George Bush doesn’t care about locked doors



Here’s the video everybody’s talking about. [iFilm]

What happens when you put our President in a room with locked doors, inquisitive reporters and no clear exit? Well, now you know.

I’d like to play this game again. Only next time we should throw a few more items in the room to see what happens. Like a big red ball, some silly string, and a bicycle helmet. THAT would be entertaining.

Link from Wonkette.

Kevin Federline is Man of the House



Picks up after himself? "Sometimes. You know how it is. Guys don’t really pick up after themselves."

Picks up after the dog? "Uh… Oh man. If I see it first… But Bit Bit is
good now. If she was big enough, she’d probably jump up on the toilet and take a shit in there."

Whose your daddy? Lets hope your daddy isn’t Kevin Federline. Oooh la NO.[Just Jared Post]