GAMES: The Erotic Adventures of Georgina Bush



to the Amazing Erotic Adventures of Georgina Bush. This is an
interactive story in which you get to be George W. Bush, 43rd president
of the United States. As leader of the free world, your schedule can be
exhausting. You must juggle presidential briefings and panty-shopping,
diplomatic sessions and drag-queen karaoke contests.

Take a wrong step, and the world will discover your secret. .

I’m not sure what the inspiration was for this game, but I havne’t had so much fun with a Choose Your Adventure since the 6th grade.

Click here to begin.

Link via the one and only Gorillamask, naturally.

SIZZLER: Kevin Lays Down the Law


Britney_3 So everyone from The Sun to The Star to Perez Hilton (ok maybe just them) has confirmed that Britney is pregnant. So doesn’t that mean she can indulge in some pregnancy cravings? Not according to Kevin. The poppa zao of Preston, reportedly called a restaurant in Hawaii where the two had reservations and demanded in advance that they don’t bring his wife any dessert.

Poor Kevin. No one told him the first time around that Britney’s extra 30 pounds wasn’t tirimisu, it was baby.

The Friday Five


The Onion AV Club has posted another "Random Rules", in which they ask a (pseudo) celebrity to shuffle their iPods and post the first 5 songs that come up, no matter what they are.

This week, their guest is the uber-funny comedian Patton Oswalt, of Comedians of Comedy and King of Queens fame.  He’s one of the funniest mofo’s I’ve ever seen, but is his music any good?  Read the article and find out!

As always, when you’ve finished reading, shuffle your iPods and post the results in the comments section.  Just to keep you honest, I’ll post mine first:

1.  Hope of the States – "Black Dollar Bills"
2.  Elliott Smith – "Angeles"
3.  Stereolab – "Lo Boob Oscillator"
4.  Bravo Silva – "400 Days"
5.  Magnolia Electric Company – "The Dark Don’t Hide It"

Blondie Meets the Doors



out the new video for "Rapture Riders," a mashup of
"Rapture" by Blondie and "Riders on the Storm." (Read the story of the song here.) Debbie Harry and Jim Morrison would have made one hot couple, don’t you think?

SIZZLER: Eva’s Threesome



Eva Longoria, on Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes and Jessica Simpson:

They’re my crushes. I have intense love for these women.

In the past, Eva’s discussed her secret desire to have a threesome. Hmm. So my only question: who would be left out?

From HotOnlineNews.

Dance Party USA II


A lot of people have joined our YouTube group, and they have put up some great videos. Here’s my favorite these days: It’s a stunning achievement in the "lip-synch with interpretive dance and calisthenics in a dorm room" genre. (Thanks to vivaciousvalerii.)

Got something you must share with the world? Join the group! (Oh, and we welcome nondorm videos as well.)

Bonds Is 2 Legit 2 Quit


In the wake of the Barry Bonds steroid abuse scandal, there have been a lot of different emotions flying around.  From outrage to disappointment to denial to apathy, pretty much everyone seems to have weighed in with their opinion on what this means for baseball, Barry and his chase for history.  But finally, we’ve found the one and only opinion that truly matters: MC Hammer’s

From his blog:


you deserve to be the all time greatest homerun hitter in baseball history. The hounds, they deserve the dog pound.

And there you have it.  Case closed.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Presidential Playlist


When the President of the United States needs to hunker down on tax reform, he turns to the musical stylings of Reggie, Jughead, Archie and the gang. Find out the other musicians on the President’s I-pod playlist affecting global policies. (thanks ONYD)




  • The first episode of The Sopranos is "amazing, instantly re-addictive" "shocking" and "as good as TV ever gets." I can’t wait until Sunday! (First time I’ve thought that in a while.) 
  • NBC Universal is paying more than $15 million to HBO for the cable rights to Six Feet Under. And then NBC Universal died alone in its kitchen after choking on a sandwich.
  • Kim Cattrall has signed on to Elton John‘s TV show which centers on a gay British rock star and his manager (Cattrall), a role originally written for a man. So now instead of a ladies’ man playing the field, the manager will be known as a tramp.
  • Michael Jackson was ordered to close his Neverland Valley Ranch and was fined $169,000 for failing to pay his employees or maintain proper insurance. I’m starting to think there might be something wrong with Jackson.
  • David and Victoria Beckham have settled their libel suit against the British tabloid News of the World over allegations their marriage was a sham. In the tabloid’s defense, they meant to write "shame." (Because they’ve got a crush on David.)
  • David Lee Roth of spent "four hours yesterday telling his bosses where they could stick their ideas" because they want him to copy Howard Stern. There’s no better way to separate yourself from Stern than dissing your bosses.