SIZZLER: Lil’ Jon Goes Porn



Need something to watch while you enjoy your crunk juice? Lil’ Jon‘s got just the thing. He is

following in the footsteps of fellow rapper Snoop Dogg by starring in his own pornographic films. In the first red-hot movie, Lil’ Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party, the singer doesn’t have sex on camera but does appear during numerous flesh-filled scenes.

Kind of lame that Lil’ Jon keeps the Lil’ Johnson off the screen, but it’s nice to see an artist branching out.

BWE Photoshop Contest: Put Paul Anywhere!


Destiny_1Just a reminder, the Put Paul Anywhere Photoshop Contest ends tomorrow, so make sure to get your entries in as fast as you can!

You can get the Paul Scheer faces here, and email your submissions to Whoever wins will get their photoshopped picture posted this Friday, and they’ll also receive a prize.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to see some of our current favorites.

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SIZZLER: Is Paris Over?


Paris_4 While we were more than happy to kiss trucker hats goodbye and we welcome the day when the world is free of gay cowboy jokes, we’re heartbroken to say goodbye to our beloved 21st century icon: Paris Hilton. It seems that Hilton, who for the past 4 years has topped every A-list in Hollywood due to her ability to party, has finally been shut out of the biggest party of them all. Why? because she’s not famous enough.

On Sunday night, Hilton was banned from Vanity Fair’s annual post-Oscar party. With only 500 invites, Vanity Fair Editor in Chief Graydon Carter reportedly didn’t think Hilton was important enough to attend. "Paris who? She will never attend one of the parties I host," said the editor. 

While Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton toasted the night away, poor Paris was left to clean out her A-list locker and return to a life of B-list fame. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the end of an era.

TRAILER TALK with Ronnie Dwayne Munro


Redneck2How y’all doin’. I’m Ronny Dwayne Munro, and I’m here to talk about the one thing I know anything about: trailers. This week, we’re gonna be lookin’ at the newest trailers available here on the World Wide Internets.

1. X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Holy guacamole, this is what God Bless American movie-goin’ is all about. Well, this and Milk Duds. This movie pretty much has it all. Explosions, fightin’, the President, and best of all, a bunch of monsters finally destroying that hippie-liberal heathen-hole San Francisco once and for all. It’s like they made this movie just for me.

2. Talladega Nights – Oh my dear sweet Jesus. Look at me getting all excited for that last movie, and then I come across something like this. You know, I’ve been sayin’ forever it’s about time someone made a serious movie about NASCAR, and looky here they’ve gone and done it. This’ll be the movie me and my family will watch over and over, every Christmas eve. For all these years, when I heard the phrase “Talladega Nights”, I always thought about stumbling around the parking lot at the race track, lookin’ for a lady with lots of tattoos to tuck me into bed. Now I’m gonna think about Ricky Bobby.
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SIZZLER: Kate Moss, A Bad Egg



From the Sun:

MODEL Kate Moss travelled the world with hard drugs hidden inside a Fabergé egg. She used the £65,000 gem-encrusted case to carry cocaine, ecstasy and the date-rape drug Rohypnol. A pal told how Kate popped ecstasy and Rohypnol to help her “come down” from coke-fuelled highs. Kate, 32, showed off the egg, normally used as a posh decoration, during a South African trip in 1998.

Gives new meanign to the word Fab! (Thanks to Goldenfiddle.)

SIZZLER: Barry Balco


Barry Bonds got really strong and hit a lot of home runs!

Oh, and it sounds like he did a massive amount of steroids to do that. I probably should have mentioned that in the first line.

Baseball fan or not, you have to read this article. It basically claims that since ’98, Bonds has done more drugs than Courtney Love and put on more weight than Kirstie Alley.

So if this all turns out to be true, what’s going to happen to Bonds’ records? Will they be wiped out? Will they stand? Will they get an asterix? I have no clue… the only thing I do know is that I wouldn’t want to be with 1,000 feet of this guy when he finds out. The roid rage will be devastating.

What do you guys think about this? I want to know.

While You Were Thinking How Much Better the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Looks on TV



  • Rod Stewart has to pay a Las Vegas casino $3 million over a concert he missed. Oh and Kimberly needs $4 million for those shoes she wants to buy.
  • Christina Aguilera’s new husband halts her Dirrrty image. Instead, with he’s encouraging her to embrace a new hygggenic image.
  • Jennifer Aniston might move with Vince Vaughn to Chicago. She just wants to wait till the weather clears up and it’s sunny and warm all year round.
  • Jake G takes out his Oscar frustration by giving Ang Lee devil horns. Not a bad way to blow off steam.
  • Brokeback Mountain and Crash are so Sunday night. Here’s the two movies(X-Men and A Prairie Home Companion) everyone’s talking about today.
  • Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have a drug-fueled lesbian romp during a charity event at Nelson Mandela’s house. That dude, Mandela, sure can throw a party.
  • Check out Brad and Angie’s matching rings. I have a hunch those two are more than just friends. 
  • Hillary Swank comforted Phillip Seymour Hoffman after he forgot to thank his girlfriend in his Oscar speech. Last year Swank to forgot to thank husband Chad Lowe and look how happy..oh.

Keith Urban Loves Trucks, His Dog, Momma…and Nicole Kidman


UrbanAccording to the National Ledger, country music star Keith Urban has been hard at work on a new song, attempting to describe how he feels about fiancee Nicole Kidman. Through our shadowy network of operatives, Best Week Ever has managed to get our hands on an early draft of the song’s lyrics. Check them out:

Baby, I’m just a simple man
Doin’ what I can
To hold on to a star like you.
I make a livin’ singing country
I don’t know scientology
but I’ll never make you worship Xenu.

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Court TV Plays Games



For some reason, Court TV has tons of games on its website. There is one, Bucky’s Magic Case Predictor, that ties in with Las Vegas Law. It’s basically like a Magic 8 Ball, but it answers what will happen in any impending legal case you might be involved with. Sample answer: "Lawyer was drunk." Don’t forget to play "Whack a Ghoul" while you’re there…