SIZZLER: Kate Moss, A Bad Egg



From the Sun:

MODEL Kate Moss travelled the world with hard drugs hidden inside a Fabergé egg. She used the £65,000 gem-encrusted case to carry cocaine, ecstasy and the date-rape drug Rohypnol. A pal told how Kate popped ecstasy and Rohypnol to help her “come down” from coke-fuelled highs. Kate, 32, showed off the egg, normally used as a posh decoration, during a South African trip in 1998.

Gives new meanign to the word Fab! (Thanks to Goldenfiddle.)

SIZZLER: Barry Balco


Barry Bonds got really strong and hit a lot of home runs!

Oh, and it sounds like he did a massive amount of steroids to do that. I probably should have mentioned that in the first line.

Baseball fan or not, you have to read this article. It basically claims that since ’98, Bonds has done more drugs than Courtney Love and put on more weight than Kirstie Alley.

So if this all turns out to be true, what’s going to happen to Bonds’ records? Will they be wiped out? Will they stand? Will they get an asterix? I have no clue… the only thing I do know is that I wouldn’t want to be with 1,000 feet of this guy when he finds out. The roid rage will be devastating.

What do you guys think about this? I want to know.

While You Were Thinking How Much Better the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Looks on TV



  • Rod Stewart has to pay a Las Vegas casino $3 million over a concert he missed. Oh and Kimberly needs $4 million for those shoes she wants to buy.
  • Christina Aguilera’s new husband halts her Dirrrty image. Instead, with he’s encouraging her to embrace a new hygggenic image.
  • Jennifer Aniston might move with Vince Vaughn to Chicago. She just wants to wait till the weather clears up and it’s sunny and warm all year round.
  • Jake G takes out his Oscar frustration by giving Ang Lee devil horns. Not a bad way to blow off steam.
  • Brokeback Mountain and Crash are so Sunday night. Here’s the two movies(X-Men and A Prairie Home Companion) everyone’s talking about today.
  • Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have a drug-fueled lesbian romp during a charity event at Nelson Mandela’s house. That dude, Mandela, sure can throw a party.
  • Check out Brad and Angie’s matching rings. I have a hunch those two are more than just friends. 
  • Hillary Swank comforted Phillip Seymour Hoffman after he forgot to thank his girlfriend in his Oscar speech. Last year Swank to forgot to thank husband Chad Lowe and look how happy..oh.

Keith Urban Loves Trucks, His Dog, Momma…and Nicole Kidman


UrbanAccording to the National Ledger, country music star Keith Urban has been hard at work on a new song, attempting to describe how he feels about fiancee Nicole Kidman. Through our shadowy network of operatives, Best Week Ever has managed to get our hands on an early draft of the song’s lyrics. Check them out:

Baby, I’m just a simple man
Doin’ what I can
To hold on to a star like you.
I make a livin’ singing country
I don’t know scientology
but I’ll never make you worship Xenu.

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Court TV Plays Games



For some reason, Court TV has tons of games on its website. There is one, Bucky’s Magic Case Predictor, that ties in with Las Vegas Law. It’s basically like a Magic 8 Ball, but it answers what will happen in any impending legal case you might be involved with. Sample answer: "Lawyer was drunk." Don’t forget to play "Whack a Ghoul" while you’re there…

Introducing: the Chicksdiggim



Now that you all know what a Chicksdigger is —a female celebrity who women love and men loathe–it’s time to introduce you to another term: The Chicksdiggim. Described by some as the inverse of Sarah Jessica Parker, these are men that women want to score and men want to beat the sh*t out of.

The classic Chicksdiggim pairs dandy ties and form fitting blazers with ultra expensive sneakers. He may look casually stylish to the ladies but men know he spends a fortune on his look. Mostly sensitive singer-songwriters and stars of film and TV, the Chicksdiggim uses his strong jawline to balance out his adorable dimples or puppy-dog eyebrows– to create a look that’s both threatening and cuddly to women.

But all men see is a bulls-eye. The Chickdiggim may not know the extent to which he is in danger of getting his ass kicked,  but he does know enough to avoid all physical confrontation due to his own limpid arm muscles diguised in layers of cool band t-shirts. On a rainy day, he may suggest you put makeup on him or he may even have his own eyeliner after the positive reception he got from women on past occasions. A classic example of a Chicksdiggim is Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. More possible candidates after the jump…

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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • There are lots of great videos and live performances by the Smiths at YouTube. The girl in the "How Soon Is Now?" video still strangles my heart. (YouTube).
  • There is a Peter Cook Appreciation Society website with tons of great stuff. But my favorites are Dudley Moore‘s "Love Me" and Cook’s "Bedazzled" (both from the original version of Bedazzled). Scroll down to find them. (The Establishment)
  • 100 Percent Pure Poison gives us 100 percent soul with "You Keep Coming Back." (The Soul Club Jukebox)
  • "Cherry Bomb" and "Wait for Me" by the Runaways just because. (Good Rockin’ Tonight)
  • The blogger writes "Bahamadia is, however, possibly the queen of the smooth-monotone." I prefer "Culture Cut," though "Good Rap Music" lives up to its name. (Freemotion Hip Hop)
  • This guy offers up a "slice of Hindi Film goodness these tracks aren’t your average Asha, Lata, Kumar,Rafi hits no no there’s something more than a little disco about this yummy number." I recommend "Sheila O Sheila" and "Hare Krishna Jai Jai." (Record Brother)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: House of Cosbys


House_of_cosbys_1A man builds a cloning device to live out his ultimate dream: a house full of Cosbys. It’s a hilarious video, and it’s been the #1 rated movie on Channel101 for months. It also happens to be the one thing that Bill Cosby doesn’t want you to see.

Cosby’s lawyers are trying to pull the video off the web, going as far as to send cease and desist letters to several sites, including Channel 101 and Yesterday the Wall Street Journal picked up on the story. You can read it here.

I’m shocked that Dr. Huxtable wants this video taken down for two reasons. 1) It’s hilarious, and 2) as Waxy points out, everybody else parodies Cosby with no problem. The Simpsons, South Park, The Boondocks. It’s just not right. So do your part. If you’ve never seen it before, watch the video here. It’s the best way to support free speech, and have a good laugh in the process. Take that, pudding man.

Improving the Oscar Telecast



Now that the Academy has realized that hip-hop exists, I think it might be time for them to acknowledge some other developments in our culture, the Internet and the screen crawl. They could use these two together to get rid of all those thank-yous that bog down the telecast. Here’s my proposal:

Each nominee from every category gives the Academy a list of all the people they want to thank. The lists would then be posted on the Internet, and during the telecast, while the winners give their speeches, their thank-yous will be on a screen crawl below them. This way everyone gets thanked and maybe the winners would have the chance to make speeches that would be funny, touching, embarrassing, etc. and we’ll have something to talk about the next day other than how boring the show was.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Perfect Cheer


Now this is dedication. Check out this SIUC cheerleader who continued cheering during her school’s fight song as she was taken off the court on a stretcher. Truly one of the best In Case You Missed It moments you’ll ever see.