Thighs Wide Movies 2005



The Thighmaster saw a butt-load of movies this year (yeah, that’s right, I said butt-load) so you didn’t have to. Now that Awards season is upon us, the man has compiled a list a thousand times better than anything the Academy could ever come up with. Check it out here– everything from the bestest to the wurstest to the Worlds Most Pointless Movie About Sewing. Everything’s accounted for. Thank you Thighmaster. Thank you.

It Takes Different Strokes



Thanks to yesterday’s ridiculous Steelers-Colts game, I still have football on the mind. Maybe that’s why John Madden singing the theme to Different Strokes is making me laugh right now. Well, it’s either that or the fact that I’m really hungover and just about anything would crack me up.

Listen to the song here. And get me a Tylenol.

Sulu Nation in da’ House!



George Takai is everywhere this week– siriusly. Well, we got him! That’s right, watch Best Week Ever tonight at 11 to get your Sulu fix.

Who’s having the first best week ever of 2006? There’s only one way to find out. Tune in tonight.

Conan The Destroyer


What happens when you put the brilliant Steven Colbert next to the amazing Conan O’Brien? The highest of high comedy.

Learn why Rosa Parks was overrated right here.


Brilliant. Thank you Gorillamask. Thank you.

For My Next Trick…



I don’t think these two are dating. No way. I think Nicole is just part of Steve-O’s act now. So, what’s he going to do?

  • staple her to his ass?
  • snort her?
  • put her in a shopping cart and roll it into a wall?
  • get a tattoo of her on his inner thigh?

I guess we’ll just have to get the next Steve-O DVD to find out.

More pics of Steve-O and Nicole here, at A Socialite’s Life.

Hump Day


What should we start with today: The ‘Angelina is pregnant’ news, or a horrifying picture of Whitney Houston. Hmm… let’s go with Whitney!


The Boston Herald caption to this picture is "Whitney Houston makes a candy bar run in the middle of the night at an Atlanta gas station." Naturally. I’ve known people that look like that when they can’t get their "candy bars" in the middle of the night too. The woman just loves her candy. Loves it. Some might say she’s addicted to it.

Okay, so moving on. Yes, Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Brad’s the father. I think. Either that, or she got tired of adopting babies in Africa and decided to start really bringing "relief" to the region and this is what happened. I’m guessing it’s Brad, though.