Shar’s Getting Toxic


20sharjacksonMySpace isn’t just for Joe Rogan to bitch out kids anymore.

Oh no. Now, it’s also for jealous ex-girlfriends to try to gett attention and try to show up their man’s new lady. Case in point: Shar Jackson covering Britney Spears‘ "Toxic."

If you have a MySpace profile (which I’m sure you do), you can listen to it here.

According to one of the blog entries, Shar recorded the song for the soundtrack of a movie named "Toxic." The fact that it’s Britney’s song, and Britney is the girl who stole Kevin Federline away from her? Well, that’s just a coincidence. I’m sure.

Link via Thrifty Boutique Gossip.

Reese Through The Years



Here’s why celebrities are superior: they never go through an awkward period. If you looked at photographs of me throughout my 27 years, you’d see a very bumpy two year patch marked by a mouth full of rubber-banded braces, oily skin and a host of very unnecessary training bras. But not Reese Witherspoon, the Oscar winning actress, who says the perfect things when accepting an award and manages to stay grounded even when she’s earning $29 million a picture,  never ever experienced the painful side of puberty. Just look at the seamless way she matured through the years. Now wonder she’s so well-adjusted (and I’m not). See Reese through the years after the jump (thanks ONTD)

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SIZZLER: Katie Holmes Asks Victoria Beckham to Be Her Birthing Partner



Worried about that Scientology birth that Katie Holmes is supposedly going to have? Don’t be:

Katie Holmes has allegedly asked Victoria Beckham to be her birthing partner.

The screen beauty…reportedly wants the former Spice Girl to be by her side when she goes into labour.

A source told Britain’s Grazia magazine: "Victoria and Katie have struck a real rapport ever since they were introduced by Tom and both of them are thrilled by the friendship."

Because the pair live in different countries…they are spending time on the phone preparing for the birth.

The source added: "Twice a week they both set aside half an hour to chat about the impending birth and any worries Katie might have.

"Sometimes they even practise breathing exercises over the phone."

I feel much better knowing that Posh will be there.




  • A restraining order has been filed against Paris Hilton by a producer. Under the order, she would have to stay at least 100 yards away or 25 feet if they’re at a party. So pretty much just 25 feet then.
  • Speaking of restraining orders, David Hasselhoff‘s estranged wife, Pamela, has asked for a temporary restraining order against her him. His car, Kit, however, can visit her anytime it likes.
  • Bobby Brown was arrested over the weekend in Massachusetts on a warrant issued in 1992 for motor vehicle violations. It took 14 years to pick him up? Nice work, boys.
  • Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are reportedly planning to star in a movie together about two Olympic ice skaters in love.
    Those two are always on the cutting edge.
  • Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Bill Murray, John Cusack, and Benicio Del Toro have come together for a documentary about Hunter S. Thompson. The after-party was BYOP (bring your own peyote).
  • The guy who claims that The Da Vinci Code is a rip off of his ideas admitted that he "exaggerated." Turns out his idea was more like Mona Lisa Smile.



Robin had the best night ever! She watched three brand new shows: Sons & Daughters, The Unit, and 8th & Ocean. Check it out now!




BLOG: Chewbacca’s. You heard right, Chewy has a blog that’s as unclassifiable as his species. (chewy)

FATHER:  Donald Trump. During his recent appearance on "The View," he admitted his  daughter Ivanka "does have a very nice figure." The Donald also said "If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her." You know what they say, incest is the highest form of flattery. (Miami Herald)

DUMP: Horse makes good use of a woman’s head. (A Welsch View)

90210 CO-STAR: Tori Spelling. The Actress proves she has a sense of humour about herself especially if it means landing her very own show on VH1. (Perez Hilton)

PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Our Paul Scheer contest. Where do you want to see Pauls face? (BWE)

Joe Rogan Fears He Made a Mistake?


Joe_rogan2Wow, our little blog sure did seem to cause quite a stir with last week’s post about Joe Rogan’s flame war with Kevin from MySpace. Links from all over the Internets. Over 200 comments. And now Mr. Rogan has essayed a long, point-by-point explanation/self-defense/semi-apology for the whole ruckus.

Just remember, kids – there’s a lesson we can all take from this. You DO NOT write mean MySpace messages to Joe Rogan.

Smellevision: Now in Color!



The producers of Desperate Housewives and perfume makers Coty have inked a deal to create a line of fragrances based on the hit television series.  No word on what the perfume will smell like, but presumably a floral scent will be infused to conjure up the ladies of Wysteria Lane.

We love the idea of perfumes based on TV shows so much, we came up with a few fragrances we’d love to see in department stores soon. Scratch and sniff after the jump…

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Date My Mom: Celebrity Edition


Date My Mom is one of all-time favorite shows (if you haven’t seen it, go to the show’s website), and I’ve always wondered what it would be like if the daughters were celebrities. It might go something like this:

Mom #1 (left): I know you’ll like my daughter because men have been telling me how pretty she is since she was thirteen She’s got really nice curves, and even better maternal instincts. She’s not too fussy about what she wears, and will even go out barefoot. I hope you’ll choose her because the guy she’s with now is a real idiot. In fact, if you don’t pick her, I’ll run you over with my four-wheel drive.

Mom #2 (middle): You’ve got to choose my daughter. First of all, she looks just like me, so you know she’s pretty. Also like me, she works all day but parties all night. She’s had lots of dating experience so I know you’ll have fun with her. If you pick her, you’ll have to drive because she’s a little accident prone. And if you don’t pick her, well, I’m available…

Mom #3 (right): You are going to absolutely love my daughter. She loves traveling, going to parties, and making home movies (some of those have even become big hits on the Internet). Oh, and she really, really loves animals. If I had to choose three words to describe my daughter I would choose hot.

Choose a mom, then find out who your date is after the jump!

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SIZZLER: Steve-O Goes


SteveojunkFrom Sky Showbiz

…it wasn’t an animal who peed on their way into a pre-Oscars party. It was a human being.

The culprit? Jackass crazy dude Steve-O.

O was on his way into The Key Club on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, when he
unzipped his trousers and made like a life-sized fountain.

How is it that Paris Hilton is getting turned away from parties, but Steve-O can saunter right in and write his name in the snow? Something’s not right out there in Hollywood.

WWTDD has a collection of the photograhs. Action shots, if you will. So you can take a look if you’d like. Me? I think I’m gonna pass. I saw Jackass: The Movie. So I’ve seen more than enough of Steve-O for one lifetime.