LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • Yyyeahs
    Kofi’s hat and Pardon My Freedom have some (slightly more encouraging) tracks from the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album! (via Aziz)
  • Austin’s Oh No! Oh My! have been setting the blogs abuzz with their melodic indie pop – head over to DoCopenhagen to grab a couple of their tracks (and some Band of Horses while you’re there!)
  • Bishop Allen had the innovative idea of serializing their music, giving their fans something to look forward to with a new EP release every month – and the surprising part is the music is always amazing.  Head over to The Underrated Blog and grab the track "Vain"
  • Strap on your dancing shoes and mosey on over to My Old Kentucky Blog to nod and bop to the electrosynthpopawesome sounds of The Gaskets
  • Check out a few tracks from a NYC band I’ve been digging a lot recently – Bravo Silva.




  • Sophia Bush wants to annul her marriage to Chad Michael Murray, citing "fraud." She says that before they got married he convinced her that she had heard of him.
  • Barry Bonds switches from "the cream" to estrogen therapy
  • CBS is suing Howard Stern for "improperly us[ing] CBS radio’s air time to promote his new show with Sirius." But they were totally fine with his throwing sandwich meat at strippers. 
  • The Apprentice got whupped by Two and a Half Men, Courting Alex, and 24. Donald Trump blames Bode Miller.
  • They’re fake and they’re so-so: Teri Hatcher admits to having used botox and collagen in the past. 
  • Michael Jackson has reportedly pledged to build a Mosque in Bahrain. They’ve politely declined the offer.
  • Bobby Brown denies saying to Tamala Jones, "Don’t you know I always wanted to f**k you?" I don’t know, it sure sounds like him.

Apple Martin Sings the Blues


Gwyneth20paltrow2 Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s 2 year old daughter Apple Martin is wide-eyed and adorable but up until now she just wasn’t motivated enough. So I was relieved to see she’s finally done something with her life: Apple Martin recorded an album. The tracks have only been heard by insiders like family friend Helena Christensen. But the hope is, with this new direction, she’ll finally get out of the house and make something of herself.

Jack White Hates Us


From his rant a couple days ago over at

Back when there was a time when we had great writers, and respected
journalists who had earned their position as tastemakers, and won
peoples respect with their knowlege and insight, it was much easier to
understand a written opinion because at least you knew where it was
coming from.

Now those printied opinions are probably coming from the person
sitting next to you on his laptop at the mall. Why should you care
about their opinion? Why shouldn’t you? Who are all those people on vh1 trashing everyone?
Why does a failed stand up comedian have the final word on the rubik’s
cube? They are currently digging trenches for the bar to be lowered
down into.

OuchI take it Jack doesn’t love the 80’s. (via Ms. Modern Age)

While You Were Thinking It’s Still February


  • Kanyelive
    Two security guards were shot at a Kanye West show in England, by a fan trying to get in without a ticket.  Just what Kanye’s ego needs – the knowledge that people would commit murder to see him perform. 
  • Sex symbol Jessica Alba is reportedly threatening to sue Hugh Hefner for giving readers the idea that she appears nude in the issue of Playboy on whose cover she posed for was featured (Ed. note: Thank you to the veritable Deep Throat of the comments sections for this important clarification).  Imagine that, people thinking you might be naked when you’re on the the cover of Playboy!
  • Lindsay Lohan claims that she "has no celebrity friends".  Probably because they’re all her lovers. 
  • The success of Brokeback Mountain has apparently "made gay okay" in Hollywood, which for so long been has been known only for its raging heterosexuality. 
  • Sorry guys, but PoweR Girl and totally desirable babe Lizzie Grubman is off the market.  Guess you’ll have to look elsewhere for the vapid, soulless succubus of your dreams!
  • If you have as much trouble keeping up as I do, click here for a handy trainwreck timeline of Pete Doherty’s wasted life. 

In Case You Missed Him: The Real World: Key West’s Johnny Bananas



In the past few seasons of the Real World, I’ve noticed an increase in frat guy meat-heads per capita on the show. Where as there used to be one token frat guy, in the past few seasons there have 2 per house ( Philly’s MJ & Landon, Austin’s Danny & Wes). But in last night’s premiere of the new Real World in Key West, the producers have distilled the power of 10 frat guys into one protein-shaking, beer-funneling, Adidas flip-flopping, bro-calling super-duper frat guy: Johnny Bananas.

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Barely Legal: Madonna Blows Up



Madonna is accused of
the name Semtex from the Czech
company Explosia. Semtex is the name of one their best-known explosive. I knew
that name would blow up in her face. Or, if you like, this is Madonna’s biggest bomb
since Who’s That Girl.