SIZZLER: Meredith’s Real Life Man Trouble



On Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo’s character Meredith makes bad choices when it comes to men. Falling in love with a man she works with who’s also very married is by all accounts a bad idea.

But in real life, Ellen Pompeo may have even worse luck when it comes to men. According to the National Enquirer, Pompeo wants to marry her live-in love Chris Ivery. The down-and-out music producer, however, doesn’t want to marry her for fear of being overshadowed by her success. Oh and did we mention he served 14 months in a federal prison for postal  theft and credit card fraud?

Dr. Derek Shephard is looking pretty good right now.

Is K-Fed the Center of the Universe?



If an alien came to earth to study our culture, it could learn everything it needs to know by studying Kevin Federline. Here’s why:

  • He’s multicultural: Nothing says "21st century" than a white guy who celebrates Brazilian culture by rapping like Snoop Dogg and meanwhile has children by both a blond pop starlet and an African American actress.
  • He’s shunned traditional gender roles: These days, more and more people have broken away from conventional notions of what it is to be a man, and Federline is a prime example of this. Not only did he reportedly let Britney buy her own engagement ring, but she is also the primary wage earner. Additionally, he is a professional dancer who has long, braided hair.

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5 Reason Why I Wouldn’t Claim My $365 Million Either


Everyone really seems to be freaking out over the fact that some person in Nebraska still hasn’t claimed their $365 million state lottery jackpot – the highest single winner in US history.  Personally, I don’t really see what the big deal is – there are lots of possible explanations for why someone wouldn’t want such a large sum of money.  Here are mine:

1. I’m too busy to deal with that kind of money — Look, it’s a holiday weekend and I’ve got a lot of things I’d like to do with my time off from work: visiting with family, BBQ-ing with friends, seeing a movie.  Dealing with the headache of claiming 365 million dollars just isn’t one of them.

2. My friend Ted always needs money - If I had access to that kind of scratch, I know my friend Ted would ask me to borrow money, and I’m just really tired of lending money to Ted.  Ted’s thirty – it’s time for him to grow up a little, for Pete’s sake.

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While You Were Starting Your 4-Day Work Week


  • Mischa_barton_1
    Mischa Barton
    has called Paris Hilton a "silly bitch" just a few short weeks after Nicky Hilton referred to her as a "fat pig." "Silly bitches" and "fat pigs" worry that these "annoying sluts" might be giving them a bad name.
  • George Clooney has been spotted cozying up to Renee Zellweger. This guy will do anything to get his hands on an Oscar.
  • Elton John and Celine Dion performed together at a benefit to raise money for hurricane victims. It’s the gayest thing to happen to hurricanes since the time they named that one Floyd.
  • "Disco Libido," a song that features actual sex noises, has debuted at Number 37 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Meanwhile, Actual Sex is still holding strong at #1.
  • Kate Moss is believed to be pregnant, but only because she was spotted snorting baby formula the other day.
  • The much-hyped Arctic Monkeys album comes out in the states today. Pick it up and be the first person on your block to say they’re overrated!

SIZZLER: Tom’s Suing Rampage



Tom Cruise may sue Life and Style Magazine over their reportage of his split with preggers girlfriend Katie Holmes. But first he’s got to finish suing the biographer who’s researching his gay relationships and this dog on street who’s looking at him like he might be gay.



HEADLINE: "Guy seeks police help for something moronic" (Reuters)

SURPRISING DADDY ISSUE: Handsome, critically acclaimed and universally popular movie star George Clooney is still seeking his father’s approval? (Yahoo! News)

PERVERTED JUSTICE: Former rocker turned repeated pedophile Gary Glitter is going to be tried on rape charges  in Vietnam.  Here’s to hoping that Vietnamese prisons are as sleazy as he is. (BBC)

SALT IN THE WOUND: A teenage girl’s prosthetic leg has been stolen — for the second time.  (Yahoo! News)

SPIELBERG MOVIE INSPIRATION: A man who publicly denied the existence of the holocaust was sentenced to three years in prison in Austria. (MyWay)

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: Apparently all excited about President’s Day, Bush says we’re on the verge of an "energy breakthrough" that would help wean the country off foriegn oil.  (MyWay)