Kevin Federline is Man of the House



Picks up after himself? "Sometimes. You know how it is. Guys don’t really pick up after themselves."

Picks up after the dog? "Uh… Oh man. If I see it first… But Bit Bit is
good now. If she was big enough, she’d probably jump up on the toilet and take a shit in there."

Whose your daddy? Lets hope your daddy isn’t Kevin Federline. Oooh la NO.[Just Jared Post]

Friday Morning Quick Hits



Sir Anthony Hopkins to receive special honor, fava beans, and a nice chiantti.

Brittany Murphy dumped by her manager and agent. Immediately runs to Cher and Dee to help her get through it and give her a makeover.

Running out of rock stars to date, Pam Anderson‘s new boy toy is Mark McGrath; Sugar Ray frontman looking forward to excitement, companionship, Hep C.

Entertainment News reports Danny DeVito will be returning to the small
screen for a sitcom next year
. In a related story, Danny DeVito says
he’ll be returning to the big screen for a sitcom next year.

Time’s latest sexiest man alive was once arrested for playing the bongos naked in his living room. But who hasn’t?

"Hi Mom. I’m just calling to let you know that despite what the police told you, I’m not quite as dead as they led you to believe".