I’m just travelin’ through…


I was having SUCH A GOOD TIME… NO ONE WAS SINGING!!! Hanks was Funny, Stiller looked kind of like we all used to look when our parents let us stay up late to watch the oscars…

Do you think that Tim Burton kind of knew he had no chance when they sat him up near the sound board???

Oh… someone’s singing… I LOVE Dolly Parton, but this is no “9 to 5!” Is this REALLY the theme to “Transamerica?” Are they gonna open a new part of Dollywood now?

Stewart makes it work!!!


Fans of comedy were rooting for Jon… but everyone knows this is the toughest crowd in the world. (“Uma, Oprah”…)

Stewart helld his own, with a bit of a rocky beginning — not because of his jokes, which were great, but because the crowd is so tough. Just look at the cut-aways — Theron, Spielber, even Giamatti was nervous and drumming his fingers. But thanks to two really brilliant film bits (the “who didn’t host” open and the Western montage), he made his own mark… looks good for the rest of the night…

((Only to be topped by George Clooney accepting by improving his own obituary… “Oscar Winner George Clooney…)))




Here’s what you can expect tonight:

We’ll have up-to-the-minute text posts to the blog… there’s going to be a lot of questions for you to comment on, we’re going to really try and keep the conversation going.

You know, for the past month it’s been “Brokeback Sweep” “Brokeback Sweep.” Is anyone else getting cold feet about this??? Are you revising your oscar pool ballots at the last minute?

Every 30 minutes or so, you can expect a video blog from Rob Huebel’s home … really just about 20 minutes away from the Red Carpet! We’re THAT CLOSE!!!

Many of our favorite panelists will be there — we hope you’ll join us!




I was trying to fill out my oscar ballot… more about that later… and i looked up to see Gary talking to Joan… I think Gary kept saying something like “You’re so smart to do this live… you’re so smart to do this live…” and then Joan almost pushed him away, turned to Melissa and said “It can’t get any worse than that…”

Was that what I saw? Anyone else?


REAL Wal-Mart Fashion Fashion Cam


Joan Rivers’ TV Guide preview features something called the “Wal-Mart Fashion Cam,” basically just a shot of arriving celebrities. I kind of think, if you were REALLY gonna feature Wal-Mart Fashion… you might want to turn the camera around to the fans on Hollywood Boulevard.



You KNOW you’re going to be hearing these words tonight…

“(looking up at the sky) This is for you (grandma, dad, mom, cat)…”
Did you know that Mel Gibson knows ALL of those words… in MAYAN? (Mel will be promoting his new film “Apocalypto” by appearing on the Oscars and speaking in Mayan. Ironically, his father will be on Australian radio at the same time, denying that the Mayans ever happened.)

Submit your nominee for WORD OF THE NIGHT … we’ll send the winner a beautiful Best Week Ever Hoodie!

Words you probably won’t hear tonight:

“Full refund for anyone who saw Aeon Flux”
“We wish we could give you those two hours back…”
“God Bless the President”



We’ll be live video blogging the Oscars this Sunday night! Starting at 8PM / 5PM Pacific, Rob Huebel, Doug Benson, Michael Colton, John Aboud, Danielle Schneider and a host of other Best Week Ever friends will be commenting RIGHT HERE on the telecast, by text AND video.

If there isn’t streaking at the Oscars (how RETRO), there’s bound to be at Rob’s house.





  • TGI FRIDAY’S MEAL: Fried Mozzarella, Jack Daniel’s Flat Iron Steak, Cinnabon Cheesecake  (TGI Friday’s
  • COLLECTIVE SIGH OF RELIEF: Blackberry users’. It was announced today that everyone’s favorite wireless email service will not be shut down. (CNN)
  • INTERVIEW: Piper’s with Sandy Lakdar, the French actress who reportedly has made Britney Spears nervous. (BWE)
  • AMAZING MICHAEL JORDAN COMMERCIAL: "2nd Generation." These kids are really, really like Mike. (ESPN via Gorillamask
  • TRIPLE THREAT: Jane Fonda. It is being reported that there is a sex tape featuring Jane Fonda in a threesome with Ted Turner and "a brunette." (Female First)
  • CHRISTINA AGUILERA: Glam-Makeover Edition. Her image change is going as planned. (Hollywood Tuna)
  • BEER MOVIE: Animal House. It was voted the best beer-drinking movie of all time, in a poll by American brewery Heartland. (Contact Music)

Is Kid Rock Having The Best Week Ever?


When you’ve put out #1 records, dated Pamela Anderson and Jaime Pressly, and spent the best years of your life boozing with an awesomely cool little person, odds are you’ve had some pretty incredible weeks. I’m assuming. Sadly, I can’t tell you from first hand experience.

Well, despite having a ton of good weeks, I think that THIS was Kid Rock’s best week ever. Why? Well, for one, he just started dating porn star Briana Banks, and everybody knows the most exciting time in a relationship is the beginning– even with porn stars! Actually, especially with porn stars! Again, I’m not talking from first hand experience. *Sigh*

So that’s a good start to having a best week ever. But it’s not enough– especially for Kid Rock. What put Kid over the top this week was the fact that he had the opportunity to do what everybody else in the world wants to do (besides ‘a porn star’): He got to call Scott Stapp an idiot. And everybody listened. And everybody published it. That’s gotta feel good.

Well, do you want to know who’s having the best week ever? Is it Kid Rock? Stacy Keibler? Dumb Kids? Robocop? Somebody different entirely? Tune in to VH1 tonight at 11 and all weekend long to find out.