Smellevision: Now in Color!



The producers of Desperate Housewives and perfume makers Coty have inked a deal to create a line of fragrances based on the hit television series.  No word on what the perfume will smell like, but presumably a floral scent will be infused to conjure up the ladies of Wysteria Lane.

We love the idea of perfumes based on TV shows so much, we came up with a few fragrances we’d love to see in department stores soon. Scratch and sniff after the jump…

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Date My Mom: Celebrity Edition


Date My Mom is one of all-time favorite shows (if you haven’t seen it, go to the show’s website), and I’ve always wondered what it would be like if the daughters were celebrities. It might go something like this:

Mom #1 (left): I know you’ll like my daughter because men have been telling me how pretty she is since she was thirteen She’s got really nice curves, and even better maternal instincts. She’s not too fussy about what she wears, and will even go out barefoot. I hope you’ll choose her because the guy she’s with now is a real idiot. In fact, if you don’t pick her, I’ll run you over with my four-wheel drive.

Mom #2 (middle): You’ve got to choose my daughter. First of all, she looks just like me, so you know she’s pretty. Also like me, she works all day but parties all night. She’s had lots of dating experience so I know you’ll have fun with her. If you pick her, you’ll have to drive because she’s a little accident prone. And if you don’t pick her, well, I’m available…

Mom #3 (right): You are going to absolutely love my daughter. She loves traveling, going to parties, and making home movies (some of those have even become big hits on the Internet). Oh, and she really, really loves animals. If I had to choose three words to describe my daughter I would choose hot.

Choose a mom, then find out who your date is after the jump!

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SIZZLER: Steve-O Goes


SteveojunkFrom Sky Showbiz

…it wasn’t an animal who peed on their way into a pre-Oscars party. It was a human being.

The culprit? Jackass crazy dude Steve-O.

O was on his way into The Key Club on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, when he
unzipped his trousers and made like a life-sized fountain.

How is it that Paris Hilton is getting turned away from parties, but Steve-O can saunter right in and write his name in the snow? Something’s not right out there in Hollywood.

WWTDD has a collection of the photograhs. Action shots, if you will. So you can take a look if you’d like. Me? I think I’m gonna pass. I saw Jackass: The Movie. So I’ve seen more than enough of Steve-O for one lifetime.

While You Were Listening To Natalie Portman Rap



  • Natalie Portman recently dropped in on a Columbia University class to lecture on terrorism. Impressive, considering three days ago she was doing this.
  • MTV Jackass Bam Margera recently  got himself arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport for being blatantly intoxicated.  He’s one sex tape co-starring Fred Durst away from crusing down the Scott Stapp Expressway to Irrelevancy.
  • Remember when we reported that it was rumored the couple from The Bachelor were splitting up? Well, we were right. You know, if we can’t count on reality show wannabe celebrity attention whores to stay together, just what can we believe in?
  • Troubled young actor Brad Renfro has been ordered into a drug rehab program after his recent arrest for attempting to buy heroin on LA’s "skid row".  Renfro says he’s looking forward to the program, as he’s always wanted to meet Natasha Lyonne.

America’s Next Top Party


Molliesue_2 You’re invited to a very special premiere party in honor of Mollie Sue–one of this season’s America’s Next Top Model candidates. It’ll be a great night if you live in Tampa, Florida and know Molly Sue’s hipster friends who are throwing the event for her. Otherwise it will just be awkward.

Mollie Sue, a former waitress, is already big shot in her hometown of Tampa even though the show hasn’t aired yet. But will she be a bigshot worldwide? Based on her Myspace profile, we can tell you that Molly is a married and possibly has a newborn baby. Strong qualities that are bound to get her to the semi-final round of the show, but probably won’t snag her the title.  In the meantime, she should sit back and enjoy the free drink tickets while they last. More pictures of Mollie Sue after the jump.

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SIZZLER: Lil’ Jon Goes Porn



Need something to watch while you enjoy your crunk juice? Lil’ Jon‘s got just the thing. He is

following in the footsteps of fellow rapper Snoop Dogg by starring in his own pornographic films. In the first red-hot movie, Lil’ Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party, the singer doesn’t have sex on camera but does appear during numerous flesh-filled scenes.

Kind of lame that Lil’ Jon keeps the Lil’ Johnson off the screen, but it’s nice to see an artist branching out.

BWE Photoshop Contest: Put Paul Anywhere!


Destiny_1Just a reminder, the Put Paul Anywhere Photoshop Contest ends tomorrow, so make sure to get your entries in as fast as you can!

You can get the Paul Scheer faces here, and email your submissions to Whoever wins will get their photoshopped picture posted this Friday, and they’ll also receive a prize.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to see some of our current favorites.

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SIZZLER: Is Paris Over?


Paris_4 While we were more than happy to kiss trucker hats goodbye and we welcome the day when the world is free of gay cowboy jokes, we’re heartbroken to say goodbye to our beloved 21st century icon: Paris Hilton. It seems that Hilton, who for the past 4 years has topped every A-list in Hollywood due to her ability to party, has finally been shut out of the biggest party of them all. Why? because she’s not famous enough.

On Sunday night, Hilton was banned from Vanity Fair’s annual post-Oscar party. With only 500 invites, Vanity Fair Editor in Chief Graydon Carter reportedly didn’t think Hilton was important enough to attend. "Paris who? She will never attend one of the parties I host," said the editor. 

While Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton toasted the night away, poor Paris was left to clean out her A-list locker and return to a life of B-list fame. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the end of an era.

TRAILER TALK with Ronnie Dwayne Munro


Redneck2How y’all doin’. I’m Ronny Dwayne Munro, and I’m here to talk about the one thing I know anything about: trailers. This week, we’re gonna be lookin’ at the newest trailers available here on the World Wide Internets.

1. X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Holy guacamole, this is what God Bless American movie-goin’ is all about. Well, this and Milk Duds. This movie pretty much has it all. Explosions, fightin’, the President, and best of all, a bunch of monsters finally destroying that hippie-liberal heathen-hole San Francisco once and for all. It’s like they made this movie just for me.

2. Talladega Nights – Oh my dear sweet Jesus. Look at me getting all excited for that last movie, and then I come across something like this. You know, I’ve been sayin’ forever it’s about time someone made a serious movie about NASCAR, and looky here they’ve gone and done it. This’ll be the movie me and my family will watch over and over, every Christmas eve. For all these years, when I heard the phrase “Talladega Nights”, I always thought about stumbling around the parking lot at the race track, lookin’ for a lady with lots of tattoos to tuck me into bed. Now I’m gonna think about Ricky Bobby.
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