice, in part for being too fat to sell cereal. The overweight attorney from Canada, took the heat in the boardroom for Synergy’s failure to win over Post cereal executives. But mostly he was booted for being unanimously considered annoying by all his teammates (who incidentally all had "beautiful figures"  according Trump.)

It appears that Buckman took his fat fish in a small pond experience to heart, and sought revenge on both his teammates and breakfast cereal. According to his website,  Buckman has lost 110 pounds on a own diet of his own creation. The weight loss plan? It consists solely of the breakfast cereal’s biggest competition: The Bagel.  Revenge is sweet (and buttered)

Save The World Champ!


Can someone please tell us what’s happening to our beloved World Champion/Best Week Ever panelist Judah Friedlander in this picture from Premiere Magazine?  Why is he getting karate chopped by That Guy From That 70’s Show?  And does this mean he has herpes now?  Somebody help!


Can You Do the Fandango?


If you’re like me, and you’ve spent the past few days in a state of bitter jealousy over all the coolness you missed at this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival, why not throw a little more salt onto the wound and check out Kiss Atlanta’s awesome video of the Flaming Lips covering Queen’s seminal rock opera "Bohemain Rhapsody":

(Thanks, Jen!)

The Blow Out Drinking Game



Tonight marks the premiere of season three of Jonathan Antin’s Blow Out. To celebrate this monumental event, we recommend a drinking game to get you through an hour long show that takes place in a hair salon. Every time Antin says the word "product," drink. If this season is anything like the last, which was devoted to covering the designing and merchandising of "Johnathan Product" you will be calling in sick to work on Wednesday. Actually, the trailer alone is enough to get you drunk.

Harrison Ford: Wife Force One


This just in: It’s a bad idea to marry Harrison Ford.

Thanks to this clip, you never have to go see another Harrison Ford movie ever again. This sums up every single one of them. It’s simply amazing. Watch it now.

While You Were Wishing Starbucks Made an Extra-Venti Coffee


  • Brad_pitt_2
    Jennifer Aniston
    was spotted donating Brad Pitt’s clothes to charity. The local homeless expected to now look even more homeless-y.
  • Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria are teaming up for a yet-to-be-titled comedy. J-Lo and E-Lo? Producers have already requested two extra trailers to house their egos.
  • Sharon Stone revealed that she’s looking for a guy who would "want to wear Spongebob pajamas and sit in the front row at the school play." Meaning, Sharon Stone wants to f**k a fifth grader.
  • The word is: Wow. Stephen Colbert has signed a seven-figure book deal. And that’s your word.
  • NBC is hoping to snag Meredith Viera if Katie Couric leaves the Today show for CBS. If you’re a female in your mid-40’s who still hasn’t gone back to work since having a baby ten years ago, this is big news.
  • Brokeback Mountain is coming to DVD on April 4. More annoying internet mash-ups to follow.

Pete Doherty and Mike Tyson: BFF



It appears that Pete Doherty has finally met someone who understands him: Mike Tyson. According to Female First, he did a solo performance for Tyson at a bar, and the fighter gave him a standing ovation. Someone on the scene said, "They were getting on really well, so Tyson asked Pete to play some songs for him. Pete always has an acoustic guitar with him so he played two or three Babyshambles numbers.

"He got a great response. Tyson loved every minute of it." They are said to have stayed up all night talking in what must have been the most fascinating conversation in the history of the world.