IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Kelly Clarkson’s New Video


Kelly Clarkson would like you to believe that cops, football players and office associates all love to sing her popular songs when they come on the radio. But really it’s just teenage girls…and it’s probably just that one song.  But we’ll let you be the judge of that. Check out here new video for Walk Away. Let us know if her music moves you to sing uncontrollably in an otherwise professional boardroom meeting. That may be grounds for a lawsuit.

SIZZLER: Is Terrence Howard Gay???


The short answer: Probably not. However, it’s amazing what happens when you slide a couple of effeminate looking photographs over a RuPaul song and match it up with some out of context interview quotes.

It just got even harder out there for a pimp. Shame on you, Media Take Out. Shame.

SIZZLER: Nick Hearts Kristin?


Nicklach In the past few weeks he’s been linked to Alyssa Milano, Miss Kentucky and Cheryl "Dancing with the Stars" Burke, but Nick Lachey has found his perfect match. Laguna Beach’s Kristen Cavelleri has been spotted on several dates with Lachey and has reportedly even met his mom. Meanwhile, Kristen has appeared on two UPN shows(Lets Get This Party Started and Veronica Mars) and Nick has guest starred on the WB’s Charmed and Twins. If this relationship works out, we can expect to hear the patter of little CW’s.

Pretty Girls in Pretty Dresses


Michelle We could write a commentary on last night’s best and worst dressed at the Oscars. We could shower some actresses with compliments and complain about the waistlines and color choices of other actresses. But here at Best Week Ever, we don’t need an excuse to show you pictures of really pretty women in really pretty dresses.  After the jump we bring you 8 red carpet pictures, absolutely opinion-free. Enjoy.

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SIZZLER: Diana Ross Gets Some Help From Oprah



Overheard this weekend:

"Diana Ross confiding that her 17-year-old son with the late Norwegian tycoon Arne Naess Jr., Evan Olaf Naess, was applying to nine colleges. ‘So far he’s heard back from two — he got into Arizona and Morehouse. Oprah called Morehouse for him.’"

It’s interesting that he still needs help even though Diana Ross is his mom and his dad was a tycoon. I’d hate to see what his grades must be like, though he must have relaxed when he found out Oprah was helping. I’m pretty sure she could get Scott Stapp into college. Maybe not his first choice, but definitely his safety.

(Thanks to the New York Daily News.)

Down The Toilet


There’s a lot of toilet-related news to report today. First and foremost:

Did Kate Moss Do Coke in Nelson Mandela’s House? According to a model booker who used to work with Kate, the sniffly model dragged him into a bathroom to do a line before meeting with Mr. Mandela. Allegedly. Geez… that sounds so unlike Kate. I guess this happened back in the days when she didn’t do it right out in front of the papparazzi. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

Next up: 35 Cities, 35 Toilet Seats. The Smoking Gun has posted the hotel requirements of demanding diva Mary J. Blige. One of the more… unique… demands: "Must be fully carpeted, clean and have private toilet (with new toilet seat)." No more drama, my ass.

And since all good things come in 3’s, how about we finish up with this story: Australia plans on strengthening their toilet seats because people are getting fatter. I thnk this is great… though I’m a little upset that Australia beat us to it. Come on. We’re supposed to be #1. Not #2.

Okay, that’s it for the potty humor.

While You Were Debating Whether Pimp is the New Gay



  • Check out creepy paparazzi footage of stars going to last night’s "hottest" after party. How hot was it? let’s just say both Cuba Gooding Jr. and Topher Grace were both there at the same time!
  • Britney Spears confesses that she’s pregnant again…. to a ‘source’ at her local spa. If that’s good enough for Star Magazine, it’s good enough for me.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightly were flirting all night long. See that–losers really can be winners (but only if you’re really a winner)
  • On second thought, now that she’s not with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston looks rather dowdy.
  • It’s not easy to explain a lesbian kiss with a teenage pop star to your preteen daughter. Best just to tell her it was a dream. 
  • Brad Pitt was considering playing gay in next movie. After last night, we recommend he consider playing ‘pimp’.
  • Alyssa Milano and Carmen Electra are the real winners of last night’s Oscars. They’ve overcome opressive stereotypes and have made it… to the US Weekly Oscar Party.

Lindsay Lohan: Come Back to Your Journal



On October 15, 2003, Lindsay Lohan wrote in her online journal:

hey guys, i’m soooo sooo sorry i haven’t written in a while!! I have been working non-stop, i’m in Toronto, Canada right now filming a movie called Mean Girls(comes out next summer), and i just wrapped on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (due to come out around February.)  I am going home to NY for 2 days for some photo shoots, then i’m back here for a week, then off to LA for 3 days, and then back again…lol- I miss my family so much, so i’m so excited to see them on Thursday.  But anyway, i just wanted to check in, i’ll try and write more.. xx LL

And then, despite her promise to write again Lindsay turned her back on journal writing, seemingly forever. I learned a lot from her journal, and I’ve really missed getting a view of what it is like to be not just A teen queen, but THE teen queen. Plus, it seems that since she stopped writing, people have felt free to spread all kinds of rumors that she could easily quash with a journal entry.

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