Bold, Bald, Beautiful Actresses: A Poll



Natalie Portman (1) shaved her head for her role in V for Vendetta, but she’s not the first actress to do go bald for her art. Sigourney Weaver (2), Demi Moore (3), and Persis Khambatta (Ilia from Star Trek, 4) all sported a chrome dome at one time.

The poll question is, Who pulled it off the best?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Joe Rogan vs MySpace Kevin Comes Full Circle


Well, it was right here on the BWE blog that you first discovered the epic online war being waged by Joe Rogan upon a college student known only as Kevin.  The story has now spread to countless blogs and media outlets across the World Wide Web (Information Superhighway), but we think it is fitting that the final chapter in this bloody saga be posted right back here where it started.  So, in case you missed last week’s episode of Best Week Ever (for which there is no excuse!), here is our segment dedicated to the bravery and heroism of "Internet Warriors" Joe Rogan and MySpace Kevin.

While You Were Wishing You Could Go Drink With Your Unemployed Friends


  • Nick_cannon
    Brad Pitt’s
    family wants him to marry Angelina Jolie immediately. You know, so he can finally make an honest woman out of her.
  • Gabe Kaplan approves of the upcoming Ice-Cube version of Welcome Back Kotter. He also approves of anything else that will get his name back in Variety.
  • Marilyn Manson is teaming up with Keanu Reeves for a new movie. Whoa.
  • The Strokes and the Beastie Boys have both played surprise shows at South By Southwest. I don’t have a joke here… I just really wish I was there.
  • Were Pete Doherty and Daniel Radcliffe separated at birth? If so, I can’t wait to see the next Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter And The Quest For A Fresh Vein.
  • Nick Cannon is getting trashed by his ex-girlfriend, Christina Milian. I believe the appropriate response to this story is a hearty "Ohhh snap!" Isn’t it?

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • A long time ago, a crazy man named Luixy Toledo sent Michael Jackson a bunch of songs, and one of them ("Exorcism") sounded like "Thriller." You should go to WFMU’s site to get the whole story and hear the song. It doesn’t sound much like "Thriller."
  • Backbeat has some wonderful music: "My Favorite Things" (John Coltrane), Muppets‘ "Mahnamahna" song, Super Mario Brothers theme (London Symphony Orchestra), and "Get Into Something" by the Isley Brothers
  • Scroll down at Soul Sides to find Junior Parker‘s version of "Taxman."
  • Here’s a real earful from Anticon called "More From June," via the Mirror of Eye.
  • Mashup Town has DJ not-I with a mashup of Nirvana‘s "All apologies" and "Make You Feel That Way" by Blackalicious.

Erin Go Wax



Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, it would only be right to report that Madame Tussaud’s wax statue of Bono was recently unveiled. Interestingly, even as a wax statue, Bono managed to give a rambling but inspiring speech about debt relief, poverty, and rock and roll. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Wax Bono! (larger pictures after the jump)

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Understanding South Park-gate, and the Meaning of “Synergy”


By now you’ve probably heard how Tom Cruise used his Hollywood heft to pressure Comedy Central into cancelling the re-broadcast of South Park’s controversial Scientology episode (which, ironically, ends with Cruise ranting and raving about how he’ll sue everyone for making fun of his beliefs). 

You’ve also heard about Scientologist Isaac Hayes leaving the program after taking offense to the show’s poking fun of religion (namely, as creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone insightfully pointed out, when it’s his own).  But what does all this corporate showbiz gobbleygook really mean, and how can the whim of one man lord over a major media conglomerate?  Allow me to explain:

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Paul Scheer: Rockin’ At SXSW


Paul_scheerThis is the new face of the indie-rock music scene, people. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Paul Scheer is down in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest music festival, and thankfully he’s posting his photo journal to keep us up to date on what’s going on.

Morningwood totally showed me what it was like to be a Rockstar. They
let me get on Stage with them but I had to wear this outfit, do
callenstics and give Chantal a piggy back ride throughout the

Now that’s rock and roll. Check out Paul’s Journal here, and be sure to keep checking back for updates on what’s going on in Austin, who’s going to be the next Arctic Monkeys, and who you should add as your MySpace friends ASAP. I mean, just take another look at that picture. Paul knows what’s up.

Who Is Having the Best Week Ever?


Chico_wahb_smily_1       Irobotpic7_1      Insidetheactorsstudiobig_1           Waitress_with_beer_mug_1

Since we don’t have a new show this week, it’s up to you to choose who is having the Best Week Ever! The choices:

Vote in the comments section! (Write-in candidates welcome…)

Natalie Portman Raps… Again!


PortmanNatalie Portman: Actress. Sex Symbol. Rapper. World Patrol Kid.

Most people have embarrassing videos from their childhood– luckily, we don’t all have them available for download on the internet. Natalie Portman does.

Before bursting onto the scene in The Professional, Miss Portman was a part of another… er… professional organization: The World Patrol Kids. This group consisted of a few kids whose primary goal was to convince the children of the world that they can make a difference and save our environment. And how did they spread that message? Through singing, dancing, rapping, and through absolutely hilarious music videos. Last Stop: This Town found a bunch of them. You have to download all of them now– and keep your eyes open for a rapping Natalie at 2:12 in during the second one. Her rap totally motivated me to go save some endangered species.

Thank you Last Stop: This Town. Link via Lindsayism.