"Even with Channel 102′s two-month summer hiatus, the creators of
"Shutterbugs" were just too busy to complete a "real" third episode, so
they combined some recycled footage with a fake movie trailer and an
apology instead. They lost their position at #1… but just barely.
Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel smoked 9 out of 10 opponents
without even making a show. It looks like that old saying is true: don’t underestimate the ‘Bugs."

[Screenhead post]
[Direct Channel 102 link]

It’s berry berry hard being a grown up. Berry Berry hard…

Friday Morning Quick Hits



Oliver Stone begins shooting movie about 9/11 in NYC. He plans on using the tagline "Never forget… it’s in theaters this summer!"

forms a record label, Tom now knee-deep in hookers and blow.

Nicole Richie
says she would try heroin again. Probably because it’s much easier to find a vein now.

Vegetarian Pamela Anderson demands a ‘Vegetarian’ (i.e. leather free) Mercedes Benz G55 AMG. She also demanded air bags to be taken out as a standard feature as she prefers her own.

Stevie Wonder wants more Grammies for his trophy case. Friends hand him a couple old bowling trophies with crescent rolls taped to the end, hoping to shut him up

Grizzlies attack Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Bear-trainer Jennifer Aniston calls it a huuuuge coincidence.

Ashlee Simpson is just another drunk fembot.



So it seems Ms. Ashlee Simpson can’t handle her northern liquor all too well. After hitting up a few bars downtown Toronto, she decides, like any drunken idiot, to visit a local McDonald’s for some late night grub. Turns out a customer decided to use their cell phone camera to capture her drunken stupidity and instead of posting it on the internet like any normal individual they decided to send it in to a local Toronto news station. On the bright side, at least she didn’t try to do a jig to piss off our delightful neighbors. [Watch now]

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It’s On!


Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for the most bizarre celebrity feud since… well, ever, I think.

Ice_t In this corner, we have rapper-turned-actor Ice T.  Mr. T, the floor is all yours:

"I’ll tell you who I don’t like: Omarosa. That b- is not supposed to be famous. Being somebody in the business, you have a lot of admiration for people because you know how hard they work. But certain people, you’re just like, what the f- has that ho done."

He then added that he’s at the top of the list of people who dislike her, and volunteered to take care of it by saying "Give me the gun."

Omarosa Fair enough. Okay, now in this corner, the one and only Omarosa Marigo-Stablahblahblah. Omarosa, how do you respond?

"Tracy sold out his rap career to go play a cop on a show because his last album tanked. You’re supposed to be hard-core, rapping about killing and pimpin’ hos, and you go and play a cop? He sold out!. Real hip-hop artists – the ones that are true to the art form – do not resort to playa hating."

Wow. Um. Wow. This can only end poorly for Omarosa… and well for everybody who hates Omarosa. I just hope she comes out with a dis track before Ice T rereleases "Cop Killa" as "Washed Up Reality TV Star Killa."

Just like East Coast / West Coast, I need to know people: Whose side are you on?

are y’all ready for dis?



A track by Federline was posted on the Internet by Disco D, the producer of his upcoming album, "The Truth," to be released next year.

Though the song has since been taken off Disco D’s Web site, it has popped up elsewhere, giving a glimpse of Mr. Britney Spears’ rhyming abilities. [Keep reading here]

Here’s a sample: "My prediction is that y’all gonna hate the style we create, straight 2008."

Okay, my turn. MY prediction is that we’re going to hate it until 2016… at least.

Click here to listen to the future of Hip Hop, K-Fed.

Mp3 link thanks to Stereogum

Ali G slam dunks the NBA



Ali G :: Check it.  West Side.  This be Ali G representing with my man Kobe Bryant. Yo, respect.
Kobe Bryant nods head.
Ali G :: How many springs does an official ball have in it?
  Kobe :: How many springs?…  It doesn’t have any springs in it.
Ali G :: Why does it bounce then?
  Kobe :: It’s air.  There’s air in the ball.
Ali G :: Well, there’s air in this room.  How come this room ain’t bouncin’?


Respeck-t. Just Jared has all your Ali-G NBA video linkage and screencap goodness for you. Check-it![Just Jared Post]




"The heartwarming saga of a f**king ninja who is here
                      to kick you to f**k
man who speaks multiple languages,
                      beats up people, & drives a Porsche."

May not be safe for work due to language but here lies a Progressive Boink post you are sure to love. Especially if you hate pants.[One Very Scorpion-esque Link]

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Paris talking trash



Is Paris talking trash about Mary Kate? Or is it Nicole? Chances are it’s one of the girls beside her. Then again there is probably no one even on the phone. Don’t worry your pretty little head over Mary Kate. She’s got a 5 point plan…or something. I wasn’t really paying attention.[Link]

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