SIZZLER: Clay Aiken Striptease


Clay_aiken_webcam1Is this really Clay Aiken? And is the American Idol superstar really involved in another gay scandal? And while we’re on the subject, whatever happened to Ruben Studdard? Sorry, I’m getting off topic here.

Hollywood Rag found these Webcam photos of Clay (or a Clay lookalike) along with some amazing quotes. Like:

I love to cuddle and kiss… I’m an extremely good kisser.

I’m very careful about what I do. I don’t trust the security of this camera.

I don’t think I qualify as gorgeous. [My chest] is boring and white.

I really want to find a guy, but it would have to be somebody I trust.

Well Clay, sorry, but you’re going to have to keep on trying. Better luck next time.

Buffy Sent You A Text


Buffy1 So far, 2006 has been a great year for people who use phone dating services.  Since we believe everything we see on TV, we were thrilled to discover last month, that Evangeline Lilly wants to ‘hook up’ with us over the phone at Livelinks. If that weren’t enough, Sarah Michelle Gellar is now on the market and ready to text with us via Zip Code Chat. The actress was spotted on an advertisement for a text message dating service. No word on if she gave her consent, but we wouldn’t be surprised if husband Freddie Prinze Jr.’s kooky bachelor antics (on ABC) are tearing the couple apart.

Rocky: The VI of the Tiger



Someone over at Ain’t It Cool News got his hands on a script from Rocky VI. He gives an overview of the whole story and concludes with this:

Actually, the script’s not as predictable as you think and I don’t want to give away too much more out of fairness to the filmmakers and Mr. Stallone, a man whom I admire and respect very much. His success story in Hollywood is legendary. I will tell you this- I am going to be there on opening day exclusively because of the last shot in the film, which I won’t give away. It’s so good that it gave me goose bumps….

I pity the fool who doesn’t go see it.



Shea Hess is back, and she’s ready to walk you through everything you need to know about Wednesday, March 1st 2006. Lost, Deal Or No Deal, American Idol, Project Runway– Shea’s on top of it.




  • MARTYR: Scott Stapp. The poor baby thinks that his sex tape with Kid Rock was released because, "Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn’t want me to be successful in my solo career." Someone? I think it’s everyone. (AP)
  • STRAIGHT FACE: Cage mom.  "Mother of caged kids denies cruelty" (CNN)
  • RUSSEL CROWE REVENGE: The hotel clerk at whom the actor Russel Crowe threw a phone. He has been fired from his job. (Contact Music
  • SOUP: Chicken noodle. (
  • CHRISTINA RICCI ROLE: Little Wednesday. (IMDB)
  • POLYP: Dee Snider‘s. He’s going to get it removed, leaving the world without his voice for at least two months. (E!)
  • FORGIVER: Macon Hawkins. He says that he forgives the Nigerian militants for kidnapping him because they were poor. (CNN)
  • MARTIAL ARTS ROBOT: Hyperkinetic Humanoid (H2-X) (The Hyperkinetic Humanoid [H2-X] Robot Project)

While You Were Mailing Your Rent Check


  • Gandolfini
    James Gandolfini
    has made the decision to pretend that he got fat for a role. I respect that.
  • Madonna has been added to the Coachella festival lineup. Indie rock nerds act ironically excited, while Madonna fans openly wonder what the Coachella festival is.
  • Travis The Bachelor is a bachelor again after giving Sarah the boot. I guess what happened in Paris stayed in Paris.
  • Courtney Cox Arquette is coming back to TV.  After Joey and The Comeback, she wants to prove that bad shows come in 3’s.
  • Bon Jovi is baffled by Jennifer Lopez’s musical success. You know, if it wasn’t for that head of hair I’d say Bon Jovi is a pretty okay guy.
  • Crash features the most curse words out of this year’s Best Picture nominees. Though they’re mostly spoken by people leaving the theater asking, "Wait… that f***ing movie is up for best picture???"

“Grey’s Anatomy” and Icky Sex



Still disturbed by watching George and Meredith having sex? A Grey’s Anatomy writer explains why it had to happen at the show’s blog (using lots of CAPS and exclamation marks!!!):

sex HAD to happen. It was always going to happen. Hello. Shonda set this moment
up in the PILOT. George remembered the kind of strappy sandals Meredith was
wearing at the pre-internship mixer!!!  Did you really really think this
moment – this FREAKY GEORGE AND MEREDITH SEX – was never gonna happen???

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SIZZLER: Lil Hub’s on his way


Tomcruisepregnantkatieholmes01744379_2 According to Celebrity Weekly magazine, Tom wants to name his forthcoming child Hubbard after Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.  The magazine reports "Tom loves to rub Katie’s belly and say hi to his ‘Little Hub.’" Now that the Scientology headquarters have been moved from Clearwater Florida to Katie’s belly, the sentiment has even more meaning.

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Make Your Own Oscar Speech



USA Today (scroll down to "related item") has an
amusing feature that allows you to create your own Oscar speech. You choose
levels of gesture, emotion, catch phrases, political content, and thank yous,
and then an animated microphone(!) delivers your speech. Sadly, there’s no Sally
, Roberto Benigni, Cher costume, or streaker level. I know my speech would include a streaker.