LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • The "honky-tonk purist" Moe Bandy‘s cheatin’ songs are the focus at Big Rock Candy Mountain.
  • Spread the Good Word says "Don Willis died in Memphis March 1st. Stop. Maker of one of the all-time great rockabilly record ‘Boppin’ High School Baby.’" Hear for yourself. 
  • The Number One Songs in Heaven says about "Ain’t Got Time Fa’ Nothin‘" by the Futures: "a floaty groover with a sexy midtempo rhythm and some lovely harmonies."
  • Keep the Coffee Coming has a little gift from Cher: "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves." No need to lay your money down.
  • Soul Shower strikes a conciliatory moment us Robert Moore‘s "Everythings Gonna Be Allright."
  • Oh! Sweet Nothing’s got  Reverend Charlie Jackson‘s "Morning Train," which he found after "fooling around on Spiritualized‘s website."
  • This is from a while back, but The Sound of Indie has a demo of the Smiths‘ "Handsome Devil."

SIZZLER: Jessica Dumped In 118 Characters or Less


It’s being reported that inexplicable stud Adam Levine recently dumped hot rebound girl Jessica Simpson via text message.  Ouch, that’s GOT to hurt.  According to tabloids, Levine’s message was only four words: "Really Busy. Need Space."

Ah yes, a text message break-up classic.  Just goes to show you that even a universally desired mega-star like Jessica Simpson isn’t immune to the flighty whims of a man with so little time and so many people to do. 

We’ve discovered a few other break-up text messages Adam considered sending:

  • Thx 4 the @ss…FU…LOL
  • 3way w/ Ash?
  • Srsly, U R gettin annoying.
  • I M Gay.
  • Maroon 5 Rulez.  Nick Lachey droolz.
  • 2 Many Daddy Issues.  C U L8r.
  • Paris, It’s Adam.  Hurts when I pee.



DrunkentarareidIn this case, DWI stands for ‘Driving While Idiotic." From

A well-lubricated Tara Reid was seen outside of Dennis Rodman‘s Newport Beach house on Wednesday morning, paying off a local resident after slamming into their car.

According to our eyewitness, Ms. Reid’s "pupils were clearly dialated, fow what reason I don’t know." After exiting their respective vehicles, Tara told the owner of the other vehicle that she "didn’t want to deal with insurance," and promptly handed the gentleman $700 dollars to "forget it ever happened."

Alex mentioned this yesterday, but I just had to add three things. 1) Tara Reid and Dennis Rodman??? This woman has officially nailed the entire C-List. Congratulations. You get a crate of Redbull and Parliaments for your hard week. 2) I never want to see the words "well lubricated" and "Tara Reid" in the same sentence ever again. Please? And 3) Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that this isn’t Tara’s first "here’s a few hundred bucks, keep your mouth shut" transaction the morning after a long night of partying? Call it a hunch.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The British Apprentice



These days everyone loves the American version of The Office so much they’re forgetting the original version came from across the pond. So to even the score,  the Brits have taken an American TV creation and made it their own.

Check out the British Apprentice. The show, which takes place in London, has the same premise as the original and the same six figure salary grand prize. But instead of The Donald, they’ve got Sir Alan Sugar– a British entrepreneur with a net worth of 800 million pounds and a business selling "set top boxes and personal video recorders." Any guesses as what will replace Trump’s trademarked "You’re Fired"? How about "My good boy, you’ve been cordially asked to leave."



The cast members of Big Love were on The View yesterday, and Joy Behar thought that the morning show was an appropriate forum to ask Chloe Sevigny about the oral-sex scene from The Brown Bunny. It’s incredilby awkward and Behar was totally out of line (and really stupid). Sevigny handled it graciously, but Bill Paxton seemed pretty upset and stands up for her. Word is that he was really pissed after the segment.

Also, you may have also missed the video of Behar hanging with a bunch of male strippers. Luckily, we just happen to have it for you!

Sex Advice From Project Runway Stars


Sex_adviceFinally, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the sex lives of the stars of Project Runway. Finally.

Check out this Nerve interview, where Alexis Tirado gets down and dirty (in a literary sense) with Daniel Franco, Diana Eng, Zulema Griffin, and last but not least, Jay McCarroll.

Just to give you a taste of what you’re in for, here’s one of the best quotes from Jay’s interview:

Do you really believe in open relationships?
Yup, because there are people you can be friends with but don’t want to f**k. And then there are people you can be friends with and
f**k. And then there are people you can just f**k. And there are women
you can f**k. And men you can f**k. There’s all sorts of people you can
f**k. And all sorts of people you can have friendships with. Or deeper
relationships. Or cuddle with. Or petting relationships. . .

The man’s a poet. Read it all right here. You’ll never watch Project Jay the same way again.

SIZZLER: Stone Offers Israel a Piece


Stone_1 Sharon Stone is the latest American celebrity to visit Israel.   In recent years, the embroiled nation has had to take time away from their political struggles to play host to stars who come for selfish reasons . Whitney Houston visited in 2003 to find inspiration for her Christmas album. While Madonna visited Israel in 2004 to observe the Jewish Holiday and garner strength for her world tour.

But when Sharon Stone visited a women’s economic conference this week, she brought only new-found hope for the turbulent nation. After talks with world leaders and peace-keeping think tanks, the actress presented a solution for region: She has offered to "kiss just about anybody for peace in the Middle East".  The UN  plans to deliberate this tactic with a closed screening of Basic Instinct 2.  More pictures of her tour of duty (thanks to rosiedemario) after the jump…

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SIZZLER: Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny Angered by “Bunny” Question



Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny were taken off guard on The View, and it seems they weren’t too happy about it:

We hear Paxton and Sevigny went ballistic yesterday on the set of "The View" when co-host Joy Behar brought up that infamous scene in the indie flick Brown Bunny where Sevigny pleasures Vincent Gallo.

Though the actors masked their fury from viewers, Paxton is said to have exploded off-camera. According to one source, he even vowed never to appear on the show again.

Sevigny has frequently discussed the scene from the controversial 2003 film, but Paxton apparently didn’t want her to have to relive it on a daytime talk show.

He really takes his TV-husband duties seriously, and good for him. That question was completely out of left field and stupid, even for Behar. Apparently, the exchange was edited out for west-coast viewers. See the video.