Corn Flakes: Your Essential Inessentials



* Everybody hates Alicia?

* Luther Campbell: My lawyer made me do it.

* Outkast movie delayed. They never should have gotten Axl Rose to do the soundtrack.

* Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel asks the big questions of life: "If I’m a game show host, will someone buy a ticket to see me do standup? If I’m a game show host, will I get an offer to do a dramatic role in a movie?" Answer: Yes!

* Jennifer Lopez gets on board the baby train. Maybe.

* Madonna splitting with Guy Ritchie? Maybe.

* Nicole Kidman splitting with Keith Urban? But wait, we thought they were getting engaged. Let us know soon so we’ll know what kind of candy to send.

Doug Benson’s “Marijuana-logues” On Sale NOW



Three stand-up comics presents a hilarious and provocative look at marijuana in a collection based on their 2004 Off-Broadway production The Marijuana-logues, which celebrates the "wisdom" of weed, along with new material that includes herben poetry and "high-ku," weed trivia, and more.

Click here to pick it up NOW. Quick! Do it before you forget what we were talking about.



Today on Craig’s list, Bravo’s "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" posted this notice: "Want Queer Eye to Makeover Your Office?? We are looking for a dynamic group of people who work together in an office that NEEDS HELP. … Groups must be fun, talkative and willing to have their business be a part of our show.  Feel free to turn other departments in, your boss in, or other businesses in.
This is a great marketing opportunity for your business and will be a blast for everyone involved. "

Weekend retreats, office parties and softball teams are a great way to boost company morale. But if you want a real corporate team-building experience, surprise your office with five uncomfortable gay stereotypes who will simultaneously point out your cubicle’s design flaws and your own sexual parameters.

Got Schrute?



Unless you hate joy, there is no reason not to be watching NBC’s sublime Thursday night show, The Office.  After managing to overcome monumental expectations established by the popularity of the original British version, The Office seems to have reached a nice cruising altitude, and is consistently one of the funniest, smartest and most innovative comedies on network televsion. 

The Office’s success can largely be attributed to its cast of talented, quirky performers – such as Rainn Wilson’s anal-retentive worker bee, Dwight Schrute.  Dwight’s awkward interactions with clueless boss Michael (Steve Carell) and taunting peers Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) are one of the show’s biggest strengths, and now you can get even more Schrute as "Dwight" is now blogging over at NBC’s surpisingly funny promotional site.

Just don’t let him find out that you’re reading his blog on company time.

Viral Marketing: Paul Abdul



According to E! , Paula Abdul had to skip out on a press conference because she had an eye infection. Abdul apparently had a "really bad reaction to something" that caused the eye to swell. Get well soon!

57 Chanels and Nothing’s On



From the LA Times: "The still-trembling House of Coco is about to be royally rocked by yet another Golden Globes dress debacle. Unconfirmed reports are surfacing that Portman’s so-called ‘vintage’ black lace Chanel frock worn to Monday’s Golden Globe Awards is another recent repeat. Embarrassingly, the same strapless Chanel frock may have been worn by Debra Messing to the 12th Annual Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards back in 2001." This is embarrassing, but on the other hand, matching dresses can be kind of cute.

Games: Sweet Smarts



Everyone has their strengths. Some people are good at quantum physics, others pottery. If you haven’t discovered your special calling yet, consider chocolate bar indentifcation.

In this game, you have to name that candy bar just by seeing its insides.

Are you a candy prodigy?

This Day in Celebrity Conception



On this day in 1969, Nancy Kerrigan was conceived. The blessed event might have begun with Nancy’s parents going to their local cinema for a matinee, maybe even the Brokeback Mountain of its time, Midnight Cowboy. On the way home, they could have gotten themselves in the mood by listening to the number one R&B song that week, "I Can’t Get Next to You" by the Temptations. At the house, they likely saw the news that the Soyuz 8 had been launched, then caught Marcus Welby, MD, before retiring to the bedroom to create the future Olympic silver medalist and partner of Dave Coulier. (The Russian judge gave her father’s performance a 4.7.) Well done, Kerrigans. The world thanks you.

Also conceived today: Sammy Hagar (1947), Paul Simon (1941), Marie Osmond (1959), Ashanti (1980)

Paris Hilton: Pee Diddy?



According to Female First, there’s a Hawaiian taxi driver who says that Paris Hilton was "too drunk to notice she’d wet herself" when he picked up her and her boyfriend. The driver says he cleaned up the mess with a towel and plans to use it as DNA evidence. Guy, you’ve got Paris Hilton’s pee-stained towel: forget the DNA and go straight to ebay!