SIZZLER: The South Park Conspiracy Plot Thickens


The Evil Geniuses who sign my check are doing an amazing job at keeping this whole South Park Scientology Episode Re-run "Controversy" in the press for as long as possible. 

The latest development: Isaac Hayes did not quit his role as "Chef" as previously reported, but in fact someone else "quit it for him."  Ooh, the intrigue!  Who could this shadowy puppet-master possibly be?

My guesses are after the jump.

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Pete Wentz is on the Paris Plan



Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has been an unlikely subject of media attention lately, gracing everything from gossip blogs to the New York Times. While it may seem like the quiet guitarist fell accidentally into the public eye, I have a hunch he’s enlisted in the Paris Hilton Twelve Step Program to super-stardom. Proof after the jump…

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What’s In a Name? Everything



Over the last year or two, there has been a trend in the world of television where a show’s title often could double as its description in TV Guide, like Dancing With the Stars, Skating With Celebrities, Real Housewives of Orange County, How I Met Your Mother. (Seems like Hollywood also likes this idea if Snakes on a Plane is any indication.)

It used to be that you had to actually watch something to know what it’s about, but not anymore, and that’s appropriate for this fast-paced world of ours. But I have to wonder if some of the best shows of all time would have survived had their titles told us more about the show….

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South By SouthBest


PeelanderPaul Scheer just flew back from the South by Southwest music festival, and boy are his arms tired! Get it? But seriously people, Paul is back in LA and he’s not wasting anytime posting videos from his SxSw experience on his blog.

Click here to check out Paul’s photojournal, and to see some crazy videos of one of his favorite bands in Austin– the absolutely insane Peelander Z. A band so punk they let the audience come on stage and play their instruments while they played some Human Bowling in the crowd. Now THAT’S a performance. You won’t be finding any of that at your local Coldplay concert. Well… at least I hope you won’t.

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • Rhett_2
    Unarocks included some great tracks by We Are Scientists, The Dresden Dolls, Talking Heads, Pharrell and many more in their daily dozen today.  Download them all.
  • Go to Come Pick Me Up, and download a handful of tracks by the best looking man in rock and roll, Rhett Miller.
  • If you can get past all the squiggly lines, Sounds Of Mine posted some oldies but goodies by R.E.M., Green Day, Garbage, Sheryl Crow, the Beastie Boys, and last but not least– Better Than Ezra.
  • I never listened to Gnarles Barkley before, until I downloaded "Smiley Faces" from Republicum. The song is almost as great as the band name.
  • You can find Morningwood’s single "Nth Degree" over at Independent Music, alongside "Juicebox" by The Strokes. Granted, neither of these bands are exactly "independent"… but close enough.
  • Is there a better way to end this post than with songs by The New Pornographers, Spoon, and Arab Strap? I don’t think so. Thank god for Bows + Arrows.

Colin Farell Done With Women



Colin Farrell has spent the lat four years hooking up with every woman in Hollywood, from A-listers like Lindsay, Britney and Angelina to not-on-the-listers like sex tape co-star Nicole Nairan. We knew the time would come that he’d run out of female conquests. Now it seems he’s starting on the men.

We’re not sure if this unidentified guy is Farrell’s first man-kiss, but it’s safe to say it won’t be his last.

While You Were Embracing Irony


  • CobainSomeone has made a Kurt Cobain toy.  Shotgun and corpse-rolling-in-grave accessories not included.
  • Attention-craving Paris Hilton simply cannot decide between Starving Nachos and Lapso Apso.
  • Nick Lachey has signed on to do a comedy pilot for the newly formed CW Network.  It’s going to be called The New Adventures of the Old Boy Band Singer Who’s Not Boning Jessica Simpson Anymore
  • Ben Stein is pissed that no one mentioned the troops during this year’s Oscars ceremony.  He expressed his outrage by droning on monotonously for an hour, occasionally muttering about how he’d do more about it if people hadn’t won all his money. 
  • Richard Dreyfuss got married again.  Now if that’s not a SIZZLER, I don’t know what is…

South Park vs. Scientology: The Press Release


Trey Parker and Matt Stone have sent out a press release regarding Tom Cruise’s powerplay to make Comedy Central pull its Scientology-themed episode of South Park off the air last Wednesday. And as expected, it’s hilarious.

Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for Earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!

– Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu

Yes, that’s their official statement. Man, I love these guys.

Read CNN’s story here.