Friday Afternoon Quick Hits



Complete with incest, torture and drugs, ABC’s "Lost" wins Family Friendly Award. Winners chosen on ability to "depict real-life situations and handle those issues very responsibly." No search party for Walt yet.

Dan Aykroyd goes out on a limb, says Canadian wines are easier to stomach than any movie he’s done since Ghostbusters.

Nicole Kidman engaged to singer Keith Urban. Step-ladder not required for wedding photos this time.

Mariska Hargitay is expecting, will star in Law & Order: Maternity Division sometime next year.

Canadian man acquitted of sexual assault becuase he was screwing in his sleep. Bill Clinton considers Canadian citizenship for first time since Vietnam War.

Parents of 3 year old upset at McDonalds after the Happy Meal their child was eating had a dangerous cleaning chemical sprinkled over the food. McFamily now shopping for McLawyer for McLawsuit.

Actor Michael Douglas wants more gun control. People will be safer when only police and his bodyguards can carry guns

Parents of 3 year old upset at McDonalds after the Happy Meal their child was eating had a dangerous cleaning chemical sprinkled over the food. McFamily now shopping for McLayer for McLawsuit.

Me and you and everyone: We blow



Fourfour reviews "Me and you and everyone we know". I saw this a few months ago and in my opinion, has only one scene worth watching involving a little kid and a hilarious instant message conversation with a stranger. This review, however, is much better than the film itself. Check it out.[fourfour review]

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Sugar Bush Squirrel



"Sugar Bush
Squirrel is a real, live Eastern Gray
Squirrel who is owned and photographed by Ms. Kelly Foxton. Rescued, as a baby in her nest, from
a tree which was being cut down, she is now living the ‘good
life’ with Kelly in Boca Raton, Florida. A small, lime-green
parrot, named Rio, is her big sister and constant companion."

Oh. Dear. Gawd. No. Well, no matter how bizzare and oddly cute ( not to mention anti PETA) this may be, there is no way I’m going to start playing dress up with the mice that occasionally scurry across my apartment floor. Unles… I can aquire some tiny pirate costumes… in which case I would rescind my earlier comment.[Sugar Bush Pictures]

Xbox 360 – Joy



Mmm. This is ten scoops of delicious Xbox 360 goodness. Santa, I’ve been real good this year and instead of socks and undies stuffed with cash (which btw, was really creepy last year), I’d like my xbox please and thank you.[Transbuddha video link]

Friday Morning Quick Hits



Vaughn and Aniston caught speeding in Arizona. Of course, this doesn’t mean they are dating or anything like that.

Eva Longoria, despite overwhelming mastery of her art, claims she’s lost work for being too pretty; world’s tiniest violin removed from case.

Scott Stapp starts drunken brawl with members of 311 at a hotel in the 410, almost has to call 911. Here’s the 411: Scott Stapp is a complete 455.

Tori Spelling cheats on husband, gets pregnant by married Canadian actor.  Sometimes made-for-tv movies just write themselves

50 Cent planning to make a vibrator of his manhood
so his female fans can pretend to have sex with him. Pfft. Pretend? A
real gangster would just sleep with all his female fans. He wouldn’t
need no stinkin’ vibrator.

a stunning battle to see who can sell out faster. Rolling Stones calls
50 Cent’s dildo and raises him an appearance on Days of our Lives.

Nicole Richie looking into a sitcom. Tentative title:  Everybody Loves Nicole’s Ribcage.

NBC, realizing people like funny shows, brings back Scrubs and moves My Name is Earl and The Office to Thursday. Still not cancelled: Joey.