Sex Advice From Project Runway Stars


Sex_adviceFinally, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the sex lives of the stars of Project Runway. Finally.

Check out this Nerve interview, where Alexis Tirado gets down and dirty (in a literary sense) with Daniel Franco, Diana Eng, Zulema Griffin, and last but not least, Jay McCarroll.

Just to give you a taste of what you’re in for, here’s one of the best quotes from Jay’s interview:

Do you really believe in open relationships?
Yup, because there are people you can be friends with but don’t want to f**k. And then there are people you can be friends with and
f**k. And then there are people you can just f**k. And there are women
you can f**k. And men you can f**k. There’s all sorts of people you can
f**k. And all sorts of people you can have friendships with. Or deeper
relationships. Or cuddle with. Or petting relationships. . .

The man’s a poet. Read it all right here. You’ll never watch Project Jay the same way again.

SIZZLER: Stone Offers Israel a Piece


Stone_1 Sharon Stone is the latest American celebrity to visit Israel.   In recent years, the embroiled nation has had to take time away from their political struggles to play host to stars who come for selfish reasons . Whitney Houston visited in 2003 to find inspiration for her Christmas album. While Madonna visited Israel in 2004 to observe the Jewish Holiday and garner strength for her world tour.

But when Sharon Stone visited a women’s economic conference this week, she brought only new-found hope for the turbulent nation. After talks with world leaders and peace-keeping think tanks, the actress presented a solution for region: She has offered to "kiss just about anybody for peace in the Middle East".  The UN  plans to deliberate this tactic with a closed screening of Basic Instinct 2.  More pictures of her tour of duty (thanks to rosiedemario) after the jump…

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SIZZLER: Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny Angered by “Bunny” Question



Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny were taken off guard on The View, and it seems they weren’t too happy about it:

We hear Paxton and Sevigny went ballistic yesterday on the set of "The View" when co-host Joy Behar brought up that infamous scene in the indie flick Brown Bunny where Sevigny pleasures Vincent Gallo.

Though the actors masked their fury from viewers, Paxton is said to have exploded off-camera. According to one source, he even vowed never to appear on the show again.

Sevigny has frequently discussed the scene from the controversial 2003 film, but Paxton apparently didn’t want her to have to relive it on a daytime talk show.

He really takes his TV-husband duties seriously, and good for him. That question was completely out of left field and stupid, even for Behar. Apparently, the exchange was edited out for west-coast viewers. See the video.




  • Scott Stapp will not face charges stemming from his Feb. 10 arrest on suspicion of being drunk in public. But Kid Rock still thinks he’s an idiot.
  • Porn buyers have reportedly been exposed because of a leak from a top credit-card processor for adult entertainment websites. Which is a shame, because they would have preferred to expose themselves.
  • Brad Renfro pleaded no contest Wednesday to a drunken driving charge and was immediately taken to jail to begin serving a 10-day sentence. And he wasn’t the only one paying for playing behind the wheel because… 
  • David Hasselhoff pleaded no contest to driving under the influence and was ordered to do rehab, and he was fined and sentenced to community service and license restrictions. Hasselhoff got off easier than Renfro because, well, he’s Hasselhoff.
  • Daniel Craig says he never wanted to be James Bond because though he likes the money, it isn’t an "emotional challenge." Well, that smooth things over with all the Bond fans who hate him.
  • There’s a story going around that Angelina Jolie wants an open marriage with Brad Pitt so she could have the option to have sex with other men and women. Their prenup is going to be one sexy read!




SPECIES: Kiwa Hirsuta. The new animal resembling a furry lobster, just discovered in the South Pacific (not in your pants) (AP)

DECENT EXPOSURE: Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz’s ‘pete’ falls out of his pants onto his sidekick and all over the internet (The Bosh)

DANCERS: Rob Fosse’s man-bottomless dancers. Prepping for a new show is a little less stressful when you’ve got room breathe.  (screenhead)

WORD: Bootylicious. It’s no ‘fabulosity’ but it did officially get added to the Oxford English Dictionary. (Female First)

HELMET: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hair at a recent event looks like it could snap into her skull lego-style. (IDLYITW)

While You Were Stalking Your Ex on MySpace


  • Sharonstone
    Sharon Stone
    says she’d "kiss just about anybody" to end the decades-long conflict between Arabs and Israelis.  Hey, why not?  It got her a part in Basic Instinct (of course, she didn’t say WHAT she’d kiss).
  • Ex-football star Terry Bradshaw will be appearing nude in the upcoming film Failure To Launch.  As if you really needed ANOTHER reason not to see Failure To Launch
  • Did Tara Reid get wasted and crash her car outside of Dennis Rodman’s house?  Of course she did…just another day in Taradise, baby.
  • Martha Stewart has made another high-profile enemy only a week after her highly publicized row with Donald Trump, this time it’s Rosie O’Donnell.  And she thought prison was dangerous!  Now Martha’s only hope at not getting cut with a shiv is forming strategic alliances with Oprah and Joy Behar.
  • And without further ado, the REAL JT Leroy is finally revealed!  Yes, the real thing after all the waiting.  No, seriously – it’s for real this time.  Come on, guys.  Guys?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Make It Easy For Pornographers


An online gaming site is now taking bets on when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will finally deliver on their unspoken promise of adulthood take off their clothes for the camera.  The smart money is anywhere between New York Minute 2 and one of the sisters getting married to Tommy Lee. Olsenssexy_3

Anyway, this got me thinking about what kind of creative movie titles the pornographers would come up with in the event these two starlets actually were to end up filming a skin flick.  But when I went to their IMDB profile, something dawned on me…ALMOST ALL OF THEIR MOVIES SOUND LIKE PORN TITLES!  The sleazy porn producers wouldn’t have to change a thing!

Here are some of my favorites (tons more after the jump):

When In Rome
Getting There
Holiday in the Sun
So Little Time
Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action!
Our Lips Are Sealed

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