Is MySpace Having the Best Week Ever?


First, it was Joe Rogan‘s blog post heard ’round the world, recounting his bloody online battle of the witless with a rogue young MySpace warrior known to us only as "Kevin".

Then ex-Mrs. Federline Shar Jackson used the online networking site to stream her cover of man-stealer Britney Spears‘ famous song "Toxic".

And let’s not forget about post 15-minutes of famer Kristin Cavalleri, who is using her MySpace blog to make excuses for explain the abrupt cancellation of her reality show Let’s Get This Party Started.

Who needs a high-priced publicist when you can have a free MySpace profile, the willingness to blog, and a little too much to drink?  A place for friends?  I think not.

MySpace is definitely having the Best Week Ever!

ALSO:  Your friends here at Best Week Ever have our very own profile.  Thanks for the add!

Kristin’s Party Just Getting Started?



If anyone watched Kristin Cavalleri’s short-lived UPN reality series, Let’s Get This Party Started, you’d know it should never have been canceled. The show, which threw surprise parties for unsuspecting people, was such a rating success we couldn’t imagine why anyone would give it the axe. Thankfully the mystery has been solved. According to "Kristin’s" creatively-punctuated Myspace blog:

"My show Get This Party Started–i cancelled [i]t because i want to star in a couple of episodes of lb[laguna beach] with some old season 2 friends like jess and alex m[.] alex h is still going to be in college so u wont probably see her in season 3 but i cancelled the show because has i sed [said] i was doing lb3 and my schudelue with that and get this[party started]… was getting to hacked[.] But after we’re done filming the show in like april, get this party started mite[might] be back on air and believe me its not going to be on the same nite of lb lol

We’re keeping out fingers crossed. After the jump, "Kristin" sells us on the new season of Laguna Beach

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SIZZLER: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to Marry


Nic_keith_walkOkay, I know we’ve heard this before, but it looks like the Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wedding is really on:

According to a new report set to hit the newsstands on Friday, In Touch Weekly states that Nicole Kidman is finalizing plans for a lavish wedding despite denials from Nicole Kidman’s Australian publicist.
"Too many people are involved to keep the time and place a secret for much longer," says a friend of Nicole. In fact, some of the Kidman clan may have spilled the beans already. A source has been quoted as saying: "They’re so excited, they’re telling their travel agents why they’re flying around the world."

Normally I would be skeptical, but since he wrote that song and all, I’m inclined to believe it.

GAMES: Movie Time


Three big movies are opening up this weekend: Failure to Launch, These Hills Have Eyes, and The Shaggy Dog. Now, while I’m probably not going to see any of them in the theaters (let’s be serious, people), that doesn’t mean I’m not going to check out their websites to see what kind of killer games the studios put together for me to play. I decided to review them for you right here. So let’s begin.

3. Failure to Launch: I got excited when I saw the special features section on the Failure To Launch page. I was really hoping that I could finally live out my dream of launching Sarah Jessica Parker into a wall or something. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option. Instead, the only game offered is a "Roommates Vs. Parents" quiz, where you have to decide things like who’s more likely to: Rent or Own– your roommates or parents. Really tough stuff. Grade: D (almost a Failure, but not quite)

2. These Hills Have Eyes: A video game hasn’t been able to scare me since Castlevania on Nintendo in 1988. Sorry guys. Grade: C

1. The Shaggy Dog: That Tim Allen! He sure knows how to entertain! The best of the three, this site has plenty to keep you busy… if you’re 12. The Frogger-esque "Chase The Cat" game kept me entertained for minutes, and the What Kind of Dog Are You? quiz proved insightful. I’m a bulldog. The best feature on the site, though, is the Shaggify Yourself page. No, it’s not what you think– Disney is not re-directing you to a porn site. Instead, you can upload a picture and see what you would look like as a dog. Naturally, I was curious what Paris Hilton would look like if she was one. So, when you click below, you can finally see what Paris would look like if she was a bitch. I said "if."

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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • "Close the Door" by the great Joe Tex. Must be the devil’s music because it sure has horns. (Soul Club)
  • Got a little "proto disco" here (I like Retta Young‘s "You Beat Me to the Punch" and Chuck Jackson‘s "Take Off Your Make-Up"). There’s also a nice history lesson on the site. (Soul Sides
  • A nice dose of Canned Heat, including an alternate take of "On the Road Again." (Diddywah)
  • "Cool Way to Live" by the Monks. You’ll never cure me of my bad habits. (100% Mod Pop Punk)
  • "The Creeps" by Mommy’s Little Monster-era Social Distortion. (Punk Rock in My Veins)
  • "FIESTA! Charles Magnante – his accordion and orchestra go south of the border" Listen to them all! (goofspot)

Blind Item: The Passion 2: Sometimes they Come Back?



Somebody really really important in Hollywood is making the next big "biblical film." But they can’t start filming until they cast the lead. Casting directors have posted an add on, looking for Mediterranean/Middle-Easterners between the ages of 13 and 18 to star in a "project  based on a Biblical story, set in the Roman province of Judea, at the beginning of the first century A.D." 

Any guesses as to who’s behind this one?

SIZZLER: The Bad Seed 2?


As the world waits with breathless anticipation for the good news of another Spears-Federline less-than-immaculate conception, these shots of Britney at the beach lead one to wonder: is she carrying a new K-Fed spawn, or just eating too many Cheetoh’s? 

Take a look and decide for yourself.

Shar’s Getting Toxic


20sharjacksonMySpace isn’t just for Joe Rogan to bitch out kids anymore.

Oh no. Now, it’s also for jealous ex-girlfriends to try to gett attention and try to show up their man’s new lady. Case in point: Shar Jackson covering Britney Spears‘ "Toxic."

If you have a MySpace profile (which I’m sure you do), you can listen to it here.

According to one of the blog entries, Shar recorded the song for the soundtrack of a movie named "Toxic." The fact that it’s Britney’s song, and Britney is the girl who stole Kevin Federline away from her? Well, that’s just a coincidence. I’m sure.

Link via Thrifty Boutique Gossip.

Reese Through The Years



Here’s why celebrities are superior: they never go through an awkward period. If you looked at photographs of me throughout my 27 years, you’d see a very bumpy two year patch marked by a mouth full of rubber-banded braces, oily skin and a host of very unnecessary training bras. But not Reese Witherspoon, the Oscar winning actress, who says the perfect things when accepting an award and manages to stay grounded even when she’s earning $29 million a picture,  never ever experienced the painful side of puberty. Just look at the seamless way she matured through the years. Now wonder she’s so well-adjusted (and I’m not). See Reese through the years after the jump (thanks ONTD)

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