Margaret Cho Comments on the Harajuku Girls



"Now she has 4 things all together, the Harajuku Girls. I want to like
them, and I want to think they are great, but I am not sure if I can. I
mean, racial stereotypes are really cute sometimes, and I don’t want to
bum everyone out by pointing out the minstrel show. I think it is
totally acceptable to enjoy the Harajuku girls, because there are not
that many other Asian people out there in the media really, so we have
to take whatever we can get. Amos ‘n Andy had lots of fans, didn’t
they? At least it is a measure of visibility, which is much better than
invisibility. I am so sick of not existing, that I would settle for
following any white person around with an umbrella just so I could say
I was there."

Someone should inform Ms. Cho that things like rules don’t apply to rockstars and famous socialites. They are above the law and all rules of common morality. This s**t is  b-a-n-a-n-a-s! [Margaret Cho's blog entry]

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Paris Hilton gets in the slutty Halloween spirit!



There we go. I made the image safe for work… well sort of. At least my eyes don’t burn with hatred anymore. For the real deal,  I guess you’ll have to head over to the JJB for those "naughty" images that don’t endorse the kind of family fun mine does![JJB pics]

Rate celebrity plastic surgery



With any kind of surgery there is always a chance for error. Some errors are more fun to make fun of than others. So, from the comfort of your chair, enjoy mocking celebrity plastic surgery mishaps. Ahh… God bless the internet for making it so easy to laugh at people’s misfortunes without having to actually face them in person.[Rate 'em]

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The Monster Mash



Media Data Corp (MDC) thought it might be timely to take a look at the frequency of certain acts of violence – 13, to be exact – in 100 horror films released since 1975.

So what are the "certain acts of violence" they were looking for? Here we go: bite injury, charred skin, decapitation, decomposition, disfigurement, electrocution, entrails, impalement, protruding object, severed limb, skeletal remains, transmogrification, twisting body part.

Not bad. The study concluded that 1) Impalement is the number one pain inducer, 2) Freddy vs. Jason is the most grusome movie ever (and not just because of the script), and 3) Doing a "study" on horror movies is a great excuse to sit down and watch all the Halloweens, Childs Plays, Jaws‘, and Nightmare on Elm Streets back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Happy Halloween indeed.

Check out the full list HERE to help you figure out what to rent tonight.

Tyra channels Paris



Tisk tisk Tyra. You are forgetting to supply your audience with nightvision googles. See this Socialite’s Life’s post for pictures of the real Paris and her slightly less skanky sister Nicky’s costume this year. It’s not exactly what I’d call skank-a-licious.[socialite life post


Charlize Theron Pictures from Aeon Flux



The official website for Aeon Flux, starring Charlize Theron,
has been relaunched with a whole bunch of new features. I think the
movie, which hits theatres on December 2, 2005, looks pretty
interesting, if for no other reason than how they’ve adapted a highly
surreal animated series into a slick looking futuristic action flick.
Of course, the sight of Charlize Theron in some of the costumes below
is also a motivating factor for my interest."

It’s a slow news day as Paris Hilton has managed to stay out of the news for almost 3 days…So it’s picture posting time of something random. This movie will most likely suck…but dear jebus is Charlize Theron gorgeous. She’s #2 in my books after Angelina Jolie, as being the most beautiful woman alive.[Egotastic! Pictures]