Global Warming is bad



Check out these clips from the Earth to America special and be reminded that global warming is bad and comedy is good. Especially comedy where Will Ferrell talks to us about global warming as President Bush.

Larry David explains how he went from narcissist to activist.

Bill Maher complains about people who don’t complain about global warming.

Robin Williams reminds us that there’s at least one thing worse than global warming (besides Patch Adams)

And The Blue Man Group freak us out about global warming.

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Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan share a goodbye kiss


"And then in typical Housewives fashion, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria desperately tried to one-up Teri and Nicolette by 69-ing ’til the sun came up."

Now you go.

(pic from A Socialite’s Life)

leaving with a laugh



Comedy Central has announced the lineup for this year’s Last Laugh. You can read all about here at the CCInsider blog.

And, if you have any interest in watching two of the funniest videos on the internet right now, you might want to click here. These are from last year’s Last Laugh, so there’s a chance you’ve probably seen them before. They’re worth watching again.

Go here and watch Andy Dick’s Speechalist and Denis Leary paying up. Trust me.

Missing Miyagi



With last week’s passing of Pat Miyagi… er, Morita… many people are having trouble coping with a post-Morita world. Well, to help you get through these trying times I recommend you checking out this touching tribute (and, okay, movie review) from the man who may have loved him the most: The Sports Guy.

Upon hearing about the sad passing of Pat Morita, I couldn’t resist the chance to revisit my 2002 column about the "Karate Kid" trilogy, add a few things and rank the first "Karate Kid" on my "Top 73 Greatest Sports movies" list.

Sure, there was allegedly a fourth installment ("The Next Karate Kid," featuring Hilary Swank as Mr. Miyagi’s new student), but for my money, the "Karate Kid" franchise lived and died with the immortal Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, remaining the most memorable Sports Movie Trilogy ever to this day. [Click here to keep on reading]

Quick Hits



The Rolling Stones are all set to perform the halftime show at this year’s Superbowl. Millions eagerly await the sight of Mick’s old, wrinkly exposed nipple.

Sorry everybody: Threshold and Reunion have been cancelled. And by "everybody" I mean all seven of you.

E! will air 10 new episodes of the recently cancelled The Simple Life next spring. Of course, before they do they will change the meaning of "E" from "entertainment" to "extraneous crap."

Who invented the mullet: Bono or Swayze? Come on guys, don’t fight. Let’s just say that you both invented the mullet so we can blame you both equally.

My favorite headline of the day: Schwarzenegger Hears Snoop Dogg’s Clemency Plea. Arnold admits, "I just love his doggy-style."

CS Lewis never wanted to see The Chronicles of Narnia on the big screen. Hey! CS Lewis is just like me!

waste your day away



This picture has 75 band references in it. How many can you find?

I’ve been staring at it for an hour and I’m in the twenties. How about you?

Good luck. From Doubleviking. And check out a full version of the picture here.