When Microsoft Makes Fun of Itself, It’s Not Funny



Remember that Microsoft i-Pod parody? The one that imagined how clunky, wordy and dull the packaging for the MP3 player would be if the PC giant created it? I’m sure you assumed, like the rest of us, that the film was devised by some inflamed Apple revolutionary in an underground lair filled with other like-minded, Mac-obsessed hipsters with creative haircuts intent on overthrowing the Bill Gates empire.

But guess what?  Microsoft made the video! It turns out those wacky dudes in Seattle have a great sense of humor about themselves. Unfortunately now that we know Microsoft created it, it’s just not as cool anymore.




  • Charlize Theron is being lined up to star in a film about Dusty Springfield. In other words, after playing ugly for Oscars, she’s switched to the Reese Witherspoon model.
  • King Kong has been voted the best movie of 2005, earning it the top prize at the Empire Awards. For those of you not familiar with the Empire Awards, it is the award given by the World Gorilla Association. 
  • Speaking of King Kong, Jack Black has reportedly eloped with his girlfriend, Tanya Haden.  Let’s hope she doesn’t go Yoko on Tenacious D.
  • Will Ferrell is not dead
  • The Cars are getting back together, with Todd Rundgren taking over for Ric Ocasek. I’ll bet he’d rather take over for Ric as Paulina Porizkova‘s husband! 
  • Vince Vaughan wants Jennifer Aniston to gain 20 pounds so he’s giving her lots of sweets and booze. If anyone knows how to put on 20 pounds, it’s Vince Vaughn.

Is James Lipton Having the Best Week Ever?



Recently, the actors that have been appearing on Inside the Actors Studio have been slightly below the standards we’ve come to expect from the show. Sure, we all love Martin Lawrence, but he isn’t exactly Uta Hagen. Well, it was just announced that the upcoming season will feature Al Pacino, Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Hanks. They will also welcome their 200th guest, Tom Hanks Dustin Hoffman. Welcome back to the A List, Inside the Actors Studio, and we officially add James Lipton as a candidate for Best Week Ever!

REMAKING OUT: The Re-Makes We’d Like to See


Dimension Films is adapting Welcome Back, Kotter for the big screen, but with…wait for it…Ice Cube in the title role.

And what about remaking Dallas, but with Jennifer Lopez!  Forget JR, just wait until America has to wrap its mind around "Who shot J. Lo?"

In celebration of Hollywood’s willingness to put forth that extra bit of creative energy and originality by re-making every movie and television show in existence, your friends here at Best Week Ever are starting a new segment in which we beg and plead for the moviemakers to microwave the entertainment WE’D like to see again and again.

For this week’s installment, in honor of the above announcements: TV Shows reimagined…but with black people instead of white people!

Original Show: WKRP In Cincinnati
New Title: Droppin’ Hits
Concept: This classic radio station workplace comedy gets "hipped up" with an edgy, urban new cast, now working at a hip-hop station on satellite radio (to keep things modern!) 
Suggested Cast: Wayne Brady as the Wacky DJ, Charles S. Dutton as the curmudgeonly programming director and Tyra Banks as the foxy new receptionist.

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(LUKE WARM) SIZZLER: Bolton and Sheridan Engaged


Nsheridan Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette Sheridan and crooner Michael Bolton are officially engaged, according to People Magazine. Ever since the couple rekindled a romance they first consummated in 1994, they have been blissfully in love. Months ago the formerly-pony-tailed Bolton serenaded Sheridan with an impromptu concert in Hawaii and regularly the couple are seen cavorting on white sand beaches. But now that the duo will tie the knot, their romance will finally match the smoldering sexiness of the I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter Commercials.

BWE Photoshop Contest: Drunk Jakey G


Jakegyllenhaalpreoscarparty01_1Boys and girls, it’s time for another BWE Photoshop Contest. Are you ready?

By now everybody’s seen these photographs of an assumedly intoxicated Jake Gyllenhaal sticking his face all up in Ang Lee’s photo-ops. Egotastic was all over it. Well, now it’s your turn to see where else you could stick Jake.

Click below to get the Jake photos to work with. Then, email your submissions to BWEphotoshopContest@gmail.com.

The deadline is a week from today, March 21, so get crackin! The best one gets a prize. Best of luck.

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While You Were Thinking About How Nice A Spring Break Would Be


  • Scarlett
    Mike Wallace
    is retiring after 37 years on 60 minutes. You do the math.
  • Scarlett Johansson has been named Hollywood’s most natural beauty by a survey of make-up artists. Somehow, Cher didn’t make the list.
  • The host of the popular game show Press Your Luck was killed in a plane crash on Monday. Upon hearing the news, a slew of Jay Leno writers wonder if it’s too soon to make a Whammy joke.
  • The Golden Girls have been honored by Hollywood for their contributions to the TV world. This comes just days after being honored by The Cheesecake Factory for their contributions to the cheesecake world.
  • Nicole Richie is back with ex-fiance DJ AM. It’s a remix.
  • Aretha Franklin has the hots for Terrence Howard, and proved it by announcing "Twenty years ago i would have hustled and flowed with him." If you’ve seen Aretha lately it’s obvious that her hustling days are behind her… and I don’t even want to think about the flowing.

Like Father, Like Son



So Macaulay Culkin’s new book Junior or the strike through rambling McSweeney’s style autobiography, is on display in Barnes and Nobles across the country. While critics are calling it an "audaciously empty mishmash of poems, letters, comics, etc.," no one can deny the book is rife with father issues. The father in question is based on Culkin’s real dad Kit, a failed actor who’s reportedly pined after his son’s career since Uncle Buck.

Not suprisingly, Culkin Sr. is once again following in his son’s footsteps and writing his own autobiography. No doubt it will be rife with son issues. Find out more about it after the jump…

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