SIZZLER: George Lucas Okays “Indiana Jones” Script



Get your hat and whip ready:

George Lucas has finally given the go ahead to a script for the long-awaited Indiana Jones sequel and has passed it onto director Steven Spielberg for fine tuning. Speaking at last night’s Empire Awards in London, Star Wars producer Rick McCallum confirmed that shooting on the next adventure in the Jones franchise is moving towards a start date.
McCallum said, "(George has) just finished the Indiana Jones script, and Steven’s having that rewritten and a few things done."

This might be a disaster, but I’m excited anyway!

The Other Side of “Wife Swap”



A while back, there was a special episode of Wife Swap, where couples told us how the show saved their marriage. But it would seem to me that it would be much more likely that it would ruin marriages. Like last night’s episode, for instance:

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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • What do you get when you mash up a capella music with Super Mario Brothers? A nintendo medley sung by 15 college-age virgins, coutersy of WFMU’s Blog
  • Listening to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 makes the work week somewhat more bearable. Especially now that I’ve taken my boss hostage and taken control of the company. (sponsored by Audiography).
  • The Hype Machine has the Morissey/Siouxsie (of the Banshees) duet Interlude. Doesn’t hold a candle to the romance in Cher/Peter Cetera’s "After All".
  • If you’re jonesing for a little uptown soul, listen to Voice of East Harlem’s joint Cashing In brought to you by combo plates.
  • Said the Gramaphone kisses and makes up with "new folk" athenmists Espers. The band the blog formerly reviled, now calls their latest album one of the best in the past 15 years. Downlaod Dead Queen and judge for yourself.

Jack Bauer’s iTunes Playlist


Is it a bad thing that I can’t separate Kiefer Sutherland from Jack Bauer anymore? Nahhhh.

Anyway, Jack took a break from killing terrorists and seeking out the centox nerve gas to make a celebrity playlist for the folks over at iTunes. And of course, just like Jack, it’s pretty damn cool.

Not surprisingly, Jack included famously cool artists like David Bowie, XTC, The Police and Marvin Gaye. But I don’t know about his inclusion of "Angel" by Sarah McLachlin. That must’ve been a Kiefer pick.

Click the thumbnail to the right to check out the tracklisting. Playlist

Let’s Play the Irrelevancy Feud!


Not since the great Scott Stapp vs. 311 showdown of 2005 has there been such an epic battle of unnecessarily bloated egos as this – Scott Weiland and W. Axl Rose!

First, Axl files a lawsuit against Slash and talks some smack about Velvet Revolver, calling lead singer Weiland a "fraud". 

Then Weiland fires back a blistering open letter with perhaps the funniest opening line ever:

Get in the ring Go the gym, motherf*cker, or if you prefer, get a new wig motherf*cker.

Ouch.  Weiland 1, Rose 0.

Of course, Chinese Democracy is going to reinvent rock music as we know it.  Right, Axl?

TV From the Cradle to the Grave



What if this happens:
A couple meets on The Bachelor. They have their wedding on Wedding Story. They have a child on Baby Story. Then they do an episode of Wife Swap. That causes problems in their marriage, so they see Dr. Phil. They can’t work it out, so they go Divorce Court. The husband doesn’t like the settlement, so he kidnaps the kid and is on America’s Most Wanted. He’s caught and his trial is on Court TV. He mysteriously dies in prison, and his case is featured on Autopsy. Finally, the couple’s life is made into a Lifetime movie.

Did I miss anything?

Put Me In, Bowser – I’m Ready to Play!


Ah, the click of the mouse, the neurotic checking of the standings, the sweet, sweet pleasure of bragging obnoxiously to your co-workers.  That’s right, folks – it’s Fantasy Baseball time again.  But take a break from crafting your sure-fire killer team and join us in pontificating a much greater, much more important question: who would you pick as your starting line-up if you could only choose characters from classic Nintendo games

I’ll post my line-up after the jump – put yours in the comments!

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SIZZLER: Angie’s Wild Ride


God, I miss the pre-Brad-and-pre-adopting-half-of-Africa Angelina Jolie. Check this out:

I want to start out by saying I’m Bi-sexual but this happened in a
straight bar. I was in the ladies room of an when two girls
came in and were fooling around in the next stall. Then there was
shouting and one of them left. The other girl was crying at the sink
when I came out. She was VERY intoxicated. She was also one of the most
beautiful, exotic women I had ever seen before or since.

The story gets very Penthouse Forum from there. Not that I’ve ever read Penthouse Forum… I’m just assuming. Read the rest of the not quite safe for work Angelina Jolie story here. The woman sharing the story withheld her name and her location, so there’s really no way of ever finding out if this is true or not… but you know what? In my mind- it is. And that’s all that matters.

Link via Gawker.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: South Park’s Scientology Episode


Tom_cruise By now you’re well aware that Isaac Hayes has left South Park (we’ve mentioned it a couple of times.) In the words of Eric Cartman, Hayes got sand in his vagina over a November episode of the show that poked fun at Scientology.

What was so bad about the episode that poked fun at Tom Cruise, John Travolta, R. Kelly, and L. Ron Hubbard himself? Well, see for yourself:

You can download some clips here. Or, if you really have time to kill, watch the whole damn episode here.

So what do you think? Is Chef over-reacting, or is this episode really the worse thing to happen to South Park since Mecha-Streisand? Your call.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Office Space as Thriller


When Office Space came out in the mid 90’s it was way ahead of its time. Humour about the mundane was trumped by Quentin Tarantino-esque pop-violence. Well imagine how successful the sleeper hit would have been if they packaged it as a crime thriller. Ron Livingston would probably be headlining a 16 Blocks by now. (via daily sixer)