The Lindsay Lohan Story



In brief: just for the hell of it, an otherwise-ordinary civilian named Jason Lewis learns that Lindsay Lohan is staying at the Soho Grand, where he happens to be drinking at the bar. Being a prankster, Lewis leaves his name, a message and a number for Lohan. Lohan, thinking the Jason Lewis who has left word is the same Jason Lewis of Sex and the City fame, returned the call. And so a week of thrilling text messaging begins, culiminating in a climactic resolution at — where else? — Bungalow 8.

And this, people, is the reason why you should check out Gawker everyday. What a story!

Read the rest of the Lewis / Lohan saga here.

A girl has to keep her options open don’tcha know…

Mischa’s Barton*



*and by "Barton" we mean "nipple"

Eagle eyed OC viewers may have noticed something different about last weeks episode. Seems things got a little nipply in Orange County.

Now people wonder: will the FCC get involved? And to that, I say this– PEOPLE! What’s wrong with you??? We sat through 10 seasons of Dennis Franz’s fat naked ass on NYPD Blue and nobody complained, but now we see a quick flash of a grainy nipple and it’s time to cal the FCC??? What am I missing here? What happened to the good old days when it was COOL when a nipple popped out? God I miss the 90′s.

TVGasm has the OC video in Quicktime 7. If your computer can swing it, watch the video of the incident here.  I just hope we, as a nation, can make it through this.

/moves to Europe

X Box 360 Launch Party



Uh..when I think of the xbox I really don’t associate Jenny Garth, Paris Hilton or that damned Kimberly Stewart. Who is to blame for this party? When in doubt, always blame Bill Gates. It’s probably his fault anyway…[Perez Does the Xbox]

Final Fantasy XII Preview



Final Fantasy XII
was announced almost four years ago…and today, it’s still a nebulous,
uncertain question mark looming on the gaming horizon. There’s no
question it will be huge — if it ever ships. Until now, there’s been
no guarantee that FFXII would actually see the light of day; after its
bold, dramatic demo at E3 2004 (which received mixed reviews), the game
vanished into mystery. Surrounded by rumor, beset by massive personnel
changes and dogged by skepticism among the staunchest Final Fantasy
maniacs, FFXII has a lot to answer for.

Let me say that FFVII was the reason i bought a PSI back in the day and FFX was the reason I bought a PS2. If XII sees the light of day, I sure know I wont…for at least 4 days.[1UP POST] and [new trailer here